Shopping Guides For Turkey

Turkish e-commerce is growing every day.  According to Deloitte, 6% of all products sold in Turkey are sold on the internet. With a population of more than 81 million, Turkey has a huge e-commerce sector and many e-commerce websites.

In my family, there is not a single person who has not bought something from the internet. Moreover, my dad, sister, and wife professionally sell products through Turkish online shopping sites.

Yet, it can be confusing for foreigners because Turkish online shopping sites are local brands that are not known internationally.

Yet, Turkish brands, shopping in Turkey, and online shopping websites can be confusing without local knowledge. It is not easy to know which one to choose among many online shopping websites.

If you are looking for an online shopping website used by thousands of Turkish people, You will find your answers in one of the articles listed below.

I enjoyed writing these articles and hope they are helpful to you.

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