Fashion in Istanbul – Places to Shop, Brands, Designers, and more

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If you are looking for places to buy clothes in Istanbul, you are reading the right article.

In this guide, I, as a Turkish local, will help you with all you need to know about where to buy clothes, and where to find international and Turkish clothing brands and Turkish fashion designers.

In this guide, I tried to give you all the information you need to know when shopping in Istanbul. If you are looking for more, you can always check my other articles about Istanbul at the end of this post.

Shopping in Istanbul, especially in Grand Bazaar, can be an addicting experience.

Is Istanbul good for clothes shopping?

A shopping trip in Istanbul can be a magical experience, from luxury designers’ fashion stores to Ottoman Bazaars where you can find beautiful handmade items such as jewelry, leather pieces & fabrics. 

Shopping is one of our favorite activities. Malls offer a very relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience in Istanbul.

Best Shopping Malls for Clothes in Istanbul

Istanbul has countless malls that you can lose yourself in.

The best shopping malls for clothes shopping in Istanbul are Venezia Mega Outlet, City’s Nisantasi, Kanyon AVM, Cevahir Shopping Mall, and Mall of Istanbul.

Best Places to Shop While Exploring Istanbul

Yet, if you are like me and like to wander the streets of Istanbul while shopping at the same time, here are the best places to go shopping:

  • On the European side of Istanbul, the districts of Taksim, Etiler, Besiktaş, and Nişantaşı are the places where you can wander around the fashion stores.
  • On the Asian side of Istanbul, Bağdat Street, and Kadiköy district offer equally pleasing shopping experiences.
  • The Eminonu and Grand Bazaar areas are excellent for traditional clothes, wholesale clothes shopping, cheap clothes, or fake clothes.

Additionally, an incredible amount of clothing is disposed of by other means than retail clothing stores.

Clothes with small defects or over-produced products which could not be sold in boutique stores are sold on the back streets of Istanbul or in local markets.

This means you may be able to pick up that dress you love for half the price if you are willing to search for it in the markets of Istanbul. 

One of the best clothes markets in Istanbul where you go on fashion hunting is Ortaköy Sosyete Pazari (“Ortakoy High Society Market”). This market is only open every Thursday.

Turkish Bazaars are cheaper alternatives to retail stores.

Are clothes brands cheaper in Istanbul and in Turkey?

Clothes are generally cheaper in Istanbul because Turkey has a big fashion industry, and even international fashion brands have textile mills in Turkey.

Many fashion brands manufacture clothes in Turkey.

Just to name a few, H&M, River Island, Next, Zara, and many more are taking advantage of the excellent quality Turkish cotton and textiles available at lower costs.

For this reason, Turkish clothing and some well-known brands are cheaper in Turkey. 

Yet, some international fashion brands are more expensive in Turkey due to transport costs, imports, and luxury taxes.

Lastly, in Istanbul, stores have higher rental and employment expenses. For this reason, clothes are more expensive than in other Turkish metropolitan cities like Izmir and Ankara.

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Brands that You Should Know When Shopping in Istanbul

Most Turkish locals fill their wardrobes with a combination of Turkish and international fashion brands.

You can find H&M, Zara, Tommy Hilger, Lacoste, and other well-known fashion brands with stores in Istanbul. 

In this section of the guide, I will introduce you to some Turkish brands you will encounter in Istanbul. 

1. Koton

Koton is leading the way for modern Turkish style, with many of its pieces being influenced by what is seen at major fashion events across the globe. 

With stores located in 28 countries and headquartered in Istanbul.

Koton is great for understanding the need for different styles and always updating what is wanted at the time. Whether you need clothing for the average day or a party piece, you will be able to find a style to fit you. 

The brand mainly focuses on young adults. 

Age range: 0-45
What you will find in Koton Stores:

  • Outfits for parting your night away
  • Casual attire
  • Jeans with a wide range of styles
  • Activewear
  • Bags and accessories

I also love Koton’s clothes because I do not like synthetic clothing. As the name suggests, the brand mostly uses cotton fabric, and I love pure cotton clothes.

Here is the official website and online shop of Koton.

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2. TrendyolMilla

Trendyol started as a fashion brand in 2010. Then Trendyol continued its growth trajectory and became Turkey’s biggest online shopping website.

Today, 1 million packages per day are delivered to over 30 million Trendyol customers. 

Even though Trendyol became the most used online shopping website in Turkey, Trendyol’s fashion brand continues to be well known and popular.

Age range: 20-60

What you will find among TrendyolMilla products:

  • Beachwear and bikinis
  • Beautifully cut dresses and jeans
  • Trendy hoodies and sweaters 
  • Modest casual wear
  • Wide range of high-quality coats and jackets

Despite Trendyolmilla having no physical stores, it is one of the top-selling fashion brands in Turkey.

It is not known much, but Trendyol, as a Turkish women’s clothing brand, sells its own products worldwide.

You can buy TrendyolMilla and TrendyolMen clothes and apparel from Trendyol’s English Website.

3. Ipekyol

Ipekyol has been the first choice of many successful Turkish women in the ready-to-wear industry for years and has taken its place among today’s most prestigious ready-to-wear brands. 

The brand has made a name for itself in fashion with its innovative, original, and eye-catching designs for local and global markets. 

Ipekyol has captured the classic European style and adapted it in a way that fits perfectly on the Streets of Istanbul. 

High-class clothing at a middle-range price makes it accessible to more; many pieces can be integrated with clothing from other brands to create beautiful silhouettes and look fit for vogue. 

Age range: 25-50

What you will find in Ipekyol Stores:

  • Tailored coats and blazers
  • Beautifully cut dresses
  • Office wears you can mix and match to your own style
  • Wide range of high-quality bags and accessories

Today, the brand offers its products for sale in 10 countries.

Here is the official website and online shop of Ipekyol.

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4. LCWaikiki (also known as “LCW”)

LCWaikiki says, “Everyone has the right to dress well”. LCW is an affordable brand that you will find on every high street in Turkey. 

If I were to compare LCW to another international brand, it would be H&M, as they have different age options for younger and older adults.

LCW is a brand loved by families. For example, collaborating with Disney on their baby clothing is a huge draw-in for families with young children.

Age range: 0-99

What you will find in LCW stores:

  • Office wear
  • Casual attire
  • Jeans at affordable prices
  • Activewear
  • A great selection of children and baby clothing

LCW remains one of the best value-for-money stores on the high street, which is why they are loved nationwide. 

Here is the official website and online shop of LCW.

From Mango’s Instagram

5. Mango

“We inspire the world by sharing our passion for Mediterranean style and culture” is the motto of Mango.

Opening its doors in 1984, Mango is one of the leading brands in Women’s Fashion.

Mango produces pieces that showcase a timeless style while keeping in mind the fashion aesthetics and trends of modern-day society. 

Mango can be regarded both as a Turkish and a Spanish fashion brand.

Istanbul-born brothers Nahman and Isak Andic Ermay immigrated from Istanbul to Barcelona, where they began their textile business named Mango.

Mango’s biggest market is in Spain, but the city with the most Mango stores is Istanbul.

Age range: 0-99

What you will find in Mango Stores:

  • Tailored clothing for men and women
  • Beautiful Dresses for all occasions
  • Office wears for men and women
  • Many bags and accessories
  • Footwear
  • Homewares 

Here is the official website and online shop of Mango.

6. Derimod

Established in 1974 with the aim of combining leather and fashion, Derimod is one of the leading fashion houses in Turkey. 

Derimod is also a pioneer of a brand-new lifestyle and elegance by bringing the nobility of leather to the lines of the day. 

Derimod’s products are made with genuine 100% Turkish leather of excellent quality, and they are sure to last you many years of wear. 

Age Range: 18-99

What you will find in Derimod Stores:

  • 100% leather fashion products
  • Jackets for spring/autumn
  • Winter coats
  • Office shoes
  • High heels
  • Boots for men & women
  • Handbags and office bags

Here is the official website and online shop of Derimod.

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Most Popular International Fashion Stores in Istanbul

From Zara Turkey’s Instagram

1. Zara

Zara is a Spanish-based clothing and accessories brand. Zara is seen as a luxury fast fashion brand in Turkey and is a very popular brand.

Zara produces some fashion items and clothing in Turkey. For this reason, some clothing items may be cheaper than usual.

Zara has quite unique and stylish clothes for women. It has very nice products not only for women but also for men.

Zara has 42 stores in Turkey, which are mostly located on popular streets or big shopping malls.

You can check Zara’s Turkish online shop by clicking here.

From Bershka’s Instagram

2. Bershka

Do you want to be stylish? But is your budget limited? Bershka is the superhero for you.

Bershka is another high-quality Spanish women’s clothing brand that has become well-known in recent years.

It was a very popular brand before, but in recent years, Bershka has become well-known in Turkey thanks to social media.

Bershka is a very stylish brand for women. You can definitely find something you are looking for. In fact, it is such a brand that even a model that you do not have in mind may suddenly look beautiful.

The prices are moderate, but the quality is quite good. Bershka has 4 stores in Istanbul, 2 stores in Bursa, and 6 stores in Izmir.

I always shop from this store for my daily wear. The products are really high quality and stylish.

You can check Bershka’s Turkish online shop by clicking here.

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From H&M’s Instagram

3. H&M

Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) is a Swedish clothing company headquartered in Stockholm. It is known for its fast-fashion clothing for women, men, teenagers, and children.

H&M generally sells quality products at moderate prices.

The reason why it is so famous is that its products are very trendy and affordable compared to other brands.

I currently shop from this brand. I really like the quality and style of their products. This fashion brand has collections that make me buy things that I would never wear normally.

If you are looking for stylish clothes that are partially affordable, H&M is the right address for you.

H&M has 51 stores in Turkey, and 19 of the stores are in Istanbul.

You can check H&M’s Turkish online shop by clicking here.

Best Turkish Designers

Recent trends in world fashion have massively changed the looks seen on the high streets of Istanbul. Today even traditional Turkish fashion styles are reimagined with modern twists.

Now more than ever, Turkish designers can blossom and transform their ideas into works of art. Turkish clothing brands are determined to match European fashion houses in quality, designs, and originality. 

As the Turkish fashion industry gains more share in the international fashion economy, fashion events in Istanbul have begun to make a name for themselves. 

Each year Istanbul hosts hundreds of international Apparel & Clothing exhibitions as well as many fashion trade shows and Fashion Week events. 

Here I will introduce you to some Turkish designers who are now featured on Runways across the World at major Fashion Events.

1. Arzu Kaprol

Arzu Kaprol defines ‘design’ as clothing architecture and makes references to the fashion culture of the future by creating timeless clothes and accessories.

Arzu focuses on a modern and unique design language while working on the craftsmanship that grows in the details that identify it.

Arzu designs multiple genres of clothing as she has pieces from office wear to bridal gowns, all seeming to fit within her own creative style. 

Prices within her collections are affordable while still being very high quality indicating that she would rather see her fashion items be accessible and worn than idolized. 

You can shop some of her designs from her website. Also, you can check her Instagram and Twitter.

2. Dilek Hanif

Dilek Hanif has succeeded in bringing traditional Turkish designs and Anatolian culture to the world of fashion with her creative, courageous, and visionary personality as one of the pioneers of Turkish fashion.

Embracing the strong feelings she has for women, children, and the cultural values ​​of the lands she lives in, Dilek Hanif strongly attaches importance to making a difference in life and preserving history by supporting social sensitivity projects at every opportunity.

While still showing femininity in all her works, Dilek Hanif is able to encapsulate beauty while showing strength.

You will find her shops in Istanbul and various countries across the globe. There is also an option to buy online for a few countries. Here is her website, Instagram and Twitter.

adL + Cengiz Abazoğlu Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

3. Cengiz Abazoglu

In recent years, Cengiz Abazoğlu has become one of the most important fashion designers in the Turkish fashion world. 

Since his first fashion show in Istanbul in 1988, he has attracted attention from across the world.

His work has been exhibited in collections at the Paris Haute Couture week each year since 2009, alongside shows in Istanbul.

Working as an Haute Couture fashion designer not only in evening dresses but also in daytime dresses.

Within Cengiz Abazoglu’s collection, you will find asymmetrical designs and interesting forms unseen in most modern designer clothes.

In 2019, he started to collaborate with ADL, which is a luxury fashion brand found on the Istanbul high street.

Cengiz Abazoglu has a Haute Couture fashion house in Istanbul. You can reach him through his website.  Here is also his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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