11 Best Online Supermarket and Grocery Shopping Websites in Turkey

I don’t know what we would have done without the internet. We even use the internet even for the most basic tasks. The city life is hectic. For this reason, most people like me use the internet for supermarket and grocery shopping.

Luckily, there are many ways to buy food and grocery items on the internet from Turkey. In this post, I compiled all the sites I use.

Before moving on the list, if you want me to explain in a nutshell. Here is the summary,

  • Trendyol allows you to buy all supermarket products and more. You can buy Migros and Happy Center supermarket products in Trendyol. The most variety of products are here. This is my first choice. You can also directly shop from Migros.
  • You can also take a look at A101, Carrefour, Macrocenter. You can get cheaper products from A101. Macro Center, on the other hand, is a market that includes luxury segment foods.
  • Ciceksepeti is another place where you can do grocery shopping. Ciceksepeti also allows you to send all kinds of food gifts to your beloved one.
  • Yemeksepeti, Banabi, and Getir is a choice for your fast food and supermarket shopping. They are the leader in the speed category.
  • Boyner Gourmet offers gourmet products that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Watsons is a website where you can buy almost all non-food supermarket products.
  • Hepsiburada and Gittigidiyor are alternatives to Trendyol.

If you want more details, I have compiled all these in the list below. I hope it will be useful to you.

Before I start writing my reviews, I want to point out the language problem. The biggest problem for foreigners in Turkey when shopping online is the language barrier. Most of the shopping sites do not have English language support. 

Yet, there is a solution to this problem.  I explained how to use Google’s Translate tool to translate websites and images with few clicks.  Check my article “3 Ways to Use Google Translate in a Foreign Country”

In any case, I detailed each website’s English language support level.

Let’s get into more detail.


Known for: Widest product range, biggest in Turkish online shopping website.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

If you want to buy groceries and supermarket items and make your own food, I recommend Trendyol. Trendyol is the most popular and reliable shopping website in Turkey.

The biggest supermarket chains Migros and Happycenter are in Trendyol. Besides these two companies, many other producers also sell their products at Trendyol.

If you just want to see supermarket products, you can also directly shop from Migros’s online shop.

Trendyol has managed to transform itself into a marketplace. There is price competition within the Trendyol website. For this reason, we can compare supermarket prices and buy from the cheapest sellers.

Trendyol also provides free shipping if you buy enough items.


  • Product Variety
  • Ease of use of the website
  • Competition and the opportunity to buy products by comparing prices more than one supermarket
  • Customer Service – Easiest to reach customer service

If you wish to go to Trendyol’s supermarket section homepage click here.

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Olive oil and olive are abundant and cheap in Turkey.


Known for: Cheap supermarket products

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

A101 took its simple grocery concept to the next level by opening an online store. As you know, we are always looking for the cheapest in these economic conditions.

A101’s online store has a wider selection of products than its regular stores. Besides supermarket products, A101’s internet store provides electronics, decoration items, and cosmetics products.

If you wish to go to A101’s online shop, click here.


While writing this article, I learned that Carrefour stores soon will be closed.

Migros recently purchased all of Carrefour’s retail chain stores. For this reason, I will not get into more details about Carrefour’s online shop.

If you want to go to Carrefour’s online store click here.

Macro Center

Known for: High-quality supermarket

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

One of my favorite stores is Macro Center. Although it is a bit expensive, I have always liked Macro Center. Its product is of high quality. You can find imported products that are not available in normal supermarkets.

I also love their service quality and shop design. But, Macro Center does not have an extensive network of stores like other supermarket chains.

Macro Center have stores only in 15 provinces in Turkey. (Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bolu, Istanbul, Kayseri, Kırıkkale, Konya, Karaman, Malatya, Mersin, Samsun, Istanbul, Ordu, and Tekirdag). The retail store chain have approximately 280 stores in these provinces.

If you live in an area where Macro Center serves, you can shop from the Macro Center by clicking here.

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Like Turkish Delights, Turkey has many other Turkey-specific sweet things.


Known for: Edible gifts, supermarket, and grocery items.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

I was surprised when I found that I could do my supermarket shopping from Çiçeksepeti. It is a website that I have used for years to make my wife happy.

Besides supermarket shopping, you can send fabulous gifts to your loved ones.

This website is famous for its edible gift arrangements. Bonnyfood is a classic. This arrangement made of edible candies has a more lasting effect on your wife and girlfriends than sending flowers.

If you wish to go to Ciceksepeti’s homepage, you can click here.


Known for: Provides service for all Turkey, fast food delivery

English Support: Yemekspeti supports the English language as a website. You will still need to use google translate because most of the restaurants’ menus are in Turkish.

Not a good variety of ready meals is available in Turkey as other countries. If you wish to buy something cooked and ready to eat, I recommend Yemeksepeti, which I have used as a subscriber for about 15 years. Yemeksepeti is like Uber Eats. It lists all restaurants near you, and you directly order your food from Yemeksepeti.

Yemeksepeti is free to use. Restaurants pay the commissions to Yemeksepeti. Your order comes to your door free of charge. It will take around 30 minutes for your order to arrive.

Yemeksepeti also tracks the performance of the restaurants and displays it on their website. For this reason, restaurants provide better service when they deliver through Yemeksepeti. I always use Yemeksepeti and do not directly order from the restaurant.

I would strongly advise checking the restaurant’s rating before ordering your food. Yemeksepeti has the most restaurants listed and works in every province in Turkey.

You can make the payment via Yemeksepeti by credit card, or at the door.

If you wish to go to Yemeksepeti’s homepage, you can click here.

Yemeksepeti’s Banabi

Known for: Wide coverage in Turkey, supermarket and snack delivery in 15-30 minutes.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

It is Yemeksepeti’s new service. Its service area is growing all around Turkey. They have a very fast grocery and supermarket delivery service. After your online order, a pink-dressed man will come to deliver in 15 minutes.

This month, it started to provide service in my hometown Manisa. I tested the service today. They brought 6 Kinder surprise eggs for my daughter Lidya in 15 minutes. They also give a 20 TL discount for my first order from their website.

They have a good variety of supermarket items, groceries, and snacks. Delivery men have very funny outfits.

(UPDATE: Later on, we continued to use Yemeksepeti’s Banabi, we are especially happy about their quick delivery at night time when all the shops are all closed.)

If you wish to go to Banabi’s homepage, you can click here.


Known for: Service limited to certain cities, fast food, supermarket, and snack delivery.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Getir recently started to provide services in Manisa, which is the city I live in. Getir immediately became my mom’s favorite, she loves to order ice cream and various snacks at midnight. The delivery is very fast, and your purchases come within 30 minutes.

Getir is the newest and biggest competitor of Yemeksepeti. They provide fast food ordering, food items like Yemeksepeti and they are growing very fast. In a short period of time, Getir became known as a reliable and reputable company.

Getir currently operates only 10 provinces in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Bodrum, Bursa, Tekirdag, Eskişehir and Yalova and more).

They aim to meet their customer’s needs 24/7 like Yemeksepeti but Yemeksepeti still dominates the market. Getir has to do much more to effectively compete with Yemeksepeti.

If you wish to go to Getir’s homepage, you can click here.

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Boyner Gourmet – Iste Gelsin

Known for: Gourmet food products

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Boyner Shopping site is a well-known and established website as well as a clothing brand. Boyner also has two food delivery services. Boyner Gourmet and Iste Gelsin.

Boyner Gourmet provides rare gourmet items you can not find elsewhere in Turkey. For example, Boyner is the only online website in Turkey where you can find Black Truffle or Dried Shitake Mushroom.

To browse Boyner’s Gourmet section you can click here.

İstegelsin is the newest competitor of Yemeksepeti. İstegelsin provides delivery of supermarket products, snacks, and sweets. Yet, they are not as fast as Getir and Yemeksepeti and they do not provide 24/7 delivery service.

To browse Boyner’s Gourmet section you can click here.


Watsons is a well-known brand for personal care products. Watsons Turkey operation has 280 shops in 70 Turkish cities.

You can buy almost all non-food supermarket products from Watsons’ online store.

To go to Watsons’ home page you can click here.


Best Known For 2nd biggest online shopping website in Turkey

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Hepsiburada has been around for almost longer than most of the shopping sites on this list. Hepsiburada has been operating in this sector since 1998. This website contains more than 30 million products.

Products purchased in some regions are delivered within the day with its new services called Hepsiexpress.

Click here to go to Hepsiburada’s homepage.

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