A Local’s Ultimate Online Shopping Guide For Turkey

In Turkey, online shopping is more popular than ever. These days you can find everything from cars to cosmetics on shopping websites.

I am a Turkish shopper. Besides, as a family, we are all involved with online businesses. My wife, my sister, and my father also have separate e-commerce businesses.

For these reasons, I know Turkish online shopping from different perspectives.

Here is my quick answer to the best online shopping websites in Turkey.

If you want to shop from one online shopping website in Turkey, then use Trendyol. Trendyol is the Amazon Turkey that has most of your needs. Trendyol is the most popular and my personal choice.

I have lots of tips that I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy my guide on online shopping in Turkey as much as I do writing it.

I prepared my list of the most popular and reliable online shopping websites. I also categorized my list according to your needs.

My opinion may change depending on the category. Here are the categories that I outlined in this guide.

  • Online Shopping Websites for your regular needs
  • Online Food and Grocery Ordering
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Books
  • Event Tickets
  • Second-hand products
  • Cars and Property

With the limited space, I tried to cover everything you can shop online in Turkey, but if you need more information, you can check the other articles that I linked in this post.

Let’s begin.

Online Shopping Websites for your regular needs

Online shopping websites with a massive collection of everyday items are Trendyol, Amazon, Ciceksepeti, Boyner, and N11.

They are all internet marketplaces where you can find all your needs and the most famous brands. 

These websites have both Turkish and foreign brands in their inventories. You can find more than you are looking for on each of these websites.

The biggest one, Trendyol, recently opened a multilanguage website (including English and German languages).

Click to go to Trendyol’s homepageTrendyol’s English website, or Trendyol’s German Website.

Turkish meatballs with yogurt and salad is a classical Turkish fast food you can easily order online.

Online Food and Grocery Ordering

Yemeksepeti is the best and fastest solution for your food orders. These services deliver your orders free of charge within 30 minutes.

Yemeksepeti is the oldest food delivery service. Nearly all restaurants are subscribers to Yemeksepeti. Even in the smallest cities, you can order food with this portal.

Getir is the second-best food delivery service in Turkey, and it is the biggest competitor of Yemeksepeti.

These services do not charge any delivery expenses.

If you want more options or want my more detailed review, you can check my article “11 Best Online Food Delivery Websites in Turkey

Visiting supermarkets is also fun in Turkey.

For basic grocery shopping, Yemeksepeti Banabi and Getir Buyuk are the best options. They deliver your grocery orders between 15-30 minutes in most cities.

For regular house shopping, Trendyol Market Section is another option. Trendyol is partnering with two big market chains (Migros and Happycenter). Additionally, many other producers also sell their products at Trendyol.

Another option is to do your grocery shopping directly from Migros. Trendyol and Migros deliver your order within 24 hours.

If you want more options or want my more detailed review, you can check my article “11 Best Online Supermarket and Grocery Shopping Websites in Turkey.

My daughter loves to open the goodies delivered.


Trendyol has the most variety because all producers and shops list their products on these shopping websites.

I also visit Teknosa, Vatan Computer, or Media Markt websites to see their prices.

Sometimes, I visit these electronics retail stores to get an idea of what I should buy. Then I purchase the product online because it is usually cheaper. 

Online shopping is usually cheaper than in-store purchases because retail companies also add their in-store expenses to the price of the product.

If you want more options or want my more detailed review, you can check my article “19 Online Electronics Shopping Websites in Turkey – Which Should You Use?

Fashion and Clothes Shopping

Not sure about which Turkish fashion brands to buy from? You can also check my articles about Turkish fashion.


Bookdepository is the best website for books that are not Turkish. There is no delivery fee, and the price of the book is the same worldwide. You can find English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Italian, and Finnish books here.

Kitapyurdu is the best Turkish site for English books by Turkish writers. It has a good collection of English and German books. You can find many books in Kitapyurdu in rare languages like Ottoman, Bosnian, or even Somalian.

Pandora, İlknokta, and Hepsiburada are other reliable online alternatives for buying books in Turkey.

Nadir Kitap is a unique bookstore where you can find 9 million old books. They are the biggest sellers of Ottoman Empire-era books. Yet, you can also find rare items like Australian hunting guides from the Colonial era.

If you want more options or want my more detailed review, you can check my article “11 Unique Books Shopping Websites in Turkey

Event Tickets

Biletix is the most common and well-known website for events, activities, and concerts. Biletix is the Turkish subsidiary of Ticketmaster. I never needed another website other than Biletix.

Biletino and Passo are alternative websites for Biletix.

Second-hand products

There are many second-hand shopping websites in Turkey. Sahibinden is the oldest and most used one. There are many professional sellers on this website.

In Dolap, Letgo, there are not many professional sellers. These websites operate like garage sales.

Cars and Property

Sahibinden and Hurriyet Emlak are the top search engines for browsing houses or cars on sale in Turkey.

Turkish Websites commonly do not have English language support. Yet, you can translate and use them easily with Google’s free Translate tool. Click here to see my hacks on how to use Google Translate.

Efe Genit

I am a father, a passionate traveler, and a Turkish lawyer. You can enjoy my guides and tips about Turkey that only Turkish locals would know.

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