Where to Buy Electronics in Germany? Online and Physical Stores

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This article will find the best electronics shops in Germany and answer the most commonly asked questions about electronics shopping in Germany. 

I mostly write about Turkey, but this time, I will make an exception.

I sometimes shop from Germany because it is easier to find the latest version of any technological device at cheaper prices.

You have plenty of good options for trustworthy electronics dealers in Germany. 

In Germany, the most famous physical electronics stores are Media Markt and Saturn

Other trustworthy electronics dealers include Conrad Electronic, Alternate, Notebooksbilliger, and Mindfactory.

I also recommend German online giants Otto and Quelle, which offer an abundant range of high-quality electronics.

Other than that, you can always go to Amazon or eBay and check over there for your desired electronic item.

German Price Comparison Websites

No electronic store is ALWAYS cheaper than the other one. Yet, the competition is fierce between German Electronics websites and stores. 

Use this to your advantage and compare prices before purchasing any item to get the best deal possible.

Here are the most used price comparison online shopping websites in Germany.

Top German Electronic Stores with their online Shopping Websites

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new TV, the latest smartphones, or new home appliances, these stores in Germany will cover your needs.

1. Amazon

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Does this one really need an introduction? Probably not.

Amazon is the most popular online store in Germany. You get exposed to a huge variety of each and everything regarding electronics.

Moreover, you can find plenty of discounts and tons of different brands and categories under one roof.

It’s super easy to shop on Amazon, and you do not need to create a new account. You can sign in with the Amazon account with an account that you created in another country. 

On top of that, Amazon Germany offers international shipping and a comfortable return period of 30 days.

Click to check the online store of Amazon.de.

2. Mediamarkt 

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Mediamarkt is one of Germany’s and Europe’s largest retailers, and every German child knows it.

You will find everything from branded consumer electronics like phones, tablets, home appliances, computers, laptops, cameras, and game consoles to movies, music, games, and DIY & garden maintenance items.

The company has over 850 physical stores in 13 countries.

Each section in their store has its individual supervisor and specially trained staff that can advise you on any related matter and answer any of your questions.

You can also shop through their website or mobile app from the convenience of your home.

Click to check the online store of Mediamarkt.de.

3. Saturn

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Right after Mediamarkt, there has to be Saturn.

Saturn is an extremely popular chain of German electronics stores known by everyone in the country. Although Saturn and Mediamarkt are separate brands, they belong to one head company.

Any Saturn store is usually pretty big in size and well lighted, making it easy to spot from far away.

I think Saturn stands out from other electronics stores in Germany because it has a special agreement with Apple.

Yes, you can get Apple products from other retailers on this list, too, so where’s the difference?

Other retailers sell Apple products simply off the shelf, whereas Saturn has a whole section dedicated to Apple with products put up for demonstration and trying before buying.

These sections are further designed similarly to the iconic Apple stores.

Click to check the online store of Saturn.

4. Conrad Elektronik

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Conrad Elektronik is one of Germany’s most famous electronics retailers and store chains.

Born in 1923, the company has amped up its range with products ranging from multimedia items to computers, electronic parts and components, and other relevant electronic products.

Besides regular users, Conrad is particularly popular among “hobbyists and freaks” due to their wide assortment of electronic-related parts as well as the great expertise and advice given through their Sales Assistance.

At Conrad, you can find a range of more than 750,000 products with global shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 2-year warranty.

Conrad has 36 branches located throughout Germany, a massive online shopping website, and a mobile app.

Click to check the online store of Conrad.

5. Otto

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Otto is not only a German online giant but also one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies.

Originally selling shoes, Otto has become a major online store where you can buy high-quality electronics from top brands.

Whether it be home appliances, multimedia items, smartwatches, or gaming consoles, Otto sells it all.

I suggest keeping an eye on their daily discounts and big sales, especially during major annual occasions like Easter, Christmas, the end of the season, and other events.

Click to check the online store of Otto.

6. Quelle

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Quelle is identical to Otto, offering similar products, including a wide range of electronics for multiple purposes.

From all sorts of household items and appliances to an impressively large selection of multimedia items, electronics, and there’s hardly anything you can’t find at Quelle.

Focusing on the online market, Quelle offers a return period of 30 days along with a “Flexikonto” or Flexi account, which allows you to pay in installments and even delay your payment up to 4 months.

Click to check the online store of Quelle.

7. eBay (Germany)

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Many Germans visit the world-famous eBay website, where you can find the electronic item of your choice at a really good price.

You can buy any used or new product from private sellers or companies.

On eBay, you can shop internationally, though additional shipping and customs costs may apply. 

Most commonly, eBay works through bidding, in which the highest bidder gets the item at the end of the auction. 

But depending on the seller, you can also buy it immediately if there’s a “Buy Now” button.

For used electronics, I highly recommend checking out eBay’s “Kleinanzeigen”. On this website, you don’t bid and only sell/buy or exchange. The buyer and seller establish contact via email or phone and negotiate the price. 

Click to check the online store of eBay

If you are planning to visit Turkey, you may also like to read my guide on Online Electronics Shopping Websites in Turkey

8. Medimax

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Similar to Media Markt and Saturn, Medimax offers an abundant selection of electronics.

You can get multimedia items like DVRs, game consoles, and DSLR cameras, household appliances like TVs, refrigerators, speaker systems, laptops and computers, and lots more.

Medimax is also known for its regular discounts and promotions on its website as well as in its stores.

Moreover, the company often initiates certain campaigns allowing customers to avail of discounts on bundle purchases.

Click to check the online store of Medimax

9. Notebooksbilliger

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

As the name already tells, Notebooksbilliger (“Notebooks cheaper” in German) offers a wide range of notebooks, making itself a name as a leading German supplier of laptops.

Besides a huge selection of notebooks, Cyberport expanded its variety with even more consumer electronics.

Visit their online store or shop through their Mobile App to avail of appealing discounts on multimedia items, gaming products, smartphones, and more. 

You can also go to Notebooksbilliger stores located in major cities of Germany.

Click to check the online store of Notebooksbilliger

10. Alternate

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Alternate is a splendid option to shop for all sorts of electronics at good rates.

The German mail-order business counts among the best ones in the country and has been rewarded with many awards throughout the past years.

The online store is extremely popular among PC hobbyists due to its wide range of computer components.

Shop at Alternate

11. Mindfactory

Online Store
Physical Store
Mobile App

Looking for a store that has it all? Try out Mindfactory.

Mindfactory sells a massive variety of all kinds of computer components in two categories: Hardware and Software.

Furthermore, not only does the company specialize in PC parts, but it also offers other consumer electronics like PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, entertainment items, as well as home and garden appliances.

At Mindfactory, you can get vouchers, computer services, and other assistance. Other highlights include midnight shopping, fast delivery, and the option to pay in monthly installments.

Shop at Mindfactory

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