Where to Stay in Didim? a Local Answers

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Didim is a unique holiday paradise for those who love the sea and nature with its beaches with golden sands and bays with clear blue waters.

Didim may not be as popular as other cities in Turkey, but don’t let that fool you. It is a smaller but charming tourist destination that is well worth a visit. It is a rapidly growing holiday resort utterly different from what it used to be.

You will find all of the best areas and hotels to stay in on your trip within this post.

Didim is the perfect place to build beautiful memories with your family that you will treasure for life.

You will have countless beaches to choose from. You will also find many activities to entertain yourself with, including historical sites, scuba diving, hiking, sailing, and horse riding as just the start. 

If you are ready, let’s explore one of the best-kept secrets in Europe!

If you’re in a hurry here’s the short answer…

The best area to stay in Didim for first-time visitors is Altinkum. The area is the central hub of the town, and the old town center is easily accessible. Here are the best choices in the town center.

  • Best luxury hotel: Aquasis De Luxe Resort & Spa – Special Class (Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com)
  • Best middle-priced hotel: Asel Hotel (Click to check on Expedia)
  • Best budget hotel: Altinersan Hotel (Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com)

To help you easily visualize the best areas to stay in Didim that I will be talking about in this post, here is a map of Didim and surrounding areas:

Best Areas to Stay in Didim

Wherever you choose to stay on your trip to Didim, we are sure you will cherish the memories you make here with friends and family and want to return as soon as you leave.

Hope you enjoy Didim as much as we do!

Best Areas to Stay in Didim

Didim is a town with multiple surrounding areas you can benefit from on your Trip. Deciding which one is the best for you is not an easy task, but below, you can find my personalized recommendations for all types of travelers:

  • The best Didim Area for the first time traveler and nightlife is Didim town center which is also called Altinkum.
  • Best for family holidays and beaches: Yesilkent and Akbuk
  • The best area for holiday villages: Mavisehir
  • The best area to stay in Didim for nature lovers: Akbuk and Mavișehir
  • Best for beach clubs and budget travelers: Altinkum (Town center).

This article will talk about the seven best areas in Didim and surrounding areas and give you a feel of their vibes and the best hotels, from luxury to budget, that I handpicked for you. 

Especially during the summer months, hotels in Didim are selling too fast, and I don’t want you to miss the chance to stay in the best places.

Always ensure you are quick and make a reservation to avoid missing the best destinations. Many hotels have free cancellations, so don’t worry if you have to change your travel plans. 

Let’s dive into the destinations of Didim!

1. Didim Old Town and Altinkum

Didim town center is also called Altinkum, because of a famous beach named Altinkum.

The town boulevard starts from the Altinkum Beach and ends uphill near the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

You can use public transport to travel up and down the boulevard, with buses and taxis always available on the main street. 

In the summer season, you will find the beaches filled with families from across the world enjoying summer to the fullest. 

If you head down to Altinkum seafront, you will be in the tourist hotspot and will find countless boutiques, restaurants, bars, beaches, and nightclubs to keep you busy. 

Due to Didim’s local population, the town presents an enjoyable stay year-round, with most places staying open out of the summer season.

Best Luxury Hotels in Old Town (125 USD and up)

D-Marin Yacht Club 

Stay shoreside and look out over the beautiful D-Marina, with panoramic sea views of the Aegean.

The Yacht Club offers the best service and location in the Didim town center.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

Aquasis Deluxe Resort & Spa – All Inclusive

Catch some rays on Aquasis Deluxe Resort & Spa’s private beach or spend the day relaxing at the full-service spa. Then enjoy a meal at one of the property’s four restaurants.

The only disadvantage of this all-inclusive luxury resort is five minutes drive away from the town center. Yet, I am doubtful that you will wish to depart this piece of heaven to join with ordinary people.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com.

Best Middle Priced Hotel in Altinkum Didim (Between 75-125 USD)

Old Town Asel Hotel

At Asel Hotel, hit the beach, dine onsite at the restaurant, or enjoy a drink at one of the hotel’s 2 bars/lounges.

When you are sitting stone’s throw away from Altinkum beach, you will have access to all the local hotspots and bars in town. 

Situated near Altinkum beachfront, have sand on your toes within minutes when staying at this hotel.

Click to check on Expedia.

Best Budget Hotel in Altinkum Didim

Altinersan Hotel

Situated in a prime tourist spot, you will never have a hard time finding something to do in this area.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com.

Things to do in Didim Old Town

Altinkum Beach – his long strip of golden sand and turquoise sea sits at the bottom of Didim and is framed with a promenade adorning restaurants and shops.

Local Cuisine – Turkish food always focuses on freshness and tends to be very healthy compared to western foods. 

From a large mixed Turkish breakfast to a beautiful evening barbeque, there are so many flavors you should not miss out on. 

Apollo Temple – At the top of the High street of Didim, you will find Apollo Temple, an ancient historical site dating back 2,300 years. 

To create your bucket list of Didim, read my guide A Local’s List of 17 Things to Do in Didim Turkey.


Mavisehir is a small offset area on the northwest outskirts of Didim. It mainly consists of villa complexes framed with shallow warm water beaches.

The small coastal communal area is by far the best place in Didim to watch the sunset over the sea.

There are not many big hotels in the area, Mavisehir is mostly filled with Turkish locals’ summer houses. For this reason, if you are looking for villas for rentals, Airbnb can be an excellent place to look.

Best Luxury Hotels in Mavisehir (125 USD and up)

Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort Hotel 

This hotel has a private beach, which is easily viewed by more than half of its rooms. Easily entertain the whole family with an onsite waterpark, entertainment, and kid’s club.

Only a short distance from central Didim and surrounding areas you will be able to use public transport to get around comfortably.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com.

Unique Things to do in Mavisehir:

Visit the Night Market – You can browse the stalls and pick up gifts, spices, fruit, clothing, bags, and more.  My wife loves midnight walks around the stalls of this market.
Beaches – There are many small shallow sea beaches around Mavisehir

Check out my guide “Is Didim Safe?”  to learn more travel tips and travel hacks that will increase your joy in your trip to Didim.


This beautiful cove is a short drive from Altinkum and is popular for its golden sand and shallow bay. This is the perfect beach for families with small children, and water sports are available in the area. 

Best Luxury Hotels in Yesilkent (125 USD and up)

Venosa Beach Resort & Spa 

This beautiful hotel will be the perfect stay for a family with a private beach, park, water slides, and entertainment. This stay will leave you in paradise with a large garden leading onto the private beach. 

Click to check on Booking.com.

Best Budget Hotel in Yesilkent (Less than 75 USD)

Yelken Beach Otel

This hotel has a private beach, which is easily viewed by more than half of its rooms.

The grassy area between the hotel and the sandy beach, is a performance venue for special occasions like Turkish Weddings.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com.

Seahorse Deluxe Apart Hotel 

This beautiful building is perfect for anyone who wants to have more space; with rooms being apartments, it is great for a more homely feel to your getaway.

With a large pool available in the center area, you can lay poolside or head down to the beach, a short walk away.

Click to check on Expedia.

Unique Things to do in Yesilkent:

Beaches – There are many small shallow sea beaches around this area perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Beach Clubs – There are a couple of beach clubs in the area with gardens and jetties to lounge on, with music, food, and drink being served all day.


Akbuk consists mainly of holiday homes and hotels set around the crescent-shaped coastline and a mountain backdrop.

While the area is quiet here in the winter months, it is a local hot spot for its beaches and BBQ areas during summer. 

Akbuk has a small town center where essentials can be purchased from the local shops. 

This is the place for beautiful beach selfies to make all of your friends green with envy.

Best Luxury Hotels in Akbuk (125 USD and up)

Maxeria Blue Didyma – Ultra All Inclusive

This is a new luxury hotel that will not disappoint. Parents can sit back by one of the multiple pools, and young children have a water park and an array of large water slides for the teens. 

The food is highly rated by locals and anyone who visits; a large buffet is held three times a day, and snacks and ice cream are available all afternoon.

This hotel also has a private beach available for its residents, with a bar right by the sea.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com.

Best Middle Priced Hotel in Akbuk (Between 75-125 USD)

Ramada Resort by Wyndham Akbuk

Ramada is ideally located in the city center of Akbuk, where you can easily access beaches or stay poolside by one of the beautiful family pools. 

Situated on a hillside, every angle of this hotel has beautiful views of the sea and surrounding mountains. 

There is little reason to leave with on-site restaurants, kids clubs, beauty salons, and more.

It is located a few minutes from Didim city center (15 minutes), the ruins of the Temple of Apollo (15 minutes), and boat tours to the nearby Islands.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com.

BONUS 1 – Bafa Lake – Perfect Place to Witness Turkey’s Past and Traditions

If you wish to have a different experience in nature, stay on the historic shore of Bafa Lake. This Lake was once a bay adjoining the sea, but it dried out and changed the course of history for the local historic sites. 

There are countless hiking trails and great historical finds around the lake, including the Yediler Monastery and Kerdemlik cave paintings, dating back to 6000-5500 BCE.

Village of Kapikiri , a small historic fishing village at the base of a large jagged mountain, provides a perfect getaway.

The village is built in the ancient city of Herakleia. The village is so intertwined with the ancient city, in every corner you will witness an ancient building. 

The last time I went to this village, the goats of the local villagers were having an assembly in the ancient city council.

Herakleia once had access to the sea and it was a mighty city. Yet, today it is a paradise for explorers and people to love the wonder in nature. 

Take a walk around the lake and you will be surprised by the traces that you will find that are waiting to be excavated. Locals also offer boat tours around the lake.

You will find the most beautiful fresh food here as it is all locally grown, or caught within the lake. 

This village is a moderate distance away from Didim, taking 30 minutes by car. The best option to get from here is to hire a vehicle or arrange a transfer to the site. There are few boutique pensions in the Kapikiri village. The one I recommend is Agora Pansiyon.  You can check it from Expedia.

Check out my guide on Things to Know Before Coming to Didim to learn more travel tips about Didim.

BONUS 2 – Mavisehir Rabbit Nose Park (Best Place to Camp in Didim)

How about camping beachside in this beautiful nature park where you will be surrounded by trees on one side and the sea on the other. 

You will need to bring your camping essentials along with you and can hitch your tent anywhere in this beautiful park. 

Barbeques are allowed, and there is a small island just off the coat that is accessible by a short swim.

All of Didim and Altinkum are within a short drive of 15-20 minutes, and public transport regularly runs to Mavisehir.

No booking is required. Pay on entry.

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