11 Best Turkish Food Delivery Websites and Apps

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Turkish cuisine is awesome, but Turkish food delivered to your doorstep is even better. In the last decade, the number of food ordered online via apps and websites kept growing in Turkey.

If you are used to Uber Eats, you can be disappointed to learn that UberEats does not work in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey. Yet, Turkey has many food delivery websites that provide the same level of service.

Turkish food delivery websites are local brands, and you may not know most of them. Don’t worry. In this post, I will tell you about the most common and reliable food delivery websites.

Now, more than half of fast-food orders are online food orders in Istanbul. Every year, more websites are opening to provide food delivery services.

I will also provide information on how you can use each of these websites and their English language support level.

If you want a quick answer, here are the best websites and short info about them.

Yemeksepeti is the biggest Online Food Delivery Website in Turkey. As of 2023, Yemeksepeti, the most used website in Turkey, reached 19 million users.

All the websites listed below also have phone apps.

In a nutshell,

  • Yemeksepeti, you can order almost any meal or fast food. Most Turkish restaurants and fast-food chains are present on this website. This is the one that I use to order fast food.
  • Yemeksepeti also created a new website called Yemeksepeti Banabi. You order snacks and market items from Banabi, and your orders are delivered in 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Getir is the biggest competitor to Yemeksepeti. In two years, they went viral and became an international company.
  • Zomato If you want to eat out, this website allows you to discover all the restaurants around you.
  • Tıkla Gelsin allows you to order from Burger King, Arby’s, and 6 more related fast-food chains. It is available all around Turkey, but fast food choice is limited to 8 brands.
  • Çiçeksepeti You can shop for grocery items here. This website is also famous for the food that you send to your lover.
  • Trendyol, if you are looking to buy food and do your supermarket shopping. Trendyol is the website you should visit. Plus, Trendyol started Trendyol Yemek, which is a service similar to Yemeksepeti.
  • Boyner Gourmet offers gourmet products such as ​​Porcini Mushrooms that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • If that’s not enough and you’re looking for something else to eat, check out the A101, Carrefour, and Macrocenter. These online shopping websites of Turkish grocery stores.

Before I start writing my reviews, I want to point out the language problem. The biggest problem for foreigners in Turkey when shopping online is the language barrier. Most of the shopping sites do not have English language support. 

Yet, there is a solution to this problem.  I explained how to use Google’s Translate tool to translate websites and images with a few clicks. Check my article “3 Ways to Use Google Translate in a Foreign Country”

In any case, I detailed each website’s English language support level.

Let’s get into more detail.

Turkish cuisine is not limited to Kebaps. The real local food ingredients are made with fresh vegetables, fruits, and olive oil.

1. Yemeksepeti

Known for: Provides service for all cities of Turkey, fast food delivery

English Support: Yemeksepeti supports the English language as a website. Yet, the restaurant menus may not be in English. For this reason, you should also use google translate to operate this website.

Yemeksepeti, which I have used as a subscriber for about 15 years. Yemeksepeti is like Uber Eats. It lists all restaurants near you, and you order your food directly from Yemeksepeti.

Yemeksepeti is free to use. Restaurants pay commissions to Yemeksepeti. Your order comes to your door free of charge. Some restaurants apply a minimum order amount policy.

Yemeksepeti also tracks the performance of the restaurants and displays it on its website.

I always use Yemeksepeti for ordering food and not directly ordering from the restaurant. Because of the restaurant’s ranking concerns, restaurants provide better service when they deliver through Yemeksepeti.

I would strongly advise checking the restaurant’s rating before ordering your food. Compared to its competitors, Yemeksepeti has the highest number of restaurants available.

Yemeksepeti works even in the remotest places. When traveling, I always order from the highest score restaurant if I do not know the city I am in. For this reason, I managed to enjoy very delicious meals on my travels.

You can make the payment via Yemeksepeti, by credit card, or at the door. The delivery time is usually 30 minutes.

If you wish to go to Yemeksepeti’s homepage, you can click here.

2. Banabi (by Yemeksepeti)

Known for: Wide coverage in Turkey, supermarket, and snack delivery in 15-30 minutes.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

It is Yemeksepeti’s new service. Its service area is growing all around Turkey.

This month, it started to provide service in my hometown Manisa. I tested the service today. They brought 6 Kinder surprise eggs for my daughter Lidya in 15 minutes.

They give me a 20 TL discount for my first order from their website. They have a good variety of supermarket items, groceries, and snacks.

(UPDATE: Later on, we continued to use Yemeksepeti’s Banabi, we are especially happy about their quick delivery at night time when all the shops are closed.)

If you wish to go to Banabi’s homepage, you can click here.

3. Getir

Known for: Service limited to certain cities, fast food, supermarket, and snack delivery.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Getir is my mom’s favorite, she loves to order snacks and ice cream late at night. Getir is a new website, but in a short time, Getir has become a well-known and trusted website.

Getir is the biggest competitor of Yemeksepeti. They provide fast food service and food items like Yemeksepeti.

In two years, Getir went viral and became an international company. Now they provide services in nearly all major and minor cities in Turkey.

A Turkish company, Getir also started to provide services in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, and Spanish and Italian cities.

Getir aims to meet its customer’s needs 24/7. Yet, Yemeksepeti mostly dominates the market in terms of fast food delivery. Getir on the other hand, provides better service in snacks and groceries.

If you wish to go to Getir’s homepage, you can click here.

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4. Trendyol and Trendyol Yemek

Known for: Widest product range, biggest in Turkish online shopping website.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Trendyol is the biggest online shopping website in Turkey similar to Amazon in the USA. In Istanbul, it’s a highly preferred Turkish food delivery website that many people use.

Last year, Trendyol started allowing you to order food as well. They expanded very quickly covering most cities in Turkey. Currently, Trendyol Yemek is giving great discounts to increase its market share.

Apart from that, Trendyol Market is another Trendyol website. 

Trendyol Market contains big supermarket chains like Migros and Happy Center. You can order any supermarket item from this shopping website as you would from any mega supermarket.

You can click here if you’d like to check out Trendyol Yemek’s website.

For Trendyol Market, you can visit here.

5. Zomato

Known for: Website to discover places to eat out or to order directly.

English Support: Fully support English and many other languages. You may wish to use google translate to read comments in Turkish.

This website does not allow you to order anything online. In Turkey, Zomato helps you to discover restaurants around you.

Zomato is a handy application for finding authentic and interesting restaurants near you.

This website also provides ratings and shows budget expectations. Zomato sometimes provides the menu of the restaurant as well.

By looking at Zomato, you can have a pretty good idea of what to expect before going to the restaurant.

Since Zomato also shows the contact information of restaurants, you can both order and make reservations.

If you wish to go to Zomato’s homepage, you can click here.

6. Tıkla Gelsin

Known for: Limited number of fast-food chains.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Tıkla Gelsin is a website established by well-known brands such as Burger King, Arbys, Popeyes, Amasya Meat Products, Sbarro, Usta Donerci, and Usta Pideci.

You can only order food online from these limited brands. Just a side note, you can order from these fast-food chains from Yemeksepeti or Getir.

For these reasons, I never used this website. However, if you are a fan of these brands, Tıkla Gelsin provides more promotion than others.

If you wish to go to Tıkla Gelsin’s homepage, you can click here.

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These edible gift arrangements by Ciceksepeti have a more lasting effect on your wife and girlfriends than sending flowers.

7. Ciceksepeti

Known for: Edible gifts, supermarket, and grocery items.

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

I was surprised when I learned that I could do my supermarket shopping from Çiçeksepeti. It is a website that I have used for years to make my wife happy.

Besides supermarket shopping, you can send fabulous gifts to your loved ones. This website is famous for its edible gift arrangements.

Ciceksepeti has many types of edible food gifts. These are called Bonnyfood.

Click to check CicekSepeti’s homepage.

Some Turkish desserts are simply Legendary!

8. Boyner Gourmet

Known for: Gourmet food products

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

Boyner Shopping site is known for many things. However, if you are looking for a food item that you cannot find in Turkey, you should definitely check Boyner Gourmet.

For example, Boyner is probably the only online website in Turkey where you can find Black Truffle or Dried Shitake Mushroom.

To browse Boyner’s Gourmet section, you can click here.

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9. A101

Known for: Cheap food products

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

As you know, we are always looking for the cheapest in these economic conditions. A101 took its simple grocery concept to the next level by opening an online store.

A101’s online store has a wider selection of products than its regular stores.

In addition to supermarket products, A101’s internet store includes electronics, household products, decoration products, cosmetics, and stationery products.

If you wish to go to A101’s online shop, click here.

10. Carrefour

Carrefour was one of the biggest supermarket chains in Turkey. Yet, recently Migros purchased all of Carrefour’s retail chain stores.

Most Carrefour stores are now converted to Migros stores. For now, Carrefour operates in limited cities.

If you want to go to Carrefour’s online store click here.

11. Macro Center

Known for: High-quality food products

English Support: You should use google translate to operate this website.

One of my favorite stores is Macro Center. Although it is a bit expensive, I have always liked Macro Center because of its product quality and imported products that are not available in normal supermarkets.

For my British readers, I can explain Macro Center very shortly. If Migros is UK’s Tesco, Macro Center is Mark and Spencer.

I love their service quality and shop design. However, Macro markets do not have an extensive network of stores and distribution like other supermarkets.

They are present only in 15 provinces in Turkey (Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bolu, Istanbul, Kayseri, Kırıkkale, Konya, Karaman, Malatya, Mersin, Samsun, Ordu, and Tekirdag). Macro Stores have approximately 280 supermarkets in these provinces.

If you live in an area where Macro Center serves, you can shop from the Macro Center by clicking here.

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