13 Online Supermarket and Grocery Shopping Websites in Turkey

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If you are looking for an online supermarket in Turkey, you are in the right place.

I compiled all the popular grocery shopping websites in Turkey, plus, as a Turkish local, I will give you all the tips you need.

Without further delay, Let’s start.

My Short Answer:

Here is my short guide for each grocery shopping website in Turkey.

  • Migros is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Turkey with a good balance of price and value. This is the supermarket chain, I prefer to shop.
  • A101, Carrefour, and Macrocenter are the other biggest supermarket chains in Turkey, but they are different. You can get cheaper products from A101. Macro Center, on the other hand, is a market that includes luxury segment foods.
  • YemeksepetiMarket and Getir are good choices for fast food and supermarket shopping. They are the leader in the speed category.
  • Trendyol allows you to buy all supermarket products and more. You can buy Migros and Happy Center supermarket products in Trendyol. The most variety of products is in Trendyol.
  • Boyner Gourmet offers gourmet products that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Watsons is a website where you can buy almost all non-food supermarket products.
  • Hepsiburada is an alternative to Trendyol.

If you want more details, I have compiled all these in the list below. I hope it will be useful to you.

Let’s get into more detail.

Best Online Supermarket and Grocery Shopping Websites in Turkey

1. Migros

Migros is one of Turkey’s largest supermarket chains, and its online shopping platform offers a broad range of products, from fresh groceries and pantry staples to household items and personal care products.

Migros offers three online supermarket shopping services. Migros Hemen, Migros Sanal Market and Migros Ekstra.

Migros Hemen delivers within an hour but has limited offerings compared to Migros Sanal Market.

Migros Sanal Market offers a comprehensive list of thousands of supermarket and grocery items and delivers within the day or the next day at the time that you select.

Migros Ekstra offers non-traditional supermarket items like household goods, TVs, cardboard games, cellphones, and clothing.

Migros also offers products from other supermarket chains like Tazedirekt and Macro Center, but these supermarket chains have little presence outside of major cities in Turkey.

One more significant advantage of Migros is its broad network of stores across the country, making it possible to find virtually anything you need regarding groceries and household items.

Migros also has a useful app that you can use. Here are the links to Migros’s App for Android Phones and Migros’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check Migros’s online shop.

2. Carrefour

Carrefour was one of the biggest supermarket chains in Turkey. Yet, recently, Migros purchased all of Carrefour’s retail chain stores.

Most Carrefour stores have been converted to Migros stores. Yet, Carrefour still operates in limited cities.

Here are links to Carrefour’s app for Android Phones and Carrefour’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check Carrefour’s online store.

3. A101

A101 is known as one of the cheapest supermarket products with an online shopping website.

BIM is the biggest competitor of A101 in terms of price and being cheap, but BIM is not in the list because BIM does have an online shopping website.

A101 provides two services. The first one is A101 Online and the second is A101Kapıda.

A101 has separate websites and apps for these services.

You don’t want to use this A101 Online, if you are looking for groceries. A101 Online shop for non-perishable supermarket items like electronics, decoration items, and cosmetics products.

A101Kapıda provides groceries and has the fastest delivery with about an hour delivery time and all the basic groceries you need.

A101Kapıda also has a useful app that you can use. Here are the links to A101Kapıda’s App for Android Phones and A101Kapıda’s App for Apple Phones.

A101 also has a useful app that you can use. Here are the links to A101’s App for Android Phones and A101’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check A101’s online shop and A100Kapıda’s website.

4. Macro Center

One of my favorite stores is Macro Center. Although it is a bit expensive, I have always liked Macro Center.

Macro Center’s products are of high quality.

Also, you can find imported luxury products like sushi nori and pork products that are unavailable in normal supermarkets.

I love their luxury service quality and shop design. Yet, Macro Center does not have an extensive network of stores like other supermarket chains.

For my British readers, I can explain Macro Center very briefly. If Migros is the UK’s Tesco, Macro Center is Mark and Spencer.

Macro Center has stores in only 8 cities in Turkey. (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Gaziantep, Mersin).

Macro Center does not have a separate app. You can order from macro Stores through Migros’s app.

If you live in an area where Macro Center serves, you can shop through Macro Center’s online store.

5. Trendyol Supermarket

Trendyol is the most popular and reliable shopping website in Turkey.

If you want to buy groceries and supermarket items and make your own food, I also recommend Trendyol.

The biggest supermarket chains like Migros and Carrefour with many other retail supermarket chains sell their groceries.

This creates price competition within the Trendyol website. For this reason, we can compare supermarket prices and buy from the cheapest sellers.

Trendyol also provides free shipping if you buy enough items. Yet, I prefer to shop from Migros’s own website directly.

Trendyol also has a useful app that you can use. Here are the links to Trendyol’s App for Android Phones and Trendyol’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check Trendyol’s supermarket section.

6. Yemeksepeti

Yemeksepeti is famous for its fast food services. Other than their regular fast food delivery service, they have another service.

Yemeksepeti Market provides various supermarket items, groceries, and snacks for your basic needs.

Yemeksepeti Market (which was Yemeksepeti Banabi) has very wide coverage in Turkey and the biggest advantage is its delivery time of 15-30 minutes.

Not a good variety of ready meals is available in Turkish supermarkets. If you wish to buy something cooked and ready to eat, I recommend regular Yemeksepeti for food delivery.

We use Yemeksepeti Market very frequently, we are especially happy about their quick delivery at night time when all the shops are closed.

Yemeksepeti and Yemeksepeti Market are in the same app. Here are the links to Yemeksepeti’s App for Android Phones and Yemeksepeti’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check Yemeksepeti Market’s website.

7. Getir

Like Yemeksepeti Market, Getir brings basic groceries 24/7. The delivery is very fast, and your purchases come within 30 minutes.

Getir is my mom’s favorite, and she loves to order ice cream and various snacks at midnight.

Getir also has food delivery, potted water delivery, and more comprehensive supermarket services, but these are mostly not available at night time.

Here are the links to Getir’s App for Android Phones and Getir’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check Getir’s website.

9. Iste Gelsin

Istegelsin provides delivery of supermarket products, snacks, and sweets.

You can order fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, and other groceries from Iste Gelsin.

There are also other sections, such as self-care products, books, and technological devices.

Iste Gelsin is one of the popular grocery delivery websites that I also use, and I am pleased with the products.

I’ve never bought anything other than groceries, but I think it’s worth trying.

If you’d like to check out the website, you can click here.

Here are the links to Iste Gelsin’s App for Android Phones and Iste Gelsin’s App for Apple Phones.

Click to check Iste Gelsin’s website.

10. Boyner Gourmet

Boyner Shopping site is well-known as an online clothes shopping website.

Yet, they also excel at Gourmet food. If you are looking for a food item that you cannot find in Turkey, you should check out Boyner Gourmet.

For example, Boyner is probably the only website in Turkey where you can find Black Truffle or Dried Shitake Mushroom.

Click to check Boyner’s Gourmet section.

11. Watsons

Watsons is a supermarket chain without groceries. Watson is known for its comprehensive range of beauty and health products.

Watsons’ online platform provides a wide range of products, from makeup, skincare, and hair care to health supplements and personal care items.

One of Watsons’ strong points is its commitment to offering a wide variety of brands, including international and local names.

Whether you’re looking for high-end skincare products or affordable makeup brands, Watsons likely has you covered.

Click to check Watsons’ homepage.

12. Hepsiburada

Hepsiburada has been operating in this sector since 1998. This website contains more than 30 million products including groceries and supermarket goods.

In some regions, groceries are delivered within the day with Hepsiexpress.

Hepsiburada is the 2nd biggest online shopping website in Turkey, yet, in my personal opinion, they started to care less for their customers as they got bigger.

For this reason, I am not using Hepsiburada anymore.

Click to check Hepsiburada’s homepage.

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