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14 Turkish Hijab Brands That You Can Shop Online

In Turkey, certain brands come to our minds when it comes to hijab fashion.

In this article, as a Turkish Local, I have examined Turkey’s most distinguished and popular hijab brands for you. 

I also added each brand’s online shop and Instagram accounts so you can examine them further.

From Sefamerve’s Instagram

1. Sefamerve

Sefamerve is Turkey’s ultimate budget hijab fashion brand for all your needs, including home textiles, accessories, cosmetics, and much more.

Sefamerve’s prices are also the cheapest among the hijab fashion brands listed in this guide.

You can check Sefamerve’s online shop by clicking here.

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From Armine’s Instagram

2. Armine

Armine aims to meet all the needs of ladies from head to toe with their elegant designs. As a result, Armine is one of Turkey’s most popular hijab brands. 

As a Turkish women’s clothing brand, Armine is constantly growing and available in all major cities in Turkey with its 52 stores.

Armine products prices are not that expensive and not that cheap either. Armine provides excellent value for its prices.

You can check  Armine’s online shop by clicking here.

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From Modanisa’s Instagram

3. Modanisa

Modanisa is a popular hijab fashion brand with affordable clothing and accessories. Modanisa is among the best hijab brands because the brand offers the best value for the money. 

The brands offer a wide range of items, including shawls, blouses, cardigans, coats, and evening dress models.

Modanisa has an online shop for many countries, and you change the delivery country on the top bar of their website.

You can check Modanisa’s official website and online shop by clicking here.

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From Alvina’s Instagram

4. Alvina

Alvina is a women’s clothing and accessories brand that is known internationally for its hijab clothing designs.

Alvina has innovative lines and a huge collection of designs. The brand aims to be a trendsetter in the hijab fashion world.

You can order truly unique and colorful Alvina designs from many countries in the world.

You can check Alvina’s online shop by clicking here.

From Tekbir’s Instagram

5. Tekbir

Tekbir is another well-known hijab clothing in Turkey. Tekbir is an old company that continues its way with the same success today. 

In its collection, you can find stylish and high-quality hijab clothing products ranging from elegant abayas to hijab sportswear.

Tekbir’s prices range from budget to high.

You can check  Tekbir’s online shop by clicking here.

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From Tuğba & Venn’s Instagram

6. Tuğba & Venn

Tugba & Venn actually has three fashion brands, Tuğba, Venn, and Nihan. All these fashion lines target different fashion tastes and income groups.

You can find common designs to eye-catching colorful dresses in the Tugba&Venn’s collection.

Turba Venn targets all income groups and all your hijab clothing needs. You can find the brand’s stores in all cities in Turkey.

You can also check Tugba&Venn’s online shop by clicking here.

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From Kayra’s Instagram

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7. Kayra

Kayra is a high Turkish fashion brand that can be found in the closet of almost every woman. 

Kayra is one of Turkey’s leading modern fashion houses, yet the brand also offers hijab fashion with traditional Turkish designs

Kayra has high-quality and elegant-looking designs. Yet, the brand offers something for every woman; its prices range from budget to luxury.

You can check Kayra’s online shop by clicking here.

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From SETRMS’s Instagram


Setrms aims to be one the leading brands in hijab world fashion with its 74 stores in 6 countries. 

Additionally, its designs are exported to more than 35 countries worldwide.

Besides its clothing designs, Setrms is also known for its accessories, bags, and perfumes. 

Setrms has over 1000 designs, most of which are tagged with affordable prices.

You can check Setrms’s online shop by clicking here.

From Zühre’s Instagram

9. Zühre

Zühre is one of the first preferred brands in outerwear hijab fashion brands. The brand’s designs are elegant but not regular. 

Zühre truly provides eye-catching designs. Its designs are especially excellent for ladies who like the smart casual style but with hijab designs. 

Zühre has both modern and hijab designs, and its price range is not budget but affordable.

You can check Zühre’s online shop by clicking here.

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From Aker’s Instagram

10. Aker

Aker first started as a scarf and shawl brand. 

Later on, Aker added other hijab designs to the collection, including Hijab swimsuits. 

Today, Aker has both hijab and modern designs, yet it is most known for high-quality hijab clothing designs. 

Aker products prices range from medium to high.

You can check Aker’s online shop by clicking here.

From Secil Store’s Instagram

11. Secil Store

Secil is the oldest hijab fashion brand in Turkey, with more than 40 years of history. Today, Secil produces 800,000 apparel items annually.

Additionally, Secil has a vast collection of 600 designs inspired by the lifestyle of today’s modern woman and developing world trends. 

Secil has both modern and hijab fashion lines.

Secil’s sister brands are Gala-xi (Plus Size), İlmio, and SCL (Modest Fashion), providing affordable clothes for all women.

You can check Secil’s online shop by clicking here.

From Nihan’s Instagram

12. Nihan

Nihan, with its colorful and casual designs, is an indispensable brand for young ladies. 

Nihan, has modern designs, yet, the brand also managed to win the hearts of women wearing hijab styles.

They are one of the youngest fashion brands, founded in 2002, yet Nihan grew quickly and sells its more than 200 spots in Turkey and abroad.

Nihan has surprisingly low prices compared to its quality.

You can check Nihan’s online shop by clicking here.

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From İpekevi’s Instagram

13. İpekevi

İpekevi is the number one brand for Shawl and Headscarves in Turkey. 

İpekevi is translated to English as Silk House. Yet, do not let the name fool you; the brand uses all garments like cotton and linen to produce high-quality shawls.

Their prices are high compared to other hijab fashion brands, but İpekevi is widely known to provide the best quality scarves in Turkey.

You can check İpekevi’s online shop by clicking here.

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From Fresh Scarfs’ Instagram

14. Fresh Scarfs

Fresh Scarfs is another brand for shawls and headscarves, just like Silk House (İpek Evi).

Besides scarves and shawls, you can find evening dresses and other hijab accessories in this brand’s collection.

FreshScarfs prices are very affordable and provide good value for their prices.

You can check Fresh Scarfs’ online shop by clicking here.