24 Kusadasi’s Best Beaches, Beach Clubs, Boat Tours (Map included)

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This is the place I spent all my summers.  Our family summer house is located in Kusadasi and the best times of my life continue to be in Kusadasi. 

Kusadasi has many beaches along its coastline. All the beaches have their own features, yet I can make your trips more enjoyable by sharing tips that only locals would know.

Kusadasi is famous for its beaches. As a local, I prefer to go to Long Beach and do boat tours most of the time, but I usually host my guests in beach clubs because of their service quality. I also enjoy the aquaparks of Kusadasi occasionally.

Yet, there are still many out-of-this-world places that may be hard for a first-timer to find. I will tell you every detail that makes your trip unforgettable.

If you do not want to read it all, here is your short answer to the best beaches and best beach clubs in Kusadasi.

The best beach in Kusadasi is Long Beach. It is a 15 km long sandy beach with a walking path. Long Beach is mostly visited by locals and has free showers and changing cabins with many cafes,  restaurants, and pubs all along the coastline.

Guzelcamli also offers the best secluded beaches, yet most of them are accessible with tour boats.

The best beach club is Jade in Kusadasi. It is one of the oldest and has a high service quality. Jade is also a family-friendly place where all members of your family can enjoy an activity near the sea.

You can also check my complete guide on Kusadasi, on this page you will also discover all articles about Kusadasi.

Map of Kusadasi Beaches, Boat Tour Start Points, and Beach Clubs

Here is the map of Best Kusadasi Beaches, Beach Club, Boat Tour starting points.

Best Beach Clubs

  1. Miracle Beach Club
  2. Jade Beach Club

Boat Tour Departing Points

  1. Guzelcamli Harbor
  2. Kusadasi Castle Harbor

20 Beaches of Kusadasi

  1. Kusadasi Marina Beach
  2. Kusadasi Castle Beach
  3. Papaz Hamam Beach
  4. Pygela Beach
  5. Pamucak Beach
  6. Ladies Beach
  7. Green Beach
  8. Start of the Long Beach
  9. My Best Spot in Long Beach
  10. Long Beach – Another good spot
  1. Diamond Beach – Long Beach
  2. Silver Sand Beach – Long Beach
  3. Love Beach Davutlar- Long Beach
  4. Venus Beach – Guzelcamli
  5. Guzelcamli Beach and Zeus Cave
  6. İcmeler Beach
  7. Aydınlık Beach
  8. Kalamaki Beach
  9. Karasu Beach
  10. My Secret Beach

All the locations are pinpointed in the map and explained in detail further down the article.

Things to do in Kusadasi Beaches

Kusadasi has many beaches along its coastline. Beaches in the north are less developed. Pamucak beach located in the north offers miles of sandy beach without a shower. Yet, Pamucak Beach is the best place to enjoy Horse or ATV safaris.

The public beaches in the old town are overcrowded. In an old town, to enjoy the beaches the best, you can go to beach clubs. Jade and Miracle beach clubs are very close to the town center and provide high-quality service.

Long Beach located in the south is the best place to enjoy beaches in Kusadasi. As the name suggests this sandy beach is 15 kilometers ( 10 miles) long. You can enjoy walking on this endless golden sand beach. Long Beach is easily accessible from the Kusadasi town center with Long Beach minibuses. 

I explained all the sections of Long Beach beach below. I included all the necessary details so that you will know what to find when you go to each one of them.

Lastly, one best way to enjoy Kusadasi beaches is going on a boat tour. This is by far my favorite way to enjoy beaches in Kusadasi. Boat tours start from Kusadasi center and Guzelcamli. 

You should go on boat tours from Guzelcamli. The town of Guzelcamli is a bit far from Kusadasi but worth every effort. If you take boat tours from Guzelcamli, you enjoy the secluded beaches of the Natural Reserve of Guzelcamli. The boat tours start taking off around 9 am. The boat tours finish around 5 pm.

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Most beaches visited by Guzelcamli boat tours are not accessible by land. 

Besides swimming, Kusadasi beaches are excellent places for safaris, diving, and water sports. Jet Skiing, Wakeboarding, Water Skiing are some of the many water sports options in Kusadasi

Lastly, if you can endure a two-hour driving trip. There are nearby towns where you can enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing. Click on my kitesurfing or windsurfing guides to learn more. You can also check my things to do in Kusadasi Guide.

What is a typical beach in Kusadasi like? 

Kusadasi beaches mostly have sandy bottoms. The beaches usually start with a shallow area. 

In the mornings Kusadasi sea is crystal clear and has no waves. As the day progresses, thermal winds get more powerful. While the winds relieve people from the summer heat, winds also make the sea lose its flatness. The sand in the bottom starts to float with the waves.

If you wish to take Instagram pictures on Kusadasi beaches, do it in the early morning. In the evening with wind and waves, tiny sand particles began to float in the sea and it looked muddy and unclean.

Are Kusadasi Beaches Safe?

Kusadasi beaches are safe. As usual in the Mediterranean Sea, there is no sea animal that is harmful to humans. 

The only thing you should be careful of is sea-urchins. You can ONLY see the sea urchins on ROCKY SEA BOTTOMS and rocks around the shore. NO PROBLEM WITH SANDY BEACHES. Sea urchins do not like the sand. 

Sea urchins need rocks to stick on the rocks and have needles around them.

Long Beach, Pamucak, and other sandy beaches are 100% free from sea urchins. If you are unsure about the beach area ask a local or wear a simple sea shoe.

Here is a pair of sea socks which you can buy from Amazon.

For safety tips, you can check my article is Kusadasi safe?

Best Beach Clubs in Kusadasi

Beach clubs are the best option if you are staying near Kusadasi old town and you want an easy place to relax and enjoy your day.

The best beach clubs that I recommend are Miracle and Jade. These beach clubs in Kusadasi have high service quality. I Only recommend two beach clubs because we are talking about enjoying the sea and day entertainment.

Some of the other clubs have good night entertainment, yet I am not that confident about their beaches in the daytime.

Photo source Miracle Beach Club

Miracle Beach Club

This is one of the best beach clubs in Turkey and one of my personal favorites.

Miracle Beach has both indoor and outdoor areas. It has a terrace area with a fantastic view. High-quality service, decoration, and music make this beach club enjoyable all day long.

The water gets deep very rapidly here. You can access the sea from a small beach or directly jump from the platforms of the beach club. 

Miracle Beach Club has a watersport and diving center. You can organize a diving trip or enjoy other water sports.

Photo source Miracle Beach Club

I would not recommend this beach club for families with small children. There are lots of stairs and children may find a way to fall into the sea from the platform of Miracle Beach. If you are coming with a family, Jade Beach Club may be a better option.

Miracle Beach Club has a capacity of 1000 people. It is open from 9 am to 4 am in morning. Click here to check the website of Miracle Beach and its Facebook page.

Jade Beach Club

Jade beach club is a colorful place. The beach has an area of 20 acres and unlike Miracle Beach Club it is on flat land. This place is perfect for families. 

There is a children’s club and play area for children. There is also a sailor school teaching sailing to more grownup children.

Photo source Jade Beach Club

This is a luxurious place with high service quality. It has a beach bar, cafeteria, and restaurant offering many food options. Jade Club offers many sports options with tennis and basketball fields and its water sports center. 

Photo source Jade Beach Club

HISTORICAL FACT This place was called Neapolis and was founded as a holiday spot for Ephesians. It is the earliest settlement of Kusadasi on the coast and Kusadasi started here. Yet not many remains are visible today, most of the remains are used to construct Kusadasi Castle. For more information like this, read my article on the history of Kusadasi.

The club is open 20 hours of the day from 9 am to 5 am. Click here to check the website of Jade Club.

For more, you can read my “A Local’s Guide to Kusadasi Nights” article

Daily Ship Tour Departing Points

Daily ship tours depart from Kusadasi and Guzelcamli early in the morning. Tours are priced around 10-30 USD. Lunch is included and snacks are sold on the boat for a fair price.

The most important thing to ask when booking your tour is their entertainment style.

Tour ships offer many options, party boats with foam and slides, and local music boats with Turkish dance music. There are also low music boats where you can enjoy the sound of waves and the conversation of your friend. The entertainment on the boat, make your day or ruin your day.

These boat tours are still our favorite family activity and we believe this is the best way to enjoy Kusadasi beaches.

Guzelcamli Boat Tour Marina. Most boats left for their daily tours.

From Kusadasi, you can go up North to Pamucak beaches tour or the south to Guzelcamli National Park tour. From Guzelcamli port, you can only go to Guzelcamli National Park Tour.

The best daily tour route is Guzelcamli National Park. Guzelcamli must be your port of departure to enjoy this route. If you depart from Kusadasi port, most of your day passes trying to reach the National Park.

There are marvelous beaches in Kusadasi National Park, and on your return trip, tour ships will cross the Greek border. You will be able to see the shores of the Greek island Samos. Depending on the policy of the day, sometimes these daily tours stop at Poseidon Beach of Samos.

20 Best Beaches of Kusadasi

I did not rank the beaches on their beauty, I started listing them on their distance to the town center. They get better as you move away from the Kusadasi town center.

Beaches in the Town Center

There are several beaches in Kusadasi Town Center. The main advantage of them is being close to the town center. In all of them, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

They are not the best beaches, but if you are looking for a quick swim you can use them. Otherwise, skip these beaches, and please read about other beaches.

Kusadasi Beaches in the town center.

1. Beaches near Kusadasi  Marina Beaches (Town Center)

If you walk from Kusadasi harbor to Kusadasi Marina, you will see two beach locations. One near the Kusadasi Marina is better. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or enjoy the sea directly.

2. Güvercinada Beach (Kusadasi Castle-Town Center)

This location is on the island of Güvercin Ada and the entrance of the beach is near the entrance of Kusadasi Castle. Has a restaurant nearby. You enter the sea through a ladder.

The place has nice scenery and you can watch the city as cruise ships go by. 

3. Papaz Hamam Beach (Town Center)

Small beach with a view of the castle.

The special thing about Pygela beach, there is a buried ancient city in its sands.

4. Pygela Kustur Beach

Pygela (Pigale) beach is about 5 km north of Kusadasi town center. The beach is around 1 km long and it is a sandy beach.

The water starts shallower than the other beaches and gets deeper very slowly. Pygela beach is operated by the Municipality of Kusadasi. 

There is also a water sports center. You can try water skiing, parasailing, and other water sports.

You rent sunbeds and umbrellas as you please. There are toilets, showers. There is a cafe and restaurant where you can enjoy the beach view. There are also grocery stores very near to the beach.

Sehirici minibuses from the Kusadasi town center stop at this beach.

The special thing about this beach, there is a buried ancient city in its sands. Pygela is known as the oldest health city in the world. King Agamemnon founded the city during the Trojan War. The remains of this city are buried under the sands of the beach. You can read more spots like this in my History of Kusadasi article. 

5. Pamucak Beach

Pamucak is a 7 km long beach. A minor portion of the beach is reserved for Richmond Ephesus and Palm Wings Hotels, yet, the majority of the beach lies in the protected natural reserve.

On this natural reserve, there are only some camping facilities and the beach is mostly untouched. The beach is made of tiny golden sand.

Yet, services on this beach are very inadequate. I would only recommend this beach for jeep, ATV, and horse safaris.

This beach is also a major destination for daily boat tours departing from Kusadasi.

Ladies Beach can be crowded especially on the weekends.

6. Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Denizi)

This is the most famous beach in Kusadasi. It is a lovely sandy and safe beach. Beach starts shallow and continues to be shallow for at least 20-30 meters. 

Beach has many services like showers, toilets, nice restaurants, and bars nearby. It is easily accessible via cheap shuttle busses that come from the center every 10 minutes.

I do not like this beach, because in tourist season, the beach resembles penguin colonies of the south pole. If you like your personal space like me, you would not like it. Yet, in the low tourist season of May and September, Ladies Beach can be an excellent choice.

HISTORICAL FACT Some beaches were reserved only for women in the early 1900s so that ladies can enjoy the beach freely without men. As Turkey modernized in decades, this practice was abandoned. yet the name of the Ladies Beach remained the same.

7. Green Beach

Green Beach is a small beach near Ladies’ Beach. It is next to Miracle Beach Club.

Green Beach is a family place where you can enjoy a sandy beach with your family. The beach has a cafeteria where you can buy fast food. It is a good cheaper alternative to Miracle Beach Club.

Check out my article on Things to Know Before Coming to Kusadasi.

8. Long Beach

Long Beach is 15 kilometers ( 10 miles) long. This sandy beach continues until Guzelcamli Kusadasi National Park.

Because the beach stretches for miles, locals gave different names to sections of Long Beach. I explained the seven most popular spots at Long Beach you may enjoy your day. I included all the necessary details so that you will know what to find when you go to each one of them.

You can come here by mini buses from the Kusadasi Town Center. The Long Beach and Guzelcamli mini buses stop at several sections of Long Beach. You can hop off at any point and enjoy walking on this endless golden sand beach. 

There are countless restaurants and beach facilities that will help you enjoy the sea and nature better.

9. My Favourite Spot in Long Beach

This is the spot I chose very frequently. The Atlantique Holiday Club has an excellent beach restaurant with affordable prices.

Even if you are not a visitor of the hotel, the customers of the restaurant can use the sunbeds and umbrellas of the hotel for free.

There are also many other cafes and restaurants around here.

Long Beach has many shopping places. Check my guide about shopping in Kusadasi to learn more.

10. Long Beach – Another good spot

Marca Antakya Restaurant, Artemis Beach Club, and Talin Beach Club are located on this spot. Besides the wonderful beach and sea view, it is a very good area for a beach walk. You can see the recently uncovered Anea Castle.

The castle was built by the Byzantine Empire, but after the excavations, it is believed that the settlement is older than it seems. You can read more about Anea Castle in my History of Kusadasi Guide.

You can read more about Anea Castle in my History of Kusadasi Guide.

11. Diamond Beach – Long Beach

Another good spot of the Long Beach with many restaurants and cafes.

12. Silver Sand Beach – Long Beach

Another good spot of the Long Beach with many restaurants and cafes.

Love Beach is the sandy beach in the distance.

13. Love Beach Davutlar – Long Beach

Love Beach is the southern part of Long Beach and it is very close to Guzelcamli. There is a big forest area on this beach.

This beach is perfect for camping and the camping site is free. There are toilets, showers, and grocery stores available on the beach. There are also good restaurants and cafes in Love Beach.

This beach is also called Paradise Beach. This beach is commonly used for daily picnics and camping.  It is also possible to use your barbecue on this beach.

14. Venus Beach- Guzelcamli

Guzelcamli Beach near the entrance of National Park

This is an excellent spot to eat out and enjoy the sea. My parents used to come here often. There is a very good fish restaurant just near the entrance of National Park.

The entrance of the sea is rocky and for this reason, you may need to wear sea shoes. In any case, after 10 meters into the sea, the sea bottom turns into sand.

Be sure to check Cave of Zeus while you are here. You can check my guide on Zeus Cave to learn details about Zeus’s Love Nest.

15. Zeus Cave

I was enjoying the Zeus Cave with my friend Abby. The picture is old (from 2009), sorry about the image quality.

Guzelcamli Kusadasi National Park Beaches

The National Park is opened at 08:00 and closed at 19:00 every day. It is forbidden to stay overnight in the National Park. The entrance to National Park is around 1 USD per person. If you come with your own car, you pay 4 USD for the car.

There are many wild animals living in this park. It is also the last place the Anatolian tiger was seen.

Do not be afraid of wild boars. Wild boars usually ask for food and clean the food remnants after the visitors depart.

You can only use the allocated beaches in the National Park. Showers, sunbeds, and umbrellas are provided at these beaches, yet on weekends it can be too crowded. 

The best way to enjoy these beaches is to go on a daily boat tour from Guzelcamli Harbor. This way you will avoid crowds and swim on the beaches not accessible by driving.

All three beaches have restaurants where you can buy meals or snacks.

İcmeler Beach

16. İcmeler Beach

İcmeler Beach is located 1 km after the entrance of the park. This is the only sand beach reachable by land route.

Aydınlık Beach

17. Aydınlık Beach

İcmeler Beach is located 5 km after the entrance of the park.

18. Kalamaki Beach

İcmeler Beach is located 8 km after the entrance of the park.

Karasu Beach

19. Karasu Beach

İcmeler Beach is located 10 km after the entrance of the park.

20. Karina Beach – Secret Best Beach in Kusadasi

This is one of the best beaches in Kusadasi, but it is very hard to go. It is the 20th beach on the map.

You cannot access this through National Park because the road connecting it is closed for security reasons. This is also Turkey’s closest point to Greek Island Samos.

If you are going to Miletus or Priene for a day trip, you can slightly differ your course and arrive here.

The road ends on the beach. There is a security post preventing you from entering the national park from this side of the mountain. 

There used to be lovely ruins of Ottoman Era custom houses. Now all ruins are renovated and become tavernas. 

The beach is very tranquil during the day. This sandy beach is very shallow and does not deepen very easily. You can walk a mile into the sea and still, the water will be shallow.

 Karina is a very safe beach and secluded place to spend time with your family away from all the crowds.

I tried to give you a local’s perspective on safety in Kusadasi, where I visit frequently, and mom lives. If you liked this guide, you can check out all my articles on Kusadasi by clicking here.

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