A Local’s Guide to Airports of Istanbul

Istanbul is the biggest and most popular city in Turkey.  Other than its beautiful landmarks, delicious street food, and unique location, Istanbul has more than one airport. As is known, Istanbul welcomes many visitors every year, and sometimes, knowing what to expect may be helpful for first-timers. Istanbul used to have three airports, but now … Read more

Where to Stay in Istanbul? A Local Answers with Map

Istanbul is not only preferred because of its unique location but also for many other qualities as well. Believe me, you won’t run out of things to explore in this cosmopolitan city.  Each neighborhood portrays a different side of Istanbul. Therefore, it is confusing to choose where to stay in Istanbul. But don’t worry, as … Read more

21 Fun and Unique Things To Do in Istanbul (A Local’s Guide)

Istanbul is one of the greatest destinations with its authentic atmosphere and lively city life. Undoubtedly, there are countless extraordinary and enjoyable things to do in Istanbul. There are many overrated places and extraordinary lesser-known places. For this reason, I packed my guide with lots of information that only locals would know. In this guide, … Read more

A Local’s Guide to Unique Day Trip Ideas from Istanbul

As a local, I know that Istanbul is one of the cities that makes a mesmerizing impact on anyone who comes to the city. Istanbul has endless unique qualities that attract people in different ways, both the locals and visitors. Undoubtedly, one of the main qualities of Istanbul is its vibrant city life. Sometimes Istanbul … Read more

Is Istanbul Safe? Answered By a Local

Istanbul is a vibrant city where you can feel a sense of authenticity along with modernity. Therefore, Istanbul is also known as the city of contrasts. Istanbul as the capital of many empires reflects the traditions and cultures of its history. You can find all colors of Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia, and the Middle … Read more