Zeus Cave – A Local’s Guide to Zeus’s Love Nest

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Zeus Cave is located in the Guzelcamli town in the province of Aydın, Turkey. The cave entrance is very close to the entrance of Guzelcamli Kusadasi National Park.

The Zeus cave is worth visiting if you are in the Guzelcamli area. The cave is also a stop in many trekking or safari routes.

The cave provides a refreshing cold place to cool your steam in the summer heat. If you are brave enough, you dive into turquoise water, which is around 5°C (41 °F)  even in summer.

Since Zeus cave is very close to my summer house, I have visited this cave since my childhood. I will tell you all you need to know before visiting Zeus Cave and some secrets that only locals would know in this post.

Let’s start…

An old photo of me swimming in Zeus Cave with my friend Abby. From the year 2009

Where is Zeus Cave?

The Zeus cave is in Kusadasi Guzelcamli village. The cave entrance is very close to the Guzelcamli National Park entrance. Yet, most visitors to National Park miss this spot because the cave entrance is hidden.

I also pinned the exact location of Zeus Cave on the map.

If you can’t find the entry with google maps, ask any local, and they will help you with directions. There are also signs pointing to the Zeus Cave.

Behind my wife is the entry of the cave. Yet, Its entrance is somewhat hidden and nature prevents you to see the cave from a distance.

In the old days, the cave was more concealed and hidden. Today, there are picnic and camping areas constructed around the cave and the cave is more famous. You can these areas if you wish to relax after swimming in the cold waters of the cave.

If you are coming from Kusadasi, the minibus route to National Park will take you here. The cave is a walk distance from the Guzelcamli town.

The cave entrance was better back in the day. Photo Source Wikipedia.

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My personal experience about Zeus Cave

Zeus cave is a very good stop to explore during your travels around Kusadasi with its easy access. Especially in the heat of summer, this cave provides a perfect sanctuary to escape the summer and refresh yourselves.

The water of the cave is cold but very clear turquoise blue. It has very clean natural spring water, and you can swim in the cave. It is a good place to take fantastic pictures.

All year-round, the cave waters are around 5-10 °C (41-50 °F).

The waters of this cave are also very good for your hair.

The expert on this topic is my mom. Despite the fact my mom doesn’t like to swim in cold water,  she always gets into the cold waters of this cave. Locals and my mom say the waters of this cave strengthen hair and make it shiny.

The new platform prevents sun lights from entering the cave, and you cannot see its true colours.

Additionally, they put some labels as if its waters were dangerous and tried to block the cave entrance. On the contrary, most locals like me, do not agree with the new rules and continue to swim in this legendary cave.

Another picture from the old days.

Most of the mud here was collected by visitors who believed that the soil of the cave also had healing properties. Because of this, I would still advise you to wear rubber shoes if you intend to get into the water. There are slippery and sharp rocks at the entrance of the cave pool.

History and Legends of the Zeus Cave

Zeus Cave was part of the ancient cities of Melia and Panionion. Many known parts of these ancient sites are accessible with trekking routes. Yet, most parts of these ancient cities are still buried under the soil, waiting to be excavated by archaeologists.

Despite this region being a well-developed tourist area, surprisingly, many historical sites are waiting to be discovered or hidden in plain sight. If you wish to learn more about these kinds of places, you can check my article on the history of Kusadasi and its hidden historical gems.

According to legends, Zeus cave is the hiding spot of Zeus (The God of Skies and Thunder in Greek Mythology). It is believed that Zeus hid here for various reasons.

One time, Zeus broke the trident of his brother Poseidon and waited for his brother to calm down by hiding here.

Another tale says he used the cave as a love house. According to this legend, this cave was also not visible to Goddess Hera, Zeus’s jealous wife.

There are many stories about Zeus making love with village girls and Queens in this cave. In other words, this cave was Zeus’ Love Nest.

Opening Hours and Entrance Price to Zeus Cave

The Zeus Cave is open 24 hours of the day. You can visit Zeus Cave without restrictions, and no entrance fee is required. Yet, late hours may not be the best time to visit because it will be dark inside the cave.

At the entrance of the cave, there is a tree where people tie cloth pieces. It is a similar tradition to wishing well. You tie a piece of clothing to the tree when you make your wish.

How big is Zeus Cave?

How extensive the cave network is still unknown. There are many local stories of missing divers who came here to investigate the cave network.

Yet from personal experience, I can say the entrance area is pretty safe, and the water depth is around 4 to 15 meters in the area.

While the cave’s waters are secure, They can get darker quickly once you venture into the cave.

If you are fearless enough to venture 30 meters (90 feet)  into the cave, there is a small island. Frankly, I only managed to reach there once in my lifetime. I prefer to stay on the bright side of the cave.

How is the Zeus Cave formed?

Limestone easily erodes and dissolves in water. Zeus Cave is formed by the erosion of limestone in time. When limestone was moved by water, a pool was created by salty water and freshwater springs.

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