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Turkey in November: Weather, Special Events, Cities, Tips & More

November can be a wonderful time to visit Turkey. The last days of autumn create a quiet but charming atmosphere. Cities are full of life and events. It is the best time to explore the cities without the coldness of the winter and the hotness of the summer.

Nature also has some of its unique magic. Contrasts of colors are everywhere. Some trees are full of cinnamon colors, pine trees standing evergreen defying cold weather, olive trees are enjoying the season while they are full of fruits ranging from green to red. If you are a nature and trekking lover, this is the cheapest and best time to come to Turkey.

If you are staying long enough, you will definitely catch a day or two lovely sunny days. These sunny days will try to fool you as if you are in summer with their charming heat and lovely sunshine. Enjoy these days fullest, and spoil yourself with the sun before winter comes next month.

Is November a good time to visit Turkey? In November, a visit to Turkey means you’ll appreciate the cities and nature without the discomforting elements of summer and winter. You can enjoy the weather without heavy winter clothing. A sweater and a jacket will be okay to wander the streets of Istanbul or trekking on the Mediterranean coast.

Here’s what you need to know about traveling in Turkey in November, including Turkish weather, holidays and festivals, cities and sites to visit in Turkey in the winter months, and some tips about Turkish January.

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Weather in Turkey in November

November is autumn in Turkey. Snow is very rare in November. Snowy weathers usually arrive late this month, making their entrance through East Turkey. There will be lots of rain, days are getting shorter, but the weather has not got cold yet. It is still autumn to enjoy.

How hot is Turkey in November? Is it Cold in Turkey in November? Can you swim in Turkey in November?

Some parts, like inner Anatolia, are definitely cold. However, the southern coast is warm. Even though beaches are empty, seawater generally cools later than the weather, and it is still warm. Some locals and rare tourists still enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean waters.

What should you wear in Turkey in November?

You are definitely fine with summer clothes and a jacket in the warmer coastal areas if you feel cold. However, in colder parts like Cappadocia, you should dress more warm clothes. Also, water-resistant shoes are strongly advised in this season.

As you can see from the graph, Turkey’s coastline, especially southern coastline regions, is always warmer than the inner countryside.

As you go more south, the weather tends to go warmer. In November, the hottest part of Turkey is definitely the Adana region. Toros Mountain Range protects the Adana region from the cold winds from the north.

In any case, if it is not easy to read the above heat map of Turkey, I prepared the below table for you. These are average temperatures in November. Always check the current extended forecast before you are coming to Turkey. So you can find out in advance if it’s unseasonably cold or warm.

Average Temperature in November in Turkey

RegionTemperature in °CTemperature in °F
North Coastline (Thrace and Black Sea including Istanbul)9°C – 13°C48°F – 55°F
West Turkey (Aegean Coast on including Izmir)11°C – 15°C52°F – 59°F
Mediterranean Coast (Mediterranean coast including Bodrum and Antalya)11°C – 17°C52°F – 63°F
Central Turkey (Anatolia including Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir)3°C – 7 °C37°F – 45°F
East Turkey (including Kars, Erzincan, Van)-1°C – 5°C30°F – 41°F
Southeast Turkey (including Gaziantep, Urfa)9°C – 13°C48°F – 55°F
Average Temperatures in February for Regions of Turkey (1970-2019)
Source : Turkish State Meteorological Service

Special Events in Turkey in November

The final resting place of Ataturk. Anıtkabir on 10 of November.
Photo by Ahmet Demiroğlu on Unsplash

10 November Commemoration Day

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the founding father of the modern Turkish Republic. He is still regarded as the national hero of the Turkish people. He died on 9:05 AM 10 November 1938. And every year to commemorate his death on 10 November at 9:05 AM, everybody stops for a moment of silence.

If you are a foreigner and do not know anything about this event, you may be confused. Most traffic and people stop for a moment of silence. There will be sirens all around like air attack warnings of World War 2.

This standstill is not mandatory. You can witness how Ataturk is still loved by most of the Turks and how voluntarily Turkish people join this moment of silence.

The Eurasia Marathon is a perfect way to enjoy Istanbul and two continents on the same day.

Eurasia Marathon

This marathon is the only marathon that you can start on one continent and finish on another continent. Every year, Euroasia Marathon is organized in the first weeks of November.

Thousands of professional or amateur runners come to Istanbul to enjoy this festive event. One of the bridges crossing the Bosphorus Channel is also closed to traffic for runners. This is an epic and free event that everyone can join.

November may be the best time to enjoy Cappadocia.

Turkish Cities in November

Cappadocia in November

Cappadocia is cold. This month, tourism season is finally over, and it is easier to find accommodation. Cappadocia is one of the most visited places in Turkey. In some months, it may be impossible to find unreserved accommodation in this area because the construction of new buildings is restricted and Cappadocia has limited capacity.

There are many good reasons to visit Cappadocia. This Unesco Human Heritage site has its own unique local wines that rely on more than two-thousand-year-old traditions and grape selection.

The weather is still chilly and sometimes sunny. You can enjoy the underground cities, natural wonders, and hot air balloons of Cappadocia with some clothing. If you are thinking of taking your lover somewhere, looking out of this world and very romantic at the same time, this is the place.

Enjoy your Turkish breakfasts better or your local wine near the fireplace watching hot air balloons in the distance.

Temple of Artemis was one of the 7 World Wonders and famed for its beauty. It is believed that stones from the Temple of Artemis were used in the construction of Hagia Sophia. The beauty of world wonder still lives in Hagia Sophia.

Istanbul in November

Istanbul in November is typical autumn. Unlike the Mediterranean coast, most trees shed their leaves in Istanbul. The weather is lovely with some clothing. Istanbul is something to see in November, and there will be lots of musical and art events.

It is also a good time for shopping, explore the different flavors of Istanbul’s districts. Every district in Istanbul has its own history and expertise. Enjoy Taksim and walk Istiklal to learn and see something new about Turkey. Sultanahmet will be less crowded, and you can enjoy the museums, Topkapi Palace.

Want to do something really different, buy a ticket to one of the football matches. Fenerbahce, Besiktas, and Galatasaray have their own traditions, enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Izmir Natural Life Park is more than a zoo with 1500 animals. The park is huge, and animals are not confined to close spaces. It is a perfect place for a family retreat.

Izmir in November

Izmir at its calmest in November. Locals have all returned to the city center. Beaches are empty. Seferihisar, Cesme, and Urla are lively because of the local population, but even these destinations are not as crowded as summertime.

My favorite activity this month is renting a bike in Karsıyaka and riding my bike to Sasalı. Once I reach Dogal Yasam Parkı (Izmir Natural Life Park), I stop there to enjoy this magnificent zoo. Dogal Yasam Parkı is a huge zoo established in an area of 425.000 m² (4.574.662ft²). It has 125 different species and 1500 animals.

Degirmen in Kusadasi is another excellent venue for a family activity. There is horse riding for kids, different farm animals to interact with, and an olive oil history museum, and excellent food with on-site grown vegetables.

Mediterranean Coast, Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris in November

Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Alanya are warm enough like spring on the southern coastline, but it is definitely off-season. This is a perfect time to visit these spots.

Even though most summer attractions are closed if you like to visit cultural and historical sites or walk in nature with tranquility. This is the time. Also, all the scorching and excessive heat of summer are gone.

I love to walk in evergreen pine forests near the sea this season. Also, the seawater is warm enough to swim. At least for me. Also, prices and service quality is amazing compared to summer times.


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

Where would you recommend mid November for warm weather. Alanya?

Efe Genit

Saturday 25th of June 2022

Definitely, November is one of the best times to visit Alanya.


Tuesday 16th of November 2021

Thank you for writing and sharing this article!

You mentioned forests that can be trekked somewhere in the Mediterranean coast, are this free or do I have to get in contact with a tour company?

Efe Genit

Thursday 18th of November 2021

I have not written about them but these roads are free and many camping sites are found along with them. The most famous trekking route is the Lycian road.