35 Best Turkish Online Shopping Sites (prepared by a Local)

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If you are looking for Turkish Online Shopping Websites, you are in the right place because as a family, we are all involved with online businesses.

My wife, my sister, and my father also have separate e-commerce businesses.

For these reasons, in this post, you will find both the experiences of Turkish shoppers and insider knowledge of e-commerce owners.

Quick Answer to the Best Online Shopping Websites in Turkey.

The best online shopping website in Turkey is Trendyol. Trendyol is the most popular and my personal choice.

After Trendyol, the other popular online shopping websites with a massive collection of everyday items are Amazon, N11, Ciceksepeti, Boyner, and Hepsiburada.

If you are overwhelmed by the prices, you can use Akakce and Cimri websites to compare prices among popular shopping websites.

For your online food orders in Turkey, Yemeksepeti and Getir are the best and fastest solutions.

For grocery shopping, Migros is the most popular grocery shopping website, and A101 is the budget option. Macrocenter is the most expensive but has the highest quality, and many imported gourmet foods.

Yemeksepeti Banabi and Getir Buyuk are the quickest with delivery times between 15-30 minutes in most cities. Yet, they have limited basic grocery varieties.

For online electronics shopping, the best-known electronics websites are Vatan Computer, Mediamarkt, and Teknosa. Yet, I use Trendyol because it has many more options and sometimes Amazon Turkey.

For Fashion and Clothes Shopping, I mostly use Trendyol. The other clothes shopping websites I recommend are Modanisa (for modest and hijab style), Vakko (modern luxury clothes), Mavi (denim and casual wear), and LcW (budget clothes for all).

For Online Books Shopping, Kitapyurdu is the best Turkish site for English books. Yet, I use AbeBooks which is owned by Amazon and has free delivery worldwide. Pandora, and İlknokta are other alternatives. Nadir Kitap may surprise you with antique books from all over the world.

For events, concerts, and activities, Biletix is the most common and well-known online website for buying tickets for activities and concerts. Biletino and Passo are alternative websites for Biletix.

For second-hand products, Sahibinden is the most popular and oldest. Dolap and Letgo are the alternatives.

For sale or rental properties, HepsiEmlak, Zingat, and Emlakjet are the top search engines for browsing houses on sale in Turkey.

For second-hand cars, Letgo and Sahibinden are major players in second-hand car purchases. Yet, Arabam and Otoplus are the most popular sites solely focusing on cars and motorbikes.

Most Popular Online Shopping Websites in Turkey

The most popular Online Shopping Websites in Turkey are Trendyol, N11, Amazon Turkey, Ciceksepeti, Hepsiburada, and Boyner.

1. Trendyol

Known for: Most popular Turkish online shopping website. The widest product range of listings of electronics, fashion (especially women’s clothing), and other everyday items.

If you want to buy anything, I recommend Trendyol. Trendyol is the most used shopping site in Turkey.

I like Trendyol because its website is easy to use and it has reliable customer relations.

Trendyol is now the equivalent of Amazon US in Turkey. Trendyol surpasses most shopping sites in many categories like clothing and electronics as well as the shopping experience.  

Besides providing regular electronics, Trendyol provides Udemy courses, PC games from Steam, Turkish cable network subscriptions, and much more.

In clothing, Trendyol is also the best option. Besides all the most popular Turkish fashion brands, you can find many unique fashion brands only on Trendyol’s website.

I use Trendyol, but I did not want to limit my review only to personal experience.

When preparing this review, I asked at least 50 Turkish women around me about their experiences with online shopping websites. Nearly all of them stated that they shop from Trendyol.

The biggest advantage of Trendyol is its customer service. All the people that I asked said that

  • Trendyol has the easiest-to-reach customer service.
  • They love the simple and easy return policy. You can return any products that you do not like.

Click to go to Trendyol’s homepage. For clothes only Trendyol’s English website, or Trendyol’s German Website.

2. N11

Known for: Diverse collection of fashion, home decor, electronics, and rare spare parts

N11, which opened in 2013, is one of the industry leaders. N11 usually sells all kinds of products, from cleaning liquids to holiday tours.

N11 is also famous for its wide variety of apparel, home appliances, and electronic products.

Since my dad doesn’t want to bother opening another account with other websites, this is my dad’s favorite online electronics shopping website.

He has not encountered any problems so far when dealing with N11. I had issues with N11, and N11 always refunded me, but I lost time.


  • Product Diversity
  • Institutional and well-established
  • Good Mobile application

Click to go to N11’s homepage.

3. Amazon Turkey

Known For: All kinds of daily needs including books, cosmetics, electronics, and much more.

Lately, one of my favorites is Amazon Turkey.

Amazon entered the Turkish market in recent years and has already established itself as a general shopping website with a variety of products.

Last year, I started using them, and I am quite happy with the products I bought. Yet, N11 and Trendyol still beat them in diversity and customer service.

The best part of Amazon is the easy signup process. If you have a membership from any other Amazon website, you can log in with the same credentials.


  • Product Diversity
  • Institutional and well-established
  • Good Mobile application

Click to go to Amazon Turkey’s homepage.

4. Ciceksepeti

Best Known For: Gifts, Romantic Products, Flowers, and a diverse variety of everyday items like other online shopping websites. 

The name of the website means flower basket in Turkish. This website started as a gift and flower shopping website.

I have been using this site to buy gifts for my wife.  It is a very old and established website. They have been growing steadily, and today they provide all clothes, home decor, and electronic appliances.

Ciceksepeti is one of the best websites to buy accessories and watches.

  • Unique and romantic products
  • Institutional and reliable
  • Some products are same-day delivery in Istanbul

Click here to go to Ciceksepeti’s homepage. 

5. Hepsiburada

Best Known For: Second Most Popular Shopping Website in Turkey

Hepsiburada has been around for almost longer than most of the shopping sites on this list. Hepsiburada has been operating in this sector since 1998. This website contains more than 30 million products.

Hepsiburada is the 2nd most used online shopping website in Turkey. Yet, as they grew bigger, their service quality dropped.

In the last year, I have had several bad transactions both as a buyer and as a seller. They do not have the customer relations quality they used to have.

For this reason, I am not recommending Hepsiburada anymore.

Click here to go to Hepsiburada’s homepage.

6. Boyner

Known For: Limited variety of gourmet food, clothing, and fashion items but mostly high-quality items.

Boyner is a well-known commercial holding and an established online shopping website.

Boyner has many fashion brands like Beymen and is the distributor of many high-fashion brands like Saint Laurent and Kenzo in Turkey.

On its website, Boyner directly sells its own brands as well as other well-known international fashion brands. This website has a limited but good selection of clothing and fashion items.

You do not need to check the seller’s score. The products listed are all selected and sold by Boyner directly.

Click to go to Boyner’s homepage.

Turkish Online Price Comparison Websites

Akakçe, and Cimri are the best Turkish online price comparison websites, yet these websites don’t directly sell the products.

Instead, these websites compare prices in Trendyol, N11, and other online shopping websites and redirect you to the selling platform.

While it may be an extra step in the shopping process, Akakce and Cimri help you find the best deals on the Turkish internet and help you save money.

7. Akakçe

Known For: Comparative shopping and deal tracking

If you’re on a budget or love a good deal, Akakçe is the site to visit.

Launched in 2000, Akakçe became one of the best comparative shopping websites in Turkey, allowing users to track price changes and find the best deals across a variety of online retailers.

I’ve found Akakçe particularly useful when I’m unsure about the average pricing of a product or when I want to ensure I’m getting the best deal.

The site provides a comprehensive overview of product prices from different sellers, saving time and energy.

Moreover, it’s not just about price tracking; Akakçe also features a wide range of product categories, from electronics to fashion, making it a versatile online shopping companion.

Click here to go to Akakçe’s homepage.

8. Cimri

Known For: Price comparison and product reviews

Cimri is another fantastic tool for the frugal shopper. Similar to Akakçe, Cimri allows you to compare prices from different e-commerce platforms. But what sets Cimri apart is its community aspect.

Cimri offers user-generated product reviews and ratings, which I’ve found incredibly helpful when deciding on a purchase. You can read real opinions from other shoppers, understand the pros and cons of a product, and make an informed decision.

The site covers a variety of product categories, making it an ideal one-stop shop for comparing prices and reviews.

Click here to go to Cimri’s homepage.

Turkish meatballs with yogurt and salad is a classical Turkish fast food you can easily order online.

Turkish Online Shopping Websites for Food Ordering

Yemeksepeti and Getir are the best online food delivery websites in Turkey. These websites have listings of most Turkish restaurants and fast-food chains. My personal favorite is Yemeksepeti.

9. Yemeksepeti

Known for: Provides service for all cities of Turkey, fast food delivery

Yemeksepeti, which I have used as a subscriber for about 15 years, is like Uber Eats. It lists all restaurants near you, and you order your food directly from Yemeksepeti.

Yemeksepeti is free to use. Restaurants pay commissions to Yemeksepeti. Your order comes to your door free of charge. Some restaurants apply a minimum order amount policy.

Yemeksepeti also tracks the performance of the restaurants and displays it on its website.

I always use Yemeksepeti for ordering food and not directly ordering from the restaurant. Because of the restaurant’s ranking concerns, restaurants provide better service when they deliver through Yemeksepeti.

You can make the payment via Yemeksepeti, by credit card, or at the door. The delivery time is usually 30 minutes.

If you wish to go to Yemeksepeti’s homepage, you can click here.

10. Getir

Known for: Fast food, supermarket, and snack delivery.

In a few year’s time, Getir became the favorite of many Turkish people like my mom. My mom loves to order snacks and ice cream late at night.

Getir has become a well-known and trusted website. Getir is the biggest competitor of Yemeksepeti. They provide fast food service and food items like Yemeksepeti.

In four years, Getir went viral and became an international company. Now they provide services in nearly all major and minor cities in Turkey.

A Turkish company, Getir also started to provide services in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, and Spanish and Italian cities.

Getir aims to meet its customer’s needs 24/7.

If you wish to go to Getir’s homepage, you can click here.

For more information, you can check my article “11 Best Online Food Delivery Websites in Turkey

Visiting supermarkets is also fun in Turkey.

Online Shopping Websites for Groceries

For regular house shopping, Migros is the most popular. A101 is the budget option. Macrocenter is the most expensive. Yet, Macrocenter has the highest quality and many imported gourmet foods that you can’t find elsewhere.

For basic grocery shopping, Yemeksepeti Banabi and Getir Buyuk are the quickest options. They deliver your grocery orders between 15-30 minutes in most cities.

11. Migros

Known for: The most popular supermarket chain in Turkey. Good quality and price balance.

Some Turkish locals believe Migros is expensive compared to other supermarket chains, but Migros provides good value and quality for money.

What I particularly like about Migros’s online shopping experience is how closely it resembles an in-store visit. The website is categorized similarly to physical aisles, making it easy to navigate and find what you need.

From fresh produce to cleaning supplies and from personal care products to pet supplies, you can find nearly everything you’d find in a physical Migros store.

One significant advantage of Migros is its delivery service. You can schedule your delivery at a convenient time, and in many locations, you can even have your groceries delivered on the same day.

Click to go to Migros’s online store.

Olive oil and olive come in many diverse varieties and are cheap in Turkey.

12. A101

Known for: Cheap supermarket products

A101 took its simple grocery concept to the next level by opening an online store. As you know, we are always looking for the cheapest in these economic conditions.

A101’s online store has a wider selection of products than its regular stores. Besides supermarket products, A101’s internet store provides electronics, decoration items, and cosmetics products.

Click to go to A101’s online shop.

13. Macro Center

Known for: High-quality supermarket

One of my favorite stores is Macro Center. Although it is a bit expensive, I have always liked Macro Center.

Macro Center’s products are of high quality. Also, You can find imported luxury products that are not available in normal supermarkets, like sushi nori, pork products, organic Turkish figs, and apricots.

I also love their service quality and shop design. But, Macro Center does not have an extensive network of stores like other supermarket chains.

For my British readers, I can explain Macro Center very shortly. If Migros is UK’s Tesco, Macro Center is Mark and Spencer.

The retail store chain has approximately 280 stores in these provinces.

Macro Center has stores only in 15 provinces in Turkey. (Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bolu, Kayseri, Kırıkkale, Konya, Karaman, Malatya, Mersin, Samsun, Istanbul, Ordu, and Tekirdag).

If you live in an area where Macro Center serves, you can shop from the Macro Center by clicking here.

14. Banabi (by Yemeksepeti)

Known for: Wide coverage in Turkey, supermarket, and snack delivery in 15-30 minutes.

We are extremely happy with Yemeksepeti’s Banabi, especially about their quick delivery at night time when all the shops are closed.

If you wish to go to Banabi’s homepage, you can click here.

15. Getir Büyük

Known For: Fast delivery of groceries and everyday items

If you’re in need of quick delivery for your everyday essentials, Getir Büyük is another platform to consider. Getir, known for its ultra-fast delivery of groceries, recently expanded its services with Getir Büyük to include a wider range of products.

I’ve used Getir Büyük several times and it never fails to impress with its lightning-fast delivery. The site features a wide selection of household goods, cleaning supplies, pet products, and even office supplies.

One distinctive advantage of Getir Büyük is its ability to deliver within minutes, a convenience that few other platforms can match.

However, Getir Büyük’s speedy service comes at a cost. Prices on the platform can be slightly higher than other online grocery stores, and there is a delivery fee. But for last-minute needs or when time is of the essence, Getir Büyük is a lifesaver.

Click to go to Getir Büyük’s homepage.

My daughter loves to open the goodies delivered.


The best online websites for electronics shopping are Teknosa, Vatan Computer, and Media Markt.

Yet, I use Trendyol for electronics shopping because Trendyol has the most variety and quality customer relations. N11 and Amazon Turkey are the best alternatives.

Sometimes, I visit these electronics retail stores to get an idea of what I should buy. Then I purchase the product online because it is usually cheaper. 

Online shopping is usually cheaper than in-store purchases because retail companies also add their in-store expenses to the price of the product.

16. Vatan Computer

Known For: Smartphones, PC, Laptop and related products

Vatan Computer is one of the biggest computer retail chains in Turkey.

I personally use their retail stores for window shopping, and then I buy online. Their internet shopping website is one of the most well-known and reliable technology shopping sites in Turkey.

On this website, you find Vatan Computer’s products as well as other producers’ brands.


  • Expertise in pc and laptop-related products
  • Institutional and reliable

Click to go to Vatan Computer’s homepage

17. MediaMarkt

Known For : Home appliances, PC, Laptop and related products

MediaMarkt is Europe’s largest electronics retailer and a German company with over 80 stores in Turkey.  MediaMarkt also has a shopping website for home and electronic appliances. 


  • Expert in technology products
  • Institutional and reliable

Click to go to Mediamarkt’s homepage.

18. Teknosa

Known For : Home appliances, PC, Laptop and related product

Teknosa, is a subsidiary of Sabanci Holding, one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates.

In addition to its widespread retail store network, Teknosa also offers the opportunity to shop for a wide range of electronic products from its online website.


  • Expertise in Technology Products
  • Institutional and reliable

Click here to go to Teknosa’s homepage 

For more information, you can check my article “19 Online Electronics Shopping Websites in Turkey – Which Should You Use?

Fashion and Clothes Shopping

This is the hardest to cover very briefly, because when it comes to clothes shopping Turkey is a shopping heaven.

I use Trendyol, yet if I were to name four alternatives, I would say Modanisa, Vakko, Mavi, and LcW.

You can also check my guides below for further suggestions.

19. Modanisa

Known For: Leading online modest and hijab fashion retailer

Modanisa is a leading online shopping site for modest and hijab fashion. They carry a wide range of clothing, including hijabs, dresses, tunics, swimwear, and accessories.

What I like about Modanisa is its commitment to providing trendy, modest fashion options. With a broad range of styles, colors, and sizes, Modanisa offers something for everyone seeking modest attire.

Click to check Modanisa’s homepage.

From Vakko’s Instagram

20. Vakko

Known For: Luxury Turkish fashion and lifestyle brand

Vakko is one of Turkey’s most prominent and respected fashion houses, known for its high-quality clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products.

Founded in 1934, Vakko has a rich history and continues to be a leading trendsetter in the Turkish fashion industry.

What sets Vakko apart is its commitment to quality and style. Their collections often feature modern takes on classic designs, blending tradition and innovation.

From elegant dresses and suits to exquisite accessories, Vakko offers a wide range of luxury items designed by the best Turkish designers.

Click to check Vakko’s homepage.

21. Mavi

Known For: Denim and fashion clothing

Mavi is a globally recognized Turkish fashion brand known for its high-quality denim. Over the years, Mavi has expanded its collection to include a variety of other fashion items.

Mavi’s strength lies in its commitment to quality and style. Their jeans are especially popular due to their excellent fit and stylish designs.

If you wish to check their online shop, please click here, or Mavi’s Amazon store, please click here.

22. LC Waikiki (LCW)

Known For: Affordable and trendy clothing for men, women, and children

LC Waikiki, often referred to as LCW, is a leading fashion retailer in Turkey. They offer a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children at affordable prices.

LCW’s appeal lies in its balance of style and affordability. The brand continually updates its collections to keep up with fashion trends while keeping prices accessible for a broad audience.

Click to check LCW’s homepage.


Kitapyurdu is the best Turkish site for English books. Yet, I use Abe Books which is owned by Amazon and has free delivery world-wide. Pandora, İlknokta, and Hepsiburada are other reliable online alternatives.

Nadir Kitap may surprise you with antique books from all over the world.

23. AbeBooks

Amazon owns AbeBooks. Free shipping worldwide is the best feature of this online bookstore.

If you are complaining about the variety of books in Turkish bookstores, I strongly recommend this website.

Click to check AbeBooks’ homepage.

24. Kitapyurdu

Kitapyurdu is the best Turkish site for English books by Turkish writers. It has a good collection of English and German books.

You can find many books in Kitapyurdu in rare languages like Ottoman, Bosnian, or even Somalian.

Click to check Kitapyurdu’s homepage.

25. Ilknokta

Ilknokta is an online bookstore that offers a comprehensive range of books, including literature, children’s books, educational books, and more.

Click to check İlknokta’s homepage.

26. Pandora Books

Pandora is a well-established online bookstore in Turkey, known for its vast selection of books. From Turkish literature and international bestsellers to academic books and children’s literature, Pandora offers a book for every reader.

Click to check Pandora Books’ website.

27. Nadir Kitap

Nadir Kitap is a unique bookstore where you can find 9 million old books. They are the biggest sellers of Ottoman Empire-era books.

You can also find rare items like Australian hunting guides from the Colonial era.

Click to check Nadir Kitap’s website.

For more information, you can check my article11 Unique Books Shopping Websites in Turkey

Event Tickets

Biletix is the most common and well-known website for events, activities, and concerts. Biletix is the Turkish subsidiary of Ticketmaster. I never needed another website other than Biletix.

Biletino and Passo are alternative websites for Biletix.

Second-hand products

There are many second-hand shopping websites in Turkey. Sahibinden is the oldest and most used one. There are many professional sellers on this website.

Dolap, and Letgo, operate more like garage sales.

28. Sahibinden

Known For: Second-hand goods, cars, real estate

Sahibinden is a giant online e-commerce platform in Turkey. The website covers a vast array of categories, from real estate and automotive to personal goods and services.

What makes Sahibinden particularly valuable is its sheer size and diversity of listings. Whether you’re looking for a car, a house, a job, or even a pet, chances are you can find it on Sahibinden.

Click to check Sahibinden’s homepage.

29. Letgo

Known For: Online marketplace for used goods

Letgo is an online platform for buying and selling used goods in Turkey. It is similar to a virtual flea market, where you can find anything from furniture to electronics, cars, and clothing.

What I find compelling about Letgo is its ease of use. Listing an item for sale is as simple as taking a photo, adding a description, and setting a price. Similarly, if you’re a buyer, you can search for items nearby, make offers, and chat with sellers directly through the app.

Click here to go to Letgo’s homepage.

30. Dolap

Known For: Online second-hand fashion marketplace

Dolap is a popular online platform in Turkey for buying and selling second-hand fashion items.

From clothing and accessories to shoes and bags, you can find a wide range of pre-loved items at discounted prices on Dolap.

Click here to go to Dolap’s homepage.


HepsiEmlak, Zingat, and Emlakjet are the top search engines for browsing houses on sale in Turkey. The biggest and most popular website for properties is HepsiEmlak.

31. Hepsiemlak

Known For: Comprehensive real estate listings and information

Hepsi Emlak is a comprehensive real estate website catering to buyers, sellers, and renters in Turkey. It provides a vast array of listings, making it a valuable resource for property seekers.

This is the top one I use because I love their map search function.

Click to check Hepsiemlak’s homepage.

32. Zingat

Known For: Real estate listings and services

Zingat is one of Turkey’s leading online real estate platforms. If you’re in the market to buy, sell, or rent a property, Zingat offers a comprehensive database of listings across the country.

Click to check Zingat’s homepage.

33. Emlakjet

Known For: Wide range of real estate listings

Emlakjet is another major player in Turkey’s online real estate scene. The site features listings for properties for sale or rent, from apartments to villas, offices, and even land.

Click to check Emlakjet’s homepage.


Letgo and Sahibinden are major players in second-hand car purchases. Yet, Arabam and Otoplus are the most popular sites solely focusing on cars and motorbikes.

34. Arabam

Known For: Automobile buying and selling

Arabam is a leading online platform for buying and selling cars in Turkey. The site offers an extensive selection of used and new cars, commercial vehicles, and even motorcycles.

Click to check Arabam’s homepage.

35. Otoplus

Known For: Comprehensive car and motorbike listings

Otoplus is another excellent online marketplace for automobiles in Turkey. It features a wide range of listings, including cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

Click to check Otoplus’s homepage.

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