Most Popular 9 Clothes Shopping Websites in Turkey

If you are looking for a guide about Turkish online clothes shopping websites, you are in the right place. 

For a foreigner, it can be hard to locate trustworthy online shopping websites in Turkey. As a Turkish native, I will introduce and review the most used online shopping websites. These websites are used by thousands of Turkish people.

I only listed the websites that I know are old and reliable. I used all these websites at least once in my lifetime. 

Turkish fashion brands can be confusing without local knowledge. It is not easy to know which one to choose. If you want to learn more about Turkish clothing and fashion brands, you can also check my other article “17 Famous Turkish Fashion Brands That You Can Shop Online“.

Online shopping websites with a massive collection of fashion items are Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Çiceksepeti, Boyner, Gittigidiyor, N11. They are all internet marketplaces where you can find many fashion brands. 

These websites have both Turkish and foreign brands in their inventories. You can find more than you are looking for on each of these websites.

Trendyol is the most popular online shopping website, and it is women’s favorite. Trendyol has all the well-known clothing brands, good customer relations, and an easy product return policy. 

Tozlu is an online website that sells no-brand clothes.  It is usually the cheapest among all online shopping websites. Tozlu delivers to all countries. You may try to use Tozlu for wholesale or dropshipping of clothing and fashion items.

Letgo is the most used second-hand clothing website. You can use Letgo to sell or buy second-hand clothes in Turkey.

Lastly, there’s world-famous Etsy. If you are looking for something handmade or vintage,  you should check Etsy. However, it is expensive compared to Turkish clothing prices, and also you need to pay for shipment.

The biggest problem for foreigners in Turkey when shopping online is the language barrier. Most of the shopping sites do not have English language support. 

Yet, there is a solution to this problem.  I explained how to use Google’s Translate tool to translate websites and images with few clicks. Check my article “3 Ways to Use Google Translate in a Foreign Country”

In any case, I detailed each website’s English language support level.


Known for: Widest product range of fashion, biggest Turkish online shopping website.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

If you want to buy dresses, sweaters, t-shirts, coats, or anything, I recommend Trendyol. Trendyol is the most popular fashion and clothing shopping site. They have hundreds of thousand listings on every fashion item.  

Trendyol is a marketplace itself. This creates price competition within the Trendyol website. You can compare the product prices of many fashion brands and different sellers on one website.

I like Trendyol because its website is easy to use and it has reliable customer relations.

I use Trendyol, but I did not want to limit my review only to personal experience. When preparing this review, I asked at least 50 women around me for their experiences with online shopping websites. Nearly all of them stated that they shop from Trendyol.

The biggest advantage of Trendyol is its customer service. All the people that I asked said that

  • Trendyol has the easiest to reach customer service.
  • They love the simple and easy return policy. You can return any products that you do not like.

If you wish to go to Trendyol’s homepage click here.

Trendyol sells its own products worldwide. Trendyol ships TrendyolMilla and TrendyolMen brand clothings to most countries including the United States by AliExpress. You can check Trendyol’s shop on AliExpress by clicking here.


Known For: Diverse collection of clothing and fashion items

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Gittigidiyor is Ebay’s Turkish branch. Yet, this website does not support the English language.

It is a shopping website with a good variety of clothing items. It is a popular and well-known shopping website like the others on this list.

In my opinion, the Gittigidiyor has a poor user experience. Also, the sellers are not inspected as well as the other competing websites.

Click here to browse Gittigidiyor’s accessories homepage.


Known for: Clothing, Fashion, Accessories, Flowers, and Gifts

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Before Trendyol, I used Ciceksepeti for most of the things that I bought for gifts. Ciceksepeti also has a wide selection of clothing, fashion, accessories. You can find many options for both women and men.

If you wish to buy anything as a gift or send a flower to your loved ones, you should check this website. This website is designed for special gift items. Ciceksepeti resembles Etsy in some ways.

This website is also famous for its edible gift arrangements. These arrangements are made of edible candies. They work perfectly for your lover.

If you wish to go to Ciceksepeti’s fashion homepage click here.


Known For 2nd biggest online shopping website in Turkey

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Hepsiburada is older than other shopping websites on this list. Hepsiburada has long been a well-known shopping website in Turkey since 1998. This website contains more than 30 million products.

They have a gigantic variety of fashion products like Trendyol. Hepsiburada is the strongest competitor of Trendyol. Hepsiburada also delivers products purchased within the day in some provinces. 

If you wish to browse Hepsiburada’s fashion and shoes section homepage click here.


Known For: Cheap clothing and any other fashion item. Delivers worldwide.

English Language Support: This website supports the English language.

Tozlu is a shopping website, and they have been in this business since 2001. Tozlu has a policy of selling no-brand products and selling the cheapest products.

Tozlu is a well-known website. One of my Turkish friends uses Tozlu to dropship in the USA. Because Tozlu is cheap and delivers internationally, he profits from buying and selling Tozlu’s products online.

Tozlu has a good quality and price balance.

Tozlu delivers to all countries. Tozlu also provides a unique opportunity for wholesale or dropshipping of clothes and fashion products.

Click here to go browse Tozlu’s homepage.


Known For: Limited variety of clothing and fashion items but above average quality items.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Boyner is a well-known and established website. It is a big commercial holding in Turkey which has a fashion brand. On this website, Boynert directly sells its own brands as well as other well-known brands. This website has a limited but good selection of clothing and fashion items.

On this shopping website, you do not need to check the seller’s score. The products listed are all selected and sold by Boyner directly. 

To browse Boyner’s homepage you can click here.


Known For: Diverse collection of clothes

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

This website has been operating since 2013. They are still one of the industry leaders in online shopping websites. N11 is also famous for its rich variety of clothes.

You can find extensive clothing and fashion items on this website. 

Click here to go browse N11’s accessories homepage.

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Known For: Second-hand clothing

English Language Support: Letgo has an English language option. However, the listings are not in English. For this reason, you should use google translate to operate this website.

Letgo is one of the newest shopping websites in Turkey. Letgo is growing very fast in Turkey. You can search for all second-hand products that are on sale within your proximity. 

The good thing about this is you may come face to face with the seller and inspect the product before you buy. 

Another advantage is that you can deal with the seller personally and negotiate the price. Some buyers put symbolic prices on the products, which means you have to negotiate for the price.

Click here. for Letgo’s homepage

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Known For: Unique or custom, handmade and vintage fashion and clothing collection

English Language Support: This website is in English.

I love Etsy; even browsing its website makes me happier and smile. It has a unique handmade and vintage fashion collection from designers all over the world.

Still, Etsy designer clothes can be expensive when compared with Turkish designer cloth prices. Also, shipping to Turkey creates an extra cost.

In any case, You can check Etsy’s clothing collection by clicking here. 

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