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14 Best Turkish Men Clothing Brands that You Should Not Miss

As you would see in Turkish TV series, Turkish men can be known for their stylish clothing choices. It is possible to see Turkish men walking down the streets as if they are walking on a runway.

Turkish fashion brands are primarily influenced by European fashion yet have their own unique designs and peerless quality.

For newcomers, deciding which Turkish clothing brands are more suitable for you can be a struggle. Therefore, it’s important to have information to have a better shopping experience. 

In this post, as a Turkish local, I will tell you all the brands that you need about Turkish Men’s Fashion Brands.

I listed the most well-known Turkish men’s fashion and their online shops.

Here is a quick summary.

Vakko, Ramsey, Kigili, D’s Damat, Sarar, Beymen, and Derimod are considered luxurious Turkish clothing brands.

Mavi Jeans, Mudo, and Network are high-quality fashion brands with affordable clothes in their inventory.

The most affordable and cheap clothing brands are LTB Jeans, LC Waikiki, De Facto, Colin’s, Koton.

Despite their lower prices, these cheap brands also produce high-quality clothes that can be more expensive than clothes with no brands.

One more thing, before I start my reviews. The biggest problem for foreigners in Turkey when shopping is the language barrier. Yet, Google’s Translate tool may help you translate websites with few clicks. If you wish to know more, please read my article “3 Ways to Use Google Translate in a Foreign Country”

1) Vakko

Vakko is one of the most well-known luxury clothing brands in Turkey. The brand was first established as a hat shop in 1934 by Vitali Hakko, and now its popularity is unquestionable. 

Vakko offers one of the best quality clothes for men. Yet, Vakko also sells women’s clothing as well.

I like to shop from Vakko as well. One of the Vakko shops that I occasionally visit is Bagdat Street, Istanbul. 

An old picture of Vakko’s Suadiye Shop.

Vakko’s first store, which is an old Turkish villa, presents a modern yet very traditional and luxurious atmosphere like Vakko’s designs.

In a Vakko store, you can easily find high-quality ties, formal and casual menswear, or an elegant gift for your girlfriend.

Vakko’s price range is quite high, yet their prices are acceptable considering the quality of the clothes.

You can check Vakko’s online shop by clicking here.

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2) Mavi

Mavi is a popular global brand that was founded in Istanbul in 1991. This brand is the perfect choice for people who prefer a casual style and is very popular among young people.

Mavi’s presents great options for men, women, and children.

Mavi is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite jeans brands. I can easily say that almost all of my jeans are from Mavi, and they’ve never failed me.

Mavi is not only for people who would like to buy jeans. You can find jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and many other apparel and accessories. 

Mavi is an affordable brand and offers great value in regard to quality and price. 

You can find Mavi stores in all Turkish cities, or you can order online Mavi’s products.

You can check their online store by clicking here or buying their products from Mavi’s Amazon US Shop.

3) Beymen

Beymen is one of the first brands that comes to mind when thinking about fashion and luxury. 

The Beymen brand was founded in 1971 by Osman Boyner in collaboration with Kerim Kerimol and Silvano Corsini. 

Beymen started as a menswear brand. Today, you can find clothes for women, accessories, house products, and many other items. 

The brand is also the distributor of many global fashion brands in Turkey. You can find many German, English, Spanish, and other European fashion brands in Beymen stores.

Saint Laurent, Versace, and Givenchy are some of the luxury fashion that you can buy from Beymen stores.

When working as a corporate lawyer, I used to have a closet of Beymen suits.

If you simply like wearing classy outfits, this brand can meet your standards. It’s a very high-quality brand with many great options. 

I’ve never heard a negative comment about this brand, other than its high price range. 

You can find a Beymen store in most of the shopping centers. If you come across one, don’t hesitate to enter. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

You can check Beymen’s online shop by clicking here.

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From LTB Jeans’ Instagram

4) LTB Jeans

LTB is a popular jeans brand.  The brand was founded by Ahmet and Hussein in 1994. They are brothers, and their main goal is to create the perfect jean. 

This brand is not only for men but also has great options for women and children as well.

In LTB Jeans’ collection, You can also find shirts, jackets, pants, accessories, and much more. You can visit their stores in most of the shopping malls.

One of the pros of this brand is the price range. Even though it is not that cheap, it is certainly affordable for middle-class people. 

You can check LTB Jeans’ online shop by clicking here.

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5) D’s Damat

D’s Damat was founded in 2002 by Süleyman Orakcioglu. The main purpose was to give men the opportunity to dress elegantly in affordable clothes. 

If you’re looking for something both stylish and affordable, this brand can meet your standards. D’s Damat provides quality luxury clothes at more affordable rates.

The main target group of this brand is young businessmen. If you’re working at a company and prefer to wear masculine but stylish clothes, you can consider D’s Damat. 

D’s Damat provides both formal and casual options. You can easily visit their store in Turkish shopping centers and make your closet a happy space.

You can check D’s Damat’s online shop by clicking here.

4) Mudo

Mudo was established in 1964 in Beyoglu as a small store. Yet, their small store turned into one of the most popular Turkish brands.

When you enter a Mudo store, you can completely lose yourself with its design and elegant Mudo accessories. There are so many great options, from ceramics to clothes.

Mudo creates great-quality and extremely trendy clothes both for men and women. You can easily find the perfect clothes which are suitable for your taste. 

Mudo has clothing lines for both budget and luxury customers. 

Mudo does not have as many retail stores as its competitors, but its stores are bigger and more enjoyable than its competitors.

Even if I don’t buy anything, I love walking around the store.

You can check Mudo’s online shop by clicking here.

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5) Kigili

Kigili is a significant clothing brand when it comes to menswear. The brand was founded by Abdullah Kigili in 1969. Today, it is still one of the most popular brands in Turkey and internationally. 

I would say that the perfect word to describe this clothing brand is “classy.” The prices are high, but can we blame them? Kigili is a sophisticated, luxurious, and high-class menswear brand. 

The brand has excellent designs for special occasions. For example, my outfits for my wedding were all bought from Kigili.

If you have the budget, it would be a shame not to buy clothes from this store. You can visit  Kigili’s stores in almost every major shopping center.

You can check Kigili’s online shop by clicking here.

From De Facto’s Instagram

7) De Facto

De Facto was founded in 2005, and today this fashion brand is quite popular amongst almost everyone, especially among young men. 

De Facto is a very budget-friendly store, and it is possible to find clothes for women, men, children, and even babies.

De Facto is one of the most common clothes retail shop shopping centers. Due to high demand, their shops are usually more crowded than their competitors because they offer a lower price range and higher clothing variety.

If you’re a fan of casual style and are looking for an affordable brand, De Facto is your answer.

You can check De Facto’s online shop by clicking here.

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8) Ramsey

Ramsey was founded by Remzi Gur, in London. It’s a very popular Turkish menswear brand that excels in formal clothing.

Ramsey’s prices are affordable, and Ramsey offers their customers plenty of clothing options. 

I believe it’s a great brand for people looking for a formal outfit. I personally love the jackets and shirts by Ramsey. You can find many stylish and trendy clothes created by this brand. 

To sum up, Ramsey is absolutely an amazing brand with various types of clothes that you can find in every Turkish city and neighboring country. 

You can check Ramsey’s online shop by clicking here.

Colin’s Instagram

9) Colin’s

The history of this clothing brand goes way back to 1983. Nurettin Eroglu and his four brothers founded Colin’s. Today, there are plenty of stores of this brand in Turkey and abroad. 

The first items of clothing created by this factory were men’s jackets and coats. In the years, Colin’s started creating jeans as well.

Colin’s owes its success to the fact that they sell both affordable and good-quality clothes. 

Colins offers clothes for both men and women. You should consider shopping from their stores if you want to buy trendy, stylish, casual clothes.

You can check Colin’s online shop by clicking here.

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10) Sarar

Sarar was founded in 1944 by Abdurrahman Sarar. This clothing brand is based in Eskişehir, and it’s quite popular all around Turkey.

Though the brand offers clothes for men and women, Sarar can be categorized as a formal menswear brand. 

Sarar also creates sportswear or casual-style clothes, yet even their casual designs are still somewhat formal and rich-looking.

I occasionally go to Sarar to buy casual but formal-looking clothes to attend special events like my friends’ weddings.

Sarar has elegant and comfortable designs. I can easily recommend this brand to people like me who want to have a relaxed feeling in formal attire.

You can check Sarar’s online shop by clicking here.

11) Derimod

In recent decades, the growing tourism from cold countries has contributed to the growth of leather fashion. Today, Turkey is one of the leading producers of leather fashion products in the world.

There are many leather fashion shops near tourist attractions. Yet, if you are looking for the best leather clothing and apparel, Derimod is the best brand.

Apart from my sports shoes, nearly all of my shoes are from Derimod. I love their formal designs as well as casual shoes. Derimod shoes are made with very soft, yet very durable leather.

The brand has a vast collection of top-quality leather boots, bags, shoes, and other leather accessories.

Derimod is the most popular fashion brand among Turkish people, and you can find their retail stores everywhere in Turkey. Derimod has 110 retail stores in Turkey.

Due to the fact that real leather is used in Derimod’s products, the brands’ prices are higher than regular fashion brands.

You can check Derimod’s online shop by clicking here.

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12) Koton

Koton is one of the biggest clothing retail chains in Turkey.  Koton is known for good quality casual wear with reasonable prices.  

Koton has stylish clothes that are suitable for all members of your family. 

The Koton brand is one of my favorites because most of their textiles are made with cotton, and I love their pure (100%) cotton clothes. 

Koton has 275 retail stores in Turkey and 159 stores in 28 different countries. Their prices are reasonably low, but their quality is nice. 

You can check Koton’s online shop by clicking here.

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13) Network

Network is known for elegant business clothing, shoes, and bags for women. Yet, their men’s designs are limited but have excellent quality. 

Network also created Divarese, which is also a well-known shoe brand. Divarese is one of the biggest competitors of Derimod in regards to men’s leather shoes.

You can check Network’s online shop by clicking here.

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For LcWaikiki’s Instagram

14) LcWaikiki

LcWaikiki is the ultimate budget fashion brand for everyone. 

Turkish Tema Textile Holding bought this French company in 1997. Since then, the LcWaikiki brand has continued its rapid growth. 

As of 2020, LcWaikiki sells its brands in 47 countries with more than 1000 retail stores with gross revenue of 3 billion USD.

The brand philosophy is that everyone has the right to wear good clothes.

You can check LcWakiki’s online shop by clicking here.