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19 Online Electronics Shopping Websites in Turkey – Which Should You Use?

In my family, there is not a single person who has not bought something from the Internet. Moreover, my dad, sister, and wife professionally sell products through Turkish online shopping sites.

Turkish e-commerce is growing every day. 

According to Deloitte, 6% of all products sold in Turkey are sold on the internet. With more than 81 million population, Turkey has a huge e-commerce sector and many e-commerce websites. Source

Yet, it can be confusing for foreigners because Turkish online shopping sites are local brands that are not known internationally.

Where can you buy electronics in Turkey?

You can buy electronics from online shopping websites and retail stores in Turkey.

The best online shopping website for buying electronics is Trendyol. It is the most reliable and widely used online shopping site in Turkey.

The most well-known retail stores that sell electronics are Teknosa, Vatan Computer, and Mediamarkt.

How do I buy electronics in Turkey?

I mostly buy electronics from Trendyols online shopping website. Sometimes I also use Amazon Turkey.

I also visit  Teknosa, Vatan Computer, or Media Markt retail stores to get an idea of what electronics I should buy. Then I purchase the product from online websites.

Online shopping for electronics is usually cheaper than in-store purchases because retail companies also add their in-store expenses to the product’s price.

This post will provide a list of online electronics shopping websites. You will also read my friends and my personal reviews, and my experiences. 

I just want to highlight some tips and some information before moving into my list.

On the day that I wrote this post, I purchased a projector, an electrical lawnmower, and a table for my daughter from Trendyol. Lidya, my daughter, examines them very seriously.

Electronics Shopping: My Experiences and My Survey with Turkish Locals

I used nearly all of the Turkish shopping websites that I listed below. In the old days, I mostly used N11 and Hepsiburada, but lately, I only use Trendyol and Amazon Turkey.

In some instances, I still use N11, but it is 1%.  For me, N11 can be a shopping website for rare hardware and windsurfing gear, but not electronics.

My dad also uses N11 because he is too lazy to open a new account in Trendyol, and he is not a frequent internet shopper like me. 

In N11, sellers are not regulated as Trendyol. For this reason, I use them very rarely. For example, I bought a laptop two years ago, and I waited for 15 days.

Then I got an email stating that the supplier ran out of the product and could not fulfill the order that I paid 15 days ago. N11 paid me back, but I lost time.

The projector is playing cartoons on the wall, the table is full, and the family is happy. I love to surprise them with the things that I buy from the Internet. I was also happy with the electrical lawnmower. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

My survey among my Turkish friends

I did not want to limit this post to my experience, so I did a little survey with Turkish locals around me. All of the women whom I asked are using Trendyol and nothing else.

Men compare prices between shopping websites,  yet nearly all of them have Trendyol accounts.

Most of them also never had problems with Trendyol, and the minority who had issues with Trendyol’s sellers solved their problems with customer service.

Trendyol’s customer service is the most easily reachable customer service among other online shopping sites. This blog is the combined experience of all the Turkish people that I asked.

Is Electronics Cheap in Turkey?

Electronics are not cheap in Turkey. Tax is the primary reason for expensive electronic products in Turkey. 

The Turkish government applies 30-50% percent import taxes on electronic products. There is VAT (Value Added Tax) around 8-18%.

You can buy electronics from international shopping websites and have the product delivered to Turkey, but it is not a good idea.

You may have to pay additional taxes for importing electronics, like import taxes, and delivery is expensive.

Another thing to note is that products’ warranty may not be applicable in Turkey.

Lastly, if you are buying a smartphone and wish to use it with a Turkish service provider, there will be charges and additional bureaucracy.

Long story short. Electronics are expensive in Turkey, and the government taxes electronics heavily. You can bring your personal electronics with you and pay no taxes.

Yet, if you need to buy electronics in Turkey, it is better to buy from registered sellers and pay taxes.

The List of Online Electronics Shopping Websites in Turkey

I tried to rank the electronic shopping websites from good to bad. I have included the most important and known internet sites first on top of my list. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Trendyol

Best Known For : All kinds of Electronics, most diverse selection

English Language Support: Trendyol recently opened a multilanguage website (including English and German). Yet, only the Turkish site sells electronics.

Trendyol is the most popular and reliable shopping site in Turkey. Trendyol is the shopping website that my wife and I use the most for our online purchases.

Two years ago, the other shopping websites were able to compete with Trendyol, but they are the leader in online shopping.

Trendyol is now the equivalent of Amazon US in Turkey. Trendyol surpasses most shopping sites in many electronics categories as well as the shopping experience.  

Besides providing regular electronics, Trendyol provides Udemy courses, PC games from Steam, Turkish cable network subscriptions, and much more.

The best of all is Trendyol’s easy return policy. If you do not like the product, you can return it easily. Furthermore, you do not need to pay cancellation fees or transportation fees.

Trendyol regulates its sellers more strictly than others. (I know this because my sister sells cosmetics and my wife sells baby products).

Trendyol demands to see purchase bills for sensitive products to see if you are buying from an authorized seller.


  • Customer Service – Easiest-to-reach customer service
  • Products and Services Variety
  • Institutional and well-established
  • Easy use of the Trendyol website
  • Sellers are regulated strictly and ranked in a transparent fashion
  • Ease of returning the product and canceling orders
  • Good Mobile application

Click here to go to Trendyol’s Electronics Home Page.

Only in the Turkish version of Trendyol you can buy electronics. In any case, if you wish to check, you can click to go to Trendyol’s English website or Trendyol’s German Website.

2. N11

Best Known For:  Diverse collection of electronics and rare spare parts

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website

The site, which opened in 2013, is one of the industry leaders. N11 usually sells all kinds of products, from cleaning liquids to holiday tours.

N11 is also famous for its wide variety of home appliances and electronic products.

Since my dad doesn’t want to bother opening another account with other websites, this is my dad’s favorite online shopping website.

He has not encountered any problems so far when dealing with N11. I had issues with N11, and N11 always refunded me, but I lost time.


  • Product Diversity
  • Institutional and well-established
  • Good Mobile application

Click here to go to N11’s homepage.

3. Amazon Turkey

Best Known For :  All kinds of Electronics

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website

Lately, one of my favorites is Amazon Turkey.

Amazon entered the Turkish market in recent years and has already established itself as a general shopping website with a diverse variety of electronic products.

Last year, I started using them, and I am quite happy with the products I bought. Yet, N11 and Trendyol still beat them in diversity and customer service.

The best part of Amazon is the easiest signup process. If you have a membership from any other Amazon website, you can log in with the same credentials.


  • Product Diversity
  • Institutional and well-established
  • Good Mobile application

Click here to go to Amazon Turkey’s homepage.

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4. Ciceksepeti

Best Known For: Electronic Gifts, Original Electronic Products, Romantic Products, and a diverse electronics variety. 

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website

The name of the website means flower basket in Turkish. This website started as a gift and flower shopping website.

I have been using this site to buy gifts for my wife.  It is a very old and established website. They have been growing steadily, and today they provide all home electronic appliances.

  • Unique and romantic products
  • Institutional and reliable
  • Some products are same-day delivery in Istanbul

Click here to go to Ciceksepeti’s homepage. 

5. Vatan Computer

Best Known For: Smartphones, PC, Laptop and related products

English Language Support : You should use google translate to browse this website.

Vatan Computer is one of the biggest computer retail chains in Turkey.

I personally use their retail stores for window shopping, and then I buy online. Their internet shopping website is one of the well-known and reliable technology shopping sites in Turkey.

On this website, you find Vatan Computer’s products as well as other producers’ brands.


  • Expertise in pc and laptop-related products
  • Institutional and reliable

Click here to go to Vatan Computer’s homepage. 

6. MediaMarkt

Best Known For : Home appliances, PC, Laptop and related products

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website.

MediaMarkt is Europe’s largest electronics retailer and a German company with over 80 stores in Turkey.  MediaMarkt also has a shopping website for home and electronic appliances. 


  • Expert in technology products
  • Institutional and reliable

Click here to go to Mediamarkt’s homepage.

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7. Teknosa

Best Known For : Home appliances, PC, Laptop and related products

English Language Support : You should use google translate to browse this website.

Teknosa, is a subsidiary of Sabanci Holding, one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates.

In addition to its widespread retail store network, Teknosa also offers the opportunity to shop for a wide range of electronic products from its online website.


  • Expertise in Technology Products
  • Institutional and reliable

Click here to go to Teknosa’s homepage 

8. Hepsiburada

Best Known For : All kinds of Electronics

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website.

Hepsiburada has been around for almost longer than most of the shopping sites on this list. Hepsiburada has been operating in this sector since 1998. This website contains more than 30 million products.

Products purchased in some regions are delivered within the day with its new services called Hepsiexpress. Yet, express services do not cover all districts in Turkey and are primarily available in Istanbul.

In addition, some Hepsiburada products can be delivered to other countries. 

Hepsiburada is the 2nd most used online shopping website in Turkey. Yet, as they grew bigger, their service quality dropped.

In the last year, I have had several bad transactions both as a buyer and as a seller. They do not have the customer relations quality they used to have.

For this reason, I am not recommending Hepsiburada anymore.

Click here to go to Hepsiburada’s homepage.

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9. Amazon UK or US

Best Known For:  Limited collection of electronics

English Language Support: These websites are in English.

If you are not satisfied, you can always go to Amazon UK or the US to purchase electronic products and request Amazon to ship them to Turkey.

However, I would not recommend this for two reasons. Firstly, Amazon does not ship all products to Turkey, and shipping is usually more expensive.

The second issue is the taxes. Especially in electronics, it is highly likely you will be asked to pay additional customs fees when goods arrive in Turkey.

Just a tip from personal experience, fast-track orders are processed in Istanbul, and slow postal deliveries are processed by local customs.

Local custom offices are more flexible and can be more understanding than Istanbul Head Custom House.

Using slow cargo options for international deliveries decreases your chance of paying additional customs taxes.

Click here to go to Amazon UK, or click here to go to Amazon US.

If you are in Germany, you could also read my electronics shopping guide for Germany.

10. Yonka Music Market

Best Known For:  Sound and Lighting related electronics

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website

This is a very specialized shopping website where you can find all kinds of sound and lighting equipment. 

For everything related to lighting and sound systems, I suggest you look here first. It has a wide variety of electronic music instruments.

Click here to go to Yonka Music Market’s homepage.

11. D&R

Best Known For: reading tablets, e-books, and related electronics

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website

D&R is essentially number one in the book industry. At the same time, it has many reading tablets, consoles, games, e-books.

Click here to go to D&R’s homepage.

12. Idefix

Best Known For: reading tablets, e-books, and related electronics

English Language Support: You should use google translate to browse this website

Idefix is also a reliable books shopping website specializing in e-book readers, iPods, and reading equipment.  Several years ago, it was bought by D&R. They are sister companies with D&R and also competitors.

You can find many electronic devices as well as reading tablets, such as Rakuten and Kobo.

Click here to go to İdefix’s homepage.

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13. Avansas

Best Known For: office equipment and office electronics

English Language Support: You should use google translate to operate this website

This is the shopping site where I sometimes buy materials for my law firm. I visit this website to get ideas and see everything more organized because there are only office products. 

You can buy elementary office electronics from this website.

Click here to go to Avansas’ homepage.

14. Sahibinden

Best Known For: Second-hand electronics

English Language Support: Sahibinden has an English language option. However, the listings are not in English. For this reason, you should use google translate to browse this website.

The name of the website means “directly from the owner.” It is a very renowned website for car and house sales. As the name suggests, goods are sold directly from the sellers.

This website does not guarantee or regulate products’ quality. Also, there are no valuable rankings to determine the validity of the seller.  

I took this website into my list because it has the most variety of second-hand products. Although I advise against buying second-hand electronic products, I can not limit your options. Use it at your own discretion.


  • Direct contact with users.
  • Sellers are not subject to any grading system, and the seller’s reliability is not known.


  • Product variety
  • There are many second-hand products

Click here for Sahibinden’s homepage.

14. Letgo

Best Known For: Second-hand electronics

English Language Support: Letgo has an English language option. However, the listings are not in English. For this reason, you should use google translate to browse this website.

Letgo is one of the newest shopping websites in Turkey. Letgo is growing very fast in Turkey, and you can search for all second-hand products that are on sale within your proximity. 

The good thing about this, you may come face to face with the seller and inspect the product before you buy. 

Technological products are expensive, and if you consider buying second-hand products instead of buying new products, you will need to take a look at Letgo. 

Another advantage is that you can deal with the seller personally and negotiate the price. Some buyers put symbolic prices on the products, which means you have to negotiate for the price.

Just a word of caution, please inspect the product before you buy it. Take into consideration that second-hand electronic products probably have no warranty from the producer.

Click here for Letgo’s homepage

15. Ubuy

Best known for US exported electronics

English Language Support: This website is in English.

This is an online electronics website that I recently discovered. There are conflicting reviews about this website.  It seems they are selling quality goods at the lowest available prices in Turkey.

I am not recommending this site yet because I do not have much information. It is not a popular website, and I will update my review on this site once I gain more knowledge about them. Please proceed with caution.

Click here for Ubuy’s home page.

English Language Support Problem with Turkish Online Shopping Websites.

The biggest problem for foreigners in Turkey when shopping online is the language barrier. Most of the shopping sites do not have English language support.

Yet, there is a solution to this problem.  I explained how to use Google’s Translate tool to translate websites and images with a few clicks.  Check my article “3 Ways to Use Google Translate in a Foreign Country.”

I also detailed each website’s English language support level in my list.

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