About Efe Genit

I am Efe Genit. First and foremost, I am a father to my daughter Lidya and married to my lovely wife Zelis and my little daughter Lidya.

Secondly, I am a Turkish lawyer who has a passion for traveling.

Yet, writing my travels and experiences became my latest passion.

I am not a digital nomad, but my education and professional career made me live in London, Istanbul, Izmir, Manisa, Kusadası and Northern Cyprus.

I spent at least a couple of years of my life in each of these cities, besides traveling all around Turkey and many destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Then another beautiful thing happened, and our lives changed after Lidya joined us.

My wife, me, and Lidya my daughter


I was born and raised in Manisa, which is a small metropolitan city in Turkey.

Upon graduating from elementary school, I started living in Izmir for seven years, and I attended junior high and high school at the American Collegiate Institute of Izmir.

After Izmir, I started my legal studies at Istanbul University Law School and graduated in 2005 with an LLB degree.

During my university years, I attended various academic activities, including the WorldMUN project of Harvard University.

I represented Istanbul as Head Delegate at Harvard University WorldMUN 2003 Germany and Harvard University WorldMUN Egypt 2004.

I also studied at the Law School of King’s College, London, in 2011, and I obtained a postgraduate title LL.M. with my thesis on “A comparison of Turkish and English Public Limited Companies.”

I was also elected as Student Representative to work in King’s College’s Law Faculty Student Administrative Council.

Professional Career

I am a registered Turkish Lawyer, and I have been in active practice since 2005. I started my legal career in one of the leading international law firms in Istanbul.

In 2007, I was transferred to Tesco Kipa to work as Legal Affairs Manager. At the time, Tesco Kipa was a subsidiary of British Tesco.

I worked for Tesco Kipa until 2013. I also worked for Tesco Group at its Headquarters in London during my LL.M studies.

After 2013, I cycled back to my hometown to found my own law firm, Genit Hukuk.

As a lawyer, I mostly focus on Property Law and Human rights aspects of Property Law. I mainly sue the Turkish Government for infringing property rights.

Windsurfing in Izmir

Hobbies and Personal Life

Besides being a dedicated family man. I love blogging about Turkey, traveling, fashion, windsurfing, and sharing my experiences.

While writing this blog, I aim to provide you with in-depth information about my country, fashion, and all my passions.

I love to touch other’s lives in a positive way.

You can so you can enjoy Turkey as a local would do.

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