6 Best Turkish Airline Companies- Which Should You Choose?

As a professional lawyer, I travel by plane even to the remotest parts of Turkey. Air transport is one of my favored means of transportation. 

As a result, I have experienced being a customer in all Turkish Airway Companies hundreds of times.

If you are planning to come to Turkey or will travel inside Turkey by airways, it’s important to know what the airline company is offering before deciding.

In this guide, I will tell you all details you need to know before booking a flight to or in Turkey.

If you are in a hurry, here is your short answer:

Turkish Airlines and Corendon provide the best service quality.

Turkish Airlines (THY) is the most popular and well-known Turkish airline company. The quality of service is competing with top international brands in the aviation industry.

Corendon Airlines usually has international routes and flies to limited destinations in Europe.

Pegasus, Anadolu Jet, Onur Air, and SunExpress are Turkish airline companies with budget prices. 

Turkish Airlines is a bit more expensive than others. Anadolu Jet is a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines with lower prices and service quality.

Expedia helps you find the best and cheapest ticket by scanning flight routes. I love Expedia when searching for plane tickets. 

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These airline companies are the best Turkish airline companies. However, each of them offers many things to the passengers.

In this article, I’d like to explain the similarities and differences between them.

If you’re ready, let’s dig in.

Sometimes choosing airline companies may be hard. Turkish Airlines (THY) is the best airline company in Turkey, especially if you are traveling with kids.

1)  Turkish Airlines (THY) 

Without a doubt, Turkish Airlines is one of the biggest companies in the world. 

THY, which was established in 1933, was chosen several times as the “Best Airline in Europe” in the recent decade.

Turkish Airlines is also one of my all-time favorites. 

I can easily recommend Turkish Airlines without a doubt. The only drawback is their tickets are expensive. 

If I travel alone I go with the cheapest but If I travel with my family, I definitely choose Turkish Airlines, because I feel safer and treated with the best service.

So, what makes this airline company well-known and unique?

One of the amazing qualities of Turkish Airlines is that economy class passengers also get special treatment.

The good thing is that you don’t have to pay for the food! Beyond that, the food is so good that this airline has won awards for the catering.

It’s been a while since the last time I was on a plane. However, I can still remember the taste of the delicious dessert they served.

Additionally, you arrange your meal before the flight. You do not need to eat the same food as everyone, they have around 20 meal options covering all tastes, medical needs, and vegetarian choices.

Most planes have Wi-Fi service, screens to watch your favorite shows, and much more.

Besides, Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airline in Turkey. 

THY flies to 127 countries and to 292 cities and 300 airports in the world. In Turkey, Turkish Airlines has 49 flight destinations.

Important names like Ronaldo, Messi and Morgan Freeman starred in the ad campaigns.

In a nutshell, you can take a look at the top-performing and lowest-performing areas that are given below:

Top-performing areas: Customer satisfaction, diversity of flight destinations

Lowest-performing areas: More expensive than other Turkish airline companies

If you want to check Turkish Airlines’ website as well, you can click here.

You can also see the ratings on Skytrax by clicking here.

2)  Corendon Airlines

Corendon Airlines is another popular Turkish airline company that was established in 2000. Corendon Airlines offers a safe and comfortable flight for passengers.

In 2005, this company became the first airline company to land at Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Additionally, Corendon Airlines was ranked fourth among the “World’s Cleanest Airlines” in terms of carbon emissions per passenger.

Long story short, it’s a successful company that provides safe and great-quality flights for the passengers.

You can also check the top-performing and lowest-performing areas that are given below.

Corendon Airlines has mostly charter flights and flies to 145 destinations in more than 40 countries.

Top-performing areas: Customer satisfaction

Lowest-performing areas: Inflight entertainment

If you want to check Corendon Airlines’ website, you can click here.

To see the ratings on Skytrax, you can click here.

3)  Anadolu Jet

Anadolu Jet, which is a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, is also a successful airline company in Turkey. 

Anadolu Jet was established in 2008 and it is a budget version of Turkish Airlines with lower service quality. Yet, it offers a comfortable flight. 

The prices and quality ratio is the main reason that makes this airline a popular choice.

Like THY, Anadolu Jet also offers special treatment to CIP passengers. CIP lounges allow guests to take their time relaxing before the flight. Therefore, it’s an amazing option that needs to be considered.

Additionally, the top-performing and lowest-performing areas are in the following.

Top-performing areas: Free catering, has the widest range of domestic destinations with Turkish Airlines.

Lowest-performing areas: Inflight entertainment

If you click here, you can take a look at Anadolu Jet’s website.

You can also see the ratings on Skytrax by clicking here.

4)  Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is one of the most successful and well-known airline companies in Turkey. 

The company was founded in 1990 and grew to be the second biggest after Turkish Airlines. It might be due to the great popularity of these companies.

Pegasus offers service quality, but with an additional price.

For example, as opposed to Turkish Airlines, treats and food are not free. You need to pay for additional service if you want to eat or drink something.

Additionally, the luggage limit is usually lower than Turkish Airlines, you need to pay extra if you have bigger than normal luggage.

Pegasus Airlines provides affordable and simple tickets, but if you want additional treatment nearly everything pays per service-based. Even the headphones are offered with a service charge.  

Pegasus Airlines also offers four packages for their customers.

In the basic service, you are only allowed with your hand baggage. 

In the comfort flex service, you get nearly the same rights as a normal Turkish Airline ticket.

Pegasus flies to 36 Destinations in Turkey and 88 international destinations, with a total network of 124 destinations in 47 countries.

If you are on a business trip with your suitcase, I would recommend Pegasus as it is cheaper. 

On the other hand, if you are going on a vacation with your family and luggage, I would choose Turkish Airlines.

Also, top-performing and lowest-performing areas are given below.

Top-performing areas: Affordability

Lowest-performing areas: Food is not free

If you want to take a look at Pegasus Airlines’ website, you can click here.

To see the ratings on Skytrax, click here.

5)  SunExpress

SunExpress is also one of the affordable airline companies in Turkey, established in 1989. 

This successful airline company is a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and German Lufthansa.

SunExpress offers low-cost flights to customers. Therefore, it’s also one of the reasons why people choose this airline company.

The service quality is similar to Pegasus. Airlines.

You can choose delicious snacks and food from the menu and have a delightful flight. 

SunExpress offers a variety of food options and appealing services. However, these are not for free; you need to pay to eat and use any onboard services.

Top-performing and lowest-performing areas are also included in the following.

Besides domestic flights, Sun Express has many direct flights to European destinations including Germany, Holland, Russia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

Top-performing areas: Affordability, inflight entertainment

Lowest-performing areas: Food is not free

You can click here to check the website of SunExpress.

If you want to see the ratings on Skytrax, you can click here.

6)  Onur Air 

Onur Air is another budget airline company in Turkey.

This airline company is a great option for people who want to book an affordable flight.

Onur Air also offers plenty of delicious food, desserts, and snacks. These are not for free, but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if you are looking for a cheap way to reach your destination. 

Onur Air flies to limited but major destinations in Turkey. Additionally, it has limited international destinations.

You can take a look at top-performing and lowest-performing areas in the following.

Top-performing areas: Affordability, and alternative hours in major destinations.

Lowest-performing areas: Food is not free

If you click here, you can also check the website of Onur Air.

To see the ratings on Skytrax, you can click here.

Have a safe journey! Please check our other related articles 🙂 ( Picture: Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport)

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