Resources that Can Make Your Trip to Turkey More Enjoyable

Here are the tools that I use when traveling to my own country.

These are the time-tested tools from my own experience.

Rental Cars

If you wish to explore coastal areas like Antalya, Bodrum, or Kusadasi and the countryside like Cappadocia, renting a car will increase your freedom and help you to discover more places.

When possible, I always rent a car on my travels.

I like escaping the crowded city centers, exploring secluded beaches and authentic villages, and going into the less beaten paths.

Turkey is an excellent country for day trips.

Discover Cars

Discover Cars is an excellent search engine for car hire and my personal favorite.

Discover Cars shows the best options from many Turkish and international car rental companies

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Rental Cars

I generally check the prices of different brands using

You can compare the prices of the biggest international rental car companies on this website.

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Where to stay

Turkey hosts more than 50 million tourists every year. For this reason, you will have no trouble finding hotels, holiday villages, and similar accommodations in Turkey.

My other favorite option is all-inclusive hotels. I love them because once you pay, everything is free. All I care about is which activity to spend my time on. 

Hotels usually charge per person. Private houses have fixed rental prices and do not charge per person basis.


Booking is one of the world’s leading online travel agencies.

Booking’s primary service is to provide a platform for booking hotels, but it has expanded to include a range of other accommodations like apartments, guest houses, and more.

Booking is by far my favorite website for organizing my stays.

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Expedia is another search engine that is very popular in the USA and North America.

Expedia is my second favorite website for booking my stays because it is not possible to book with in Turkey.

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Vrbo represents over 2 million vacation rentals in 190 countries. 

Vrbo is my latest favorite. Vrbo is also the biggest competitor of Airbnb.

Sometimes I even browse Vrbo just to amaze myself with different vacation rentals all around the globe.

Click to check Vrbo.


Hostels are usually cheap hotels with dorms and shared facilities instead of private rooms and private facilities.

IIf you are looking for the cheapest accommodation with value, hostels may be the best option.

You can search 30,000 hostels in over 180 countries with Hostelworld.


Bird’s-eye view of Istanbul from a plane.

Turkish Airlines (THY) is a well-known Turkish airline company and is competing with top brands in the industry.

Pegasus, Anadolu Jet, Onur Air, and SunExpress are Turkish airline companies with budget prices. Corendon and Turkish Airlines provide the best service quality.

Turkish Airlines is a bit more expensive than others. Anadolu Jet is a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines that offers lower prices and better service quality.


I love Expedia when searching for plane tickets.

Expedia is probably the easiest and most comprehensive flight search tool.

I always start my search process here, then cross-check on airlines’ websites or another search tool to ensure I’ve found the best option!

Click to go to Expedia’s flight reservation page.


Skyscanner has never let me down.

I always use it to find the cheapest flight options on the web.

Skyscanner allows you to search for specific dates or month-long ranges so you can find the best deal!

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