Is Istanbul Safe? Answered By a Local

Istanbul is a vibrant city where you can feel a sense of authenticity along with modernity. Therefore, Istanbul is also known as the city of contrasts.

In a sense, this city doesn’t belong to anything, but it contains everything all at once. Istanbul as the capital of many empires reflects the traditions and cultures of its history. You can find all colors of Europe, Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East with small doses of Africa in Istanbul.

As imagined, Istanbul is a populated city. The crowded streets remind me of the multicultural city of London, with a dash of Turkish traditionalism and just a bit more chaos.

Istanbul is mostly known for its unique location. One part of this city is in Asia, whereas the other part is in Europe.

The merging of two continents and the stunning view of the Bosphorus make it worth visiting. Besides, there are beautiful attractions like Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, the Princes’ Islands, etc.

One of the main things that people think about before visiting Istanbul is safety. Is Istanbul Safe?

Istanbul is a safe city, and millions of visitors come to Istanbul every year, and nearly all of them return back safely. The crime rate is low in Istanbul and is mostly limited to scams and pickpocketing. People in Istanbul are open to foreigners due to the vast commercial and imperial culture of the city.

In this guide, I will provide some essential safety and travel tips that only locals know so that you can enjoy the most when visiting Istanbul.

On weekends and national holidays, major places in Istanbul like Taksim Istiklal Street can be overly crowded.

Is Istanbul Safe to Visit?

Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey. Lots of people from other parts of Turkey try to move to Istanbul every year. Istanbul is as safe as any other cosmopolitan city.  It’s a very popular city not only in Turkey but also worldwide.

In Istanbul, crime rates in comparison to other metropolitan cities in the world, are considered to be very low. Just like in every other city, minor crimes like theft, pickpocketing, and scams can happen.

As mentioned in the American Government Crime and Safety Report,

The U.S. Department of State has assessed Istanbul as being a LOW-threat location for crime directed at or affecting official U.S. government interests.

Even though Istanbul is Turkey’s largest metropolitan city, Istanbul’s crime rates, as they relate to foreigners, are very low. Remain aware of the potential for petty crimes such as pickpocketing in popular tourist areas and other crowded locations. Source

Minor crimes like pickpocketing can happen in big cities like Istanbul. If you’re worried about major crimes, there’s a really small risk, especially during the day.

Remember that Istanbul is not a city of crime. People go out and have fun with their friends and family. They go out at night, visit a bar or a restaurant, and have quality time.

The important thing is to take small precautions. For instance, you can go out at night with your friends, instead of being alone.

In recent years, despite the economic crises, the advanced CCTV systems employed in the streets of Istanbul 24/7 also caused a steep decline in street crimes and other risks of violence.

Long story short, Istanbul is a fabulous city to visit. Generally, every visitor needs to be careful in big cities. Therefore, there’s no need to be extra worried about safety when visiting Istanbul.

A group of swimmers trying to retrieve the cross thrown to Golden Horn by the Orthodox Patriarch in January as part of the Christmas Celebration. Photo Source: Hürriyet Daily News

Is Istanbul Safe for Americans? British? or Christians?

Istanbul is safe for Americans, British, and Christians. Besides having a sizable Christian community in Istanbul, the city has always been a major tourist and commercial hub since ancient times. Locals are very used to foreign people visiting their city. You can express your nationality and your religion freely and you will not face any discrimination.

Turkish people will not try to change you and they expect you to do the same. As long as you do not discuss or try to promote a religious idea or a political idea, you will be perfectly fine.

Remember, Turkey sees itself as a part of the Western Alliance and Turkey is a member of NATO and a founding member of the Council of Europe. There may be some anti-western sentiment, yet the majority of Turkey people see their future in Europe and support the continuation of NATO membership.

Additionally, Turkish people know how to differentiate the people from their government. They may not like the current French or American President, protest the country, yet they will treat the citizens of that country the same as other nationals.

Just a hint, if you speak a couple of Turkish phrases, you will be greeted with extra hospitality regardless of your nationality.

Ferries are the cheapest and most fun way to explore Istanbul. Be sure to buy some bagel or bread to feed the seagulls accompanying you.

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Top 10 Safety Tips for Istanbul

Istanbul is a safe city for both visitors and locals. However, there might be some risks in big cities like Istanbul. The key is to know how to stay safe and enjoy the trip.

Therefore, I have some tips about how to stay safe in Istanbul.

  • Pickpocketing can happen in crowded places like Taksim. To avoid this situation, only carry the most useful ones, like your wallet, phone, etc. If you prefer, you can use a money belt as well.
  • All hotels have safes in rooms, or reception has a safe that you can use.
  • Chat about anything but not politics. Turkish Politics after Turkish Soccer is a kind of national sport. Turkish people can be fanatics about their political views. Don’t argue with the Turkish people about politics. It can lead to a very high-energy debate and may ruin your mood.
  • Respect the local people’s religion. Turkish Muslims respect other religions and are open-minded. Therefore, they expect the same treatment as well.
  • You can generally use taxis without any problems. Most taxi-related problems are about overcharging by taxi drivers. You can avoid this situation by making sure the taximeter is open. Also, you can check the route from Google Maps. If you see that the taxi driver is taking a long way, you can warn him. Additionally, you can use taxi apps like BiTaksi.
  • Using basic Turkish words like “lütfen” (please) and “teşekkürler” (thank you) will make a huge difference. Turkish people love these kinds of gestures.
  • Sometimes protests might happen. It would be better to avoid being in the area where it takes place.
  • When you sit down, don’t forget to keep an eye on your bag and put it in a secure place. Also, be careful not to leave your bag open.
  • Avoid visiting some poor areas like Tarlabası, Kustepe, Gaziosmanpasa, Sultanbeyli, etc. (You can learn more about this in the following parts of the article.) Visit popular places instead.
  • Turks are very sensitive about football as well. It might be better not to start an argument about that.
Istanbul has many palaces. Dolmabahce Palace in the future.

Is Istanbul Safe for Travelers?

Istanbul is a unique city that is an amazing destination and is safe for travelers. As mentioned before, there’s a possibility that crimes like theft, pickpocketing, scamming, etc. can happen.

However, it won’t be fair to label Istanbul as “not safe.” These kinds of crimes can happen in any big city. To guarantee your safety, you can follow the safety tips I’ve listed before.

Safe to Travel Alone?

I’ve always admired solo travelers. I think it’s an amazing experience to discover a city on your own. The good news is that Istanbul has so many beauties to discover.

Yet, I believe exploring Istanbul with like-minded people will be more fun. If you can afford to travel with less luxury, the hostels in Istanbul can be excellent choices.

Hostels are mostly located in the Sultanahmet and Taksim area which is a walking or short distance most important touristic areas or landmarks in Istanbul.

Why do I recommend Hostels? I recommend them because you are likely to meet many like-minded travelers in hostels and their common halls are excellent places to find travel buddies.

By the way, most hostels provide private rooms in Istanbul and you do not need to share your sleeping place. For more, you can check Hostelworld.

Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Istanbul is a safe place for female travelers. Women are free to wear whatever they want in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

Only in mosques, you need to respect a dress code and a simple headscarf would do the trick.

Some parts of this city are more modern than others. Women dress more freely in places like Bagdat Caddesi, Bebek, Nişantaşı, Moda, Besiktas districts.

Yet, wearing super mini skirts, or revealing clothes may increase the attention level like anywhere in the world.

Istanbul Aquarium is definitely a place to visit for families with children in Istanbul. Click on the picture to enlarge or click here to visit the official website of the Aquarium.

Safe to Travel for Families?

Istanbul is a safe and amazing option for traveling families.

Turkish people are generally very fond of children. One of the reasons is that Turkey is a family-oriented country. Family means everything in Turkey. It might surprise you to witness the bond between the family members. 

You can easily see some stranger showing affection to your child. It’s a pretty common situation in Istanbul.

If you don’t sense any danger in the situation, then it’s pretty normal. However, it’s better to be cautious about the person who is showing affection.

When I see a child, I usually smile when making eye contact. If the child smiles back, then this small event directly makes my day better.

Additionally, Turkish people also generally believe in “Nazar,” also known as “the evil eye.” So, don’t be surprised if someone knocks on the wood three times when they see your kid. It’s believed that they do so for protection.

Night in Istanbul. In the front is Maiden Tower Island which is operated as a restaurant. I believe location-wise, it is the most romantic restaurant in Istanbul.

Is Istanbul Safe at Night?

It’s normal to be skeptical about going out at night in a different city. There is no such thing as Istanbul not being safe at night. As a matter of fact, the nightlife in Istanbul is very popular.

To be safe, you can avoid going to nightclubs alone. Also, if you plan on drinking that night, it’s best to be with your friends or people you trust just in case.

Additionally, you can also stay away from isolated streets and ghettos during the night and in general.

There are amazing restaurants in Istanbul. You should go and eat outside at night in a popular restaurant. Long story short, Istanbul looks even more magical at night. It would be a shame not to see the beauty of this city at that time of the day.

Biletix is a popular website for checking music, art, and sports events.

Dangerous Parts of Istanbul

Istanbul is safe, yet there are streets you need to avoid in almost every city.

For instance, Tarlabası is considered a dangerous neighborhood to visit. This slum is located to the west of Istiklal Caddesi. Tarlabası portrays the wicked part of Istanbul. Therefore, it would be wise to stay away from that street.

Another dangerous part of Istanbul is Kustepe which is in the Sisli district. Other than that, Gaziosmanpasa, Sultanbeyli, can be considered dangerous as well.

Most of these places are slums. However, that doesn’t mean that every poor area is dangerous. It’d be a misconception. If in doubt, ask a local.

Is Istanbul Safe to Live?

I can easily say that Istanbul is a great city to live in. Most of my educated friends live in Istanbul and believe Istanbul is a safe and marvelous place to live. I also like to visit Istanbul frequently, but find it too crowded to live in.

Istanbul may be safer than other metropolitan cities in the world, yet it is not as orderly as London or New York. It takes some time to get used to the Turkish way of life.

Yet, this small dose of chaos may present good surprises. If you want to live in a city that is constantly alive every hour of the day and has the potential to amaze you with different things Istanbul is the place to be.

Maybe because I am a family man and I want my daughter to experience nature and less city life, for this reason, I am more hesitant to live in Istanbul, unlike most of my closest friends.

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The historic gate of Istanbul University. For years, I passed through these gates to attend my classes in Istanbul University Law School.

Is Istanbul Safe for Students?

Turkey is a very developed country in terms of education. Therefore, it’s no surprise that students many international students enroll in Turkish universities.

Istanbul has 58 universities (13 public and 45 private). Istanbul University, Bogazici University, Istanbul Technical University, Koc University, and Sabanci University are the most well-known universities in Istanbul.

Additionally, high schools like Robert College, Galatasaray, German, Uskudar American, Istanbul High School, Saint Benoit are very hard to get high schools in and provide bilingual high school education.

Istanbul is a safe city for students where they can enjoy their youth. Safety is not a big issue for students. The main problem is that Istanbul is an expensive city and there are not enough part-time jobs for students to afford their own living.

Other than that, I wouldn’t say that there are any issues for students in Istanbul. Students go out at night with their friends. They frequently gather together and visit cafes and restaurants.

Traffic Congestion in Istanbul

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Is it Safe to Drive in Istanbul?

Driving in Istanbul is generally safe, yet foreigners and even Turkish people have trouble driving in Istanbul.

One of the main problems is that traffic jams are quite common in Istanbul.

This situation generally worsens during the weekends. However, in Istanbul, it’s almost impossible to know when you will be caught in a traffic jam. Therefore, many people usually avoid driving because of this issue.

We tend to believe that every driver follows the rules as we do. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s better to drive safely and expect anything in traffic.

Additionally, if you miss an exit in Istanbul, it is quite normal to travel many miles more to return to the same place to take that exit.

Istanbul has a very developed public transportation infrastructure.

Is Public Transport Safe in Istanbul?

Many people in Istanbul use public transport, and it’s both a safe and practical option.

Istanbul is a city that has many means of transport. Every day, almost everyone goes to work or school using public transport.

Yet, in the early morning and late afternoon, public transport can be overcrowded, because locals use them to go to their schools and work and return back. Since you are a tourist, organize your schedule accordingly, and go one hour before or after the prime time.

As mentioned, people usually tend to avoid driving in Istanbul. Since it’s a high-populated city, using public transport seems like a more sensible option.

Personally, I prefer using the metro and I’m very glad that I don’t have to deal with traffic jams. Especially if I’m late, this option becomes my savior.

However, it would be better to be careful about pickpockets. For instance, if you’re wearing a backpack, you can wear it in front. Small tricks like that can help you in this city.

Istanbul Rail, Metro, and Tram Map (click on the map to enlarge) or click to check the latest map on the official website.

Are Taxis Safe in Istanbul?

Taxis are considered safe in Istanbul, and many people use taxis in this city. However, there can be scams to overcharge you, and it’s important to try to avoid them as much as possible.

To prevent situations like that, it’s always better to use an official taxi. There are also unofficial (pirate) taxis, but I would not use them unless a Turkish friend of mine uses them and strongly recommends the taxi driver to me.

Additionally, don’t forget to tell the driver to open the taximeter. So that you can see the exact amount of money you need to pay.

It’s also advisable to take a photo of the license plate. If you have any problems with the driver, you can report them. Also, if you forget any of your belongings in the cab, you can contact the driver.

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No spice added, and grilled Chestnut and Corn are popular foods in Istanbul, especially on winter nights. It can be a good starting point for your Turkish Street Food journey.

Is Food Safe in Istanbul?

The food in Istanbul is so delicious that people usually prefer to eat outside.

The food in Istanbul is considered safe. Most foreigners love Turkish cuisine. The biggest risk is that you might gain weight because of the delicious options.

One popular tip I may give is to check if locals are also eating from the restaurant. If locals are also entering the restaurant, it means the restaurant has a consistent reputation for delivering good quality food. Choose the crowded restaurants.

Street food is also very popular in Istanbul. You can suddenly feel hungry when you’re walking down the street. When that happens, you should try the most popular street food like steamed burgers or kokorec. If you want to be extra safe, you can avoid eating street food during the summer.

The most popular street food in Istanbul can be listed as manti, lahmacun, doner, and kebap. Also, desserts like baklava and künefe are quite popular as well.

Additionally, you can eat delicious Agean herb tapas, local fish meals and drink Turkish raki in a seafood restaurant.

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How is Healthcare in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a very developed city in terms of healthcare. In this city, you can find 235 public and private hospitals. Additionally, there are 4970 health clinics in Istanbul

In private hospitals, doctors are usually very friendly, and most of them know how to speak English. Personally, I prefer visiting private hospitals. Yet, there are some great public healthcare services as well.

According to the UNDP, Turkey has a High Human Development on par with other industrial nations. Istanbul has one of the best health services compared to the other parts of Turkey. [Source] [Source 2]

You can find many historical fountains in Istanbul. I would drink their water due to the ancient plumbing system. Yet, they are perfectly okay to use to wash yourself. Locals use them for cleaning before prayers.

Is Istanbul’s Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Istanbul’s tap water is safe, but it’s not suitable for drinking. It may not be good for you if you are not used to it. Yet, the tap water is perfectly fine for washing your teeth or any other cleaning purposes.

Additionally, tap water doesn’t taste great either. The majority of people use bottled water for drinking and tap water for cooking purposes.

However, if you are staying long-term in Istanbul, you can also use a water purifier if you prefer. I have a water purifier at the place I stay in Istanbul and I’m very pleased with that choice.

Additionally, most hotels use filtration services and provide good quality tap water.

Natural Disaster Risks in Istanbul

Istanbul is expecting a big earthquake this decade. Nobody knows when the big one will happen, yet it is normal to experience small earthquakes in Istanbul.

Small earthquakes have little impact on daily life. If you are afraid of these earthquakes, choose newly built modern hotels. Historical hotels may be more affected by the earthquakes.

Also, the southern parts of the city are closer to earthquake lines, and the northern parts of the city have a lower risk of earthquakes.

Last Word About Travel Warnings to Turkey

You may also wish to check the United Kingdom, United States Government, Australian Government’s travel warnings.

Remember, these warnings are mostly not city-specific, and they are written for Turkey as a whole.

I do always agree with them, especially for Istanbul. I believe that some of the warnings are about exaggerated rare situations. It’s important to be aware of these possibilities. However, I don’t think that these possibilities should keep you away from enjoying your time.

As long as you take simple precautions, I believe that you will really enjoy your visit to Istanbul.

I tried to give you a local’s perspective on safety in Istanbul. It’s the city where I’ve had the best memories of my life. I hope that was helpful for you.

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I am a father, a passionate traveler, and a Turkish lawyer. You can enjoy my guides and tips about Turkey that only Turkish locals would know.

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