Best Bottled Water Brands in Turkey – a Local’s Review

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If you are looking for the best mineral and still water brands in Turkey, you are in the right place.

In this guide, As a Turkish local, I will tell you everything about Turkish bottled water brands, their prices, and alternative beverages to bottled water.

Here is your short answer.

I believe the best-bottled water brand in Turkey is Erikli. The other one that I like to drink is Danone’s Hayat.

Erikli uses the spring water of Uludag. The source of Erikli’s water is the melted snow from this volcanic mountain.

We always used Erikli when Lidya was a baby because we believe it is the best natural bottled water for babies.

Hayat has many water sources, so some bottles may taste different. The other water brands that frequently drink are Pınar Su and Sırma.

Usually, water coming from the springs of the mountain range tastes better. You can check the source of the water on each bottle.

For sparkling mineral water, Kızılay is the most popular and well-known mineral water brand in Turkey. The other best brands are Uludag and Sırma.

You can find most international soft drinks in Turkey, but you can also try unique soft drinks like Turkish Tea, Peach Juice, and Ayran.

Now let’s get into details.

Erikli is my favorite water brand in Turkey. The bottle was cold and had moisture around it.

1. Erikli

Erikli is the best-tasting bottled water in Turkey. For this reason, Erikli is one of Turkey’s most popular bottled water brands.

Erikli is sourced from a natural spring replenished from the melted snow of the volcanic mountain of Uludag.

The brand only offers still water options and is available in various sizes, from small 330ml bottles perfect for on-the-go to 19L bottles suitable for home or office use.

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2. Hayat

Another top choice of mine for bottled water in Turkey is Hayat which is operated by the French company Danone.

Hayat has many water sources, so some bottles may taste different.

Hayat provides high-quality still water.

The brand strictly adheres to international standards for water quality, which makes it very popular among locals and tourists.

3. Akmina

Akmina is one of the best mineral water brands in Turkey. Akmina mineral water is bottled by Danone, as well.

Akmina is sourced from Bolu, a region known for its pristine nature.

In addition to its classic sparkling water, Akmina also offers flavored sparkling water options, including lemon, cherry, apple, and other flavors.

4. Sırma

Sırma is a well-established brand in Turkey, providing a variety of beverages, including natural spring water, sparkling mineral water, and even flavored water options.

Sırma is mostly sourced from its spring in Sapanca, an area famous for its lakes.

I believe Sırma is a bit more expensive due to its quality and use of glass or eco-friendly bottles. It is rarer to find Sırma water brand, and it is usually served in restaurants.

5. Nestlé Pure Life

Nestlé Pure Life is a globally recognized brand offering purified water. For those who prefer familiar international brands, Nestlé Pure Life is a dependable choice.

Nestle is sourced from Uludag springs like Erikli, yet, I believe Erikli tastes much better.

6. Abant

Named after the region from which it’s sourced, Abant water comes from the Abant, Bolu region.

The brand is well-respected for its commitment to purity and quality, yet, I can only find this water brand in Istanbul and Izmir.

7. Pınar

Pınar, is one of the well-known and trusted brands in Turkey, not just for water but for a wide range of food products like milk, cheese, and meat products.

Pınar Su is one of the most common water brands in Turkey, and you can find it anywhere.

7. Damla

Damla offers spring water sourced from carefully selected natural springs in various regions of Turkey.

Damla bottled waters are a product of the Coca-Cola Company.

8. Uludağ

Uludağ is a well-known brand in Turkey, not only for its sparkling mineral water but also for its popular line of soft drinks.

The brand offers still and carbonated water options.

Uludağ’s natural mineral water originates from the Uludağ mountains and is enjoyed for its unique mineral composition and fresh taste.

10. Kızılay

Kızılay, named after the Turkish Red Crescent, has a long history dating back to the 1920s.

Their mineral water comes from a natural spring in Ankara and is known for its high mineral content and health benefits.

In addition, a part of the profit from Kızılay water sales is used to fund the humanitarian projects of the Turkish Red Crescent.

11. Beypazarı

Beypazarı is a reputable brand that offers natural mineral water sourced from the Beypazarı region.

Known for its high mineral content and health benefits, Beypazarı water is considered one of the top mineral water brands in Turkey.

A Supermarket Shelf with Bottled Water Options

How Much is Bottled Water in Turkey?

Water is cheap in Turkey compared to European bottled water. Most bottled water is sold in plastic and glass bottles.

Here are the average prices of bottled water in Turkey:

  • a 500 ml water bottle will cost between 20 cents to 40 cents USD.
  • 1 liter 40 cents to 1 USD.
  • A 22-liter home-type water bottle will cost around 2 USD (not including the deposit for the bottle).

Due to inflation, prices in Turkish currency change frequently. For this reason, I give the prices in US Dollars as this will be more accurate.

The prices above are market prices, and bottled water in cafes and restaurants will be significantly more expensive.

Kızılay is the most popular and well-known mineral water brand in Turkey. The other best brands are Uludag and Sırma.

a 200 ml bottle of mineral water will cost around 20 cents.

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Soft Drink Stand in a Turkish Market

Alternatives to Bottled Water in Turkey

Cola, Energy Drinks like Red Bull, Flavored Cold Teas, and Coffees, Mineral water, Milk, and Ayran fruit juices are the common alternatives to water to satisfy your thirst in Turkey.

You can find soft drink stands on nearly every corner.

Unique soft drinks to try in Turkey are Turkish Tea, Peach Juice, and Ayran.

I had never encountered peach juice in Europe in my travels. Peach juice is one of the most consumed fruit juices in Turkey. The peach juice tastes between mango and apricot juice.

Ayran is a salty drink made with yogurt, salt, and water. Ayran is an excellent and light refresher, yet, yogurt may make you sleepy.

Ayran is a perfect drink before a small nap, and I would advise Turkish tea if you wish to be more energetic.

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  1. Hi, could you check if these brands are fully owned by Turkish, not foreign corporation? Desni, Badem Pinari, Asya Su, Seda. Thank you.

    • They are Turkish water brands owned by Turkish corporations, but if you really need to learn their share structure, it is a legal due diligence work that only a Turkish lawyer conduct.


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