11 Unique Books Shopping Websites in Turkey

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As a Turkish lawyer and a book addict, I regularly buy many books from online bookstores. However, some books are hard to find in Turkey, especially English books or books written in other languages.

In this post, I will show you how you can buy a variety of books and online bookstores that you can use.

I assume that you are looking to buy English, rare books, or other language books in Turkey.

If you know how to read Turkish and are looking for Turkish books, this list on my Turkish blog may help you better. You can access my Turkish blog by clicking here.

This list contains Turkish local bookstores as well as international bookstores.

Most of the time, Turkish bookstores are cheaper than their international alternatives. Even English books are usually cheaper in Turkish bookstores.

Also, there are unique bookstores like Nadir Kitap. Nadir Kitap has 9 million old antique books from everywhere around the globe.

I will give more details on every online bookstore that I use.

Here is your short answer about Turkish Online Bookstores..

I highly recommend Abebooks. It is a reliable website owned by Amazon. There is no delivery fee, and the price of the book is the same worldwide.

Project Gutenberg is the number one choice for those who want to read free books. This site contains only books whose copyright has expired.

Amazon is your solution for e-books. Yet, there are no Turkish e-books on Amazon. D&R and Idefix are Turkish alternatives to your e-book shopping.

Kitapyurdu is the best Turkish site where you can find a good collection of books. It has a good collection of English and German books.

Pandora, Ilknokta, and Hepsiburada are other reliable online alternatives to buying books in Turkey.

Nadir Kitap is a unique book store where you can buy old books. They are the biggest sellers of Ottoman Empire-era books.

Nadir Kitap also has a huge diversity of books around the globe. You can find rare items like Australian hunting guides from the Colonial era.

I do not recommend Amazon Turkey at the moment. It is on my watchlist.

The biggest problem for foreigners in Turkey when shopping online is the language barrier. Most of the shopping sites do not have English language support. 

Yet, there is a solution to this problem.  I explained how to use Google’s Translate tool to translate websites and images with a few clicks.  Check my article “3 Ways to Use Google Translate in a Foreign Country”

In any case, I detailed each website’s English language support level.

Let’s get into more detail.

1. AbeBooks

It is known for Free shipping worldwide. Huge collection of books, art collectibles, and textbooks.

English Support: This website is in English.

Amazon owns AbeBooks. Free shipping worldwide is the best feature of this online bookstore.

If you are complaining about the variety of books in Turkish bookstores, I strongly recommend this website.

It can be hard to find reference books about my hobbies in Turkey.

I am not fond of e-books, I love paperback books, but paperback books are costly due to delivery fees. After discovering this website, my problems are solved.

Click to check AbeBooks’s home page.

2. Project Gutenberg

It is best for Royalty-free ebooks

English Support: This website is in English.

This website contains only works whose copyright has expired. Project Gutenberg has over 60,000 free eBooks.

Even though Gutenberg has a limited collection, being free is the biggest advantage of this website.

The website contains very few books in other languages as well.

For Gutenberg’s homepage, click here.

3. Amazon

It is best for Ebooks

English Support: This website is in English.

I do not recommend Amazon for paperback books, Amazon shipping fees to Turkey are too expensive. However, you can buy e-books without shipping costs.

I listed Amazon here because Amazon is the world leader in e-books. The only problem here is that Amazon has not yet archived Turkish language e-books.

Click here to go to Amazon UK, or click here to go to Amazon US.

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4. Kitap Yurdu

It is best for its wide variety of books. Kitapyurdu is one of Turkey’s largest bookstores.

English Support: This website supports English and German.

Kitapyurdu has been operating since 1985, and it is one of Turkey’s oldest bookstores. In addition to regular discounts, Kitapyurdu also has a mobile application. It is a safe and well-established book-selling site.

The only shortcoming of Kitapyurdu is that there are very few types of e-books.

Kitapyurdu is one of the unique bookstores in Turkey.

You can find books in more than 22 languages on this website. Here are 22 languages: German, Arabic, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Chinese, Armenian, French, Georgian, Hemsin, English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Kurdish, Laz, Ottoman, Russian, Somali, Greek, Zazaki.

Some of the books belong to nearly extinct languages like Laz. Laz is a native language still spoken in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

It can be hard to find the foreign language book section of Kitapyurdu. Here is the direct link to KitapYurdu’s foreign language book section.

5. D&R

It is known for E-books, e-book readers, and accessories. D&R is also one of the biggest bookstore chains in Turkey.

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

D&R is number one in the bookstore market, with 205 bookstores in 48 Turkish provinces. I use their bookstores the most when I want to shop in an actual bookstore.

D&R is also one of the limited bookstores operating in the field of Turkish eBooks. Apart from books, you find many products such as game consoles, games, hobby equipment, music CDs, and educational toys in D&R.

Here is the direct link to D&R’s foreign language book section.

6. Idefix

It is known for E-books, e-book readers, and accessories. Idefix is D&R’s sister company.

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Idefix is ​​a reliable online bookstore. It is a similar retail bookstore chain to D&R. They are so similar because D&R acquired Idefix in 2013. This is the reason I called Idefix and D&R sister companies.

Their websites provide nearly the same services. Besides books, you can find reading tablets such as Rakuten and Kobo on Idefix.

Here is the direct link to Idefix’s foreign language book section.

7. BKM Kitap

It is known for books appealing to young people. BKM is the biggest competitor of Idefix and D&R.

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website. However, even with google translate, it is hard to use their website.

BKM Kitap is a fast-growing shopping website due to its fast shipping, many discounts, and affordable prices. They are good in the educational books category and provide a wide range of books.

The biggest disadvantage of BKM is its website. The website is not user-friendly, and it is tough to find the books you are searching for.

Click here to go to BKM’s homepage.

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8. Pandora

It is known for interesting academic publications, university books, and English books.

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Pandora is one of my favorites. Even though they do not support the English language on the website, it is very easy to use with google translate.

Pandora is one of the well-known book shopping websites in Turkey. Apart from regular books and journals, you can find academic studies, university books, and interesting publications.

The design of the site and the collection of books have always impressed me. If you are tired of the bestsellers and the books everyone reads, I would say check here.

They provide a wide range of English books.  

Here are the main categories in which they have a huge selection of English books. Novel-Story, Comics, Children, History, City Guides, Magazines, Baby and Child Health, Nutrition-Diet, Medicinal Plants, Travel, Nature, Exam Preparation Books (like GMAT), Art.

They are the cheapest option in Turkey.

Pandora has a unique style, and I love its selection of books. I have listed Pandora lower because it may not appeal to everyone. But, don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite.

Click here to go to Pandora’s homepage.

9. Ilknokta

It is known for Comics, fantastic book series, and a good collection of English language books from Turkish writers.

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.,

I usually visit Ilknokta for Turkish comics and fantastic book series.

İlknokta is also the exclusive distributor of some Turkish publishing houses. They are one of the cheapest options on this list.

You can find a good collection of English books. Additionally, there is a huge variety of English books written by Turkish authors.

Here is the direct link to İlknokta’s foreign language book section.

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10. Hepsiburada

It is known for a huge variety of books from different publishers.

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Hepsiburada is a shopping website for all sorts of products; however, it surprised me with its range of books.

While other book shopping websites with certain publishers, Hepsiburada has embraced all publishers and bookstores without discrimination. For this reason, their book range covers many bookstores.

I believe you should give Hepsiburada a chance in terms of the book. I think the best variety is here.

Here is the direct link to Hepsiburada’s foreign language book section.

11. Nadir Kitap

It is known for its huge collection of old and rare books.

English Language Support: Nadir Kitap website supports English language. However, the listings are not in English. For this reason, it will help to use google translate to operate this website.

Nadir Kitap has more than 9 million books.

In the old Ottoman books, they are probably number one in the world. However, the collection is not limited to Turkish books. You can find original books like

  • Manual of Egyptian Archeology or Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt (Year: 1895)
  • Appleton’s Illustrated hand-book of American Travel by t. Addison Richards (Year:1860)
  • The Leading Facts of American History (Year:1899)

An incredible story is stored in Nadir Kitap. Any book can be found in Nadir’s collection. Old magazines, comic books, and music cassettes are just a few.

I bought some old legal books for decoration purposes in this bookstore. I recommend anyone to browse their collection. Every item has a photo. I guarantee you will see something from your childhood.

Click here to go to NadirKitap’s homepage.

11. Amazon Turkey

It is known for its international reputation. Currently, I do not recommend it.
English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

They are the best in the world. Yet, Amazon Turkey is not the best one on our list.

Limited English books are available on the website. When you select English books, Amazon Turkey shows Turkish books translated from English.

It is on my watchlist, I’ll update my opinion, as Amazon Turkey develops to be better.

Click to go Amazon Turkey’s homepage.

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