Best Travel Blogs in 2023 (Prepared By a Travel Blogger)

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Whether you are planning your next destination or you are a blogger looking for inspiration, you are in the right spot.

In this article, as both a traveler and a blogger, I compiled all the best travel blogs I have come across over the years.

Every blog is unique is own way, so I only divide them based on the locations they cover.

Let’s start!


The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a popular travel and lifestyle blog that Kiersten Rich started. After leaving her career in finance, Kiersten decided to travel the world and document her experiences.

She shares travel tips, destination guides, and personal experiences to inspire and empower other women to explore the world.

The Blonde Abroad has received numerous awards and has been featured in major publications, making it a go-to resource for many travelers.

Click to check The Blonde Abroad’s homepage.


Salt in our Hair is a captivating travel blog created by Hannah and Nick, a couple with a passion for exploring the world.

The thing I love about this blog is beautiful photography and engaging storytelling. With Blondeabroad, SaltinourHours my first role models in my own blogging adventure.

The travel blog showcases a diverse range of destinations around the world, from tropical paradises to bustling cities, offering detailed travel guides and insider tips.

Click to check Salt in our Hair’s homepage.


Expatica is a travel information website with many authors that is designed to provide valuable information and resources for expatriates and internationals living or planning to relocate abroad.

The website offers a wide range of detailed content, including articles, guides, news, and community forums, covering various aspects of expat life, such as work, housing, education, healthcare, and social integration.

Expatica up-to-date information for most top destinations for expats.

Click to check Expetica’s homepage.

Crazy Tourist

The Crazy Tourist travel blog offers a diverse range of destination guides, travel tips, and unique insights for avid travelers.

The Crazy Tourist explains some of the world’s most fascinating places with a captivating writing style and stunning photography.

From vibrant cities and breathtaking natural wonders to cultural landmarks and culinary experiences, The Crazy Tourist provides comprehensive information and recommendations to help travelers plan their own unforgettable adventures.

It is another blog that I frequently visit to get inspiration for what to write next.

Click to check Crazy Tourist’s homepage.

Not a Nomad Blog

Monica Lent is an American software developer. In her blog, Monica, a Seattle native who currently resides in Berlin, shares a unique blend of insider knowledge and expat perspective.

“Not a Nomad Blog” is not limited to Germany. Monica shares her extensive travel experiences around the world.

Click to check Not a Nomad Blog’s homepage.

Miss Tourist

Miss Tourist is an enchanting travel blog created by a passionate globetrotter Yulia.

With a focus on female solo travel, the blog offers an array of inspiring travel stories, practical tips, and destination guides to empower and inspire female travelers.

From safety tips and solo travel advice to cultural insights and hidden gems, Miss Tourist encourages women to step out of their comfort zones and embark on incredible journeys.

Click to check Miss Tourist’s homepage.

Stuffed Suitcase

Stuffed Suitcase is a delightful travel and family lifestyle blog created by Kim, an avid traveler, and mom.

With a focus on family-friendly adventures, the blog offers a treasure trove of valuable tips, itineraries, and recommendations for exploring the world with kids.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, including family-friendly attractions, accommodation options, and travel hacks to ensure smooth and enjoyable journeys for all ages.

Click to check Stuffed Suitcase’s homepage.

My Adventures Across the World

My Adventures Across the World is a captivating travel blog created by Claudia, an Italian human rights lawyer.

I love to follow Claudia’s blog and get inspiration from her articles that offer a wealth of travel inspiration, detailed guides, and personal stories about exciting corners of the world.

Claudia also writes the blog, Strictly Sardinia, which I listed in Italy section.

Click to check My Adventures Across the World’s homepage.

Practical Wanderlust

Created by a dynamic duo of travel enthusiasts (Lia and Jeremy), Practical Wanderlust combines personal anecdotes, humorous storytelling, and valuable insights to provide a wealth of information for fellow adventurers.

Practical Wanderlust covers a wide range of topics, from budget travel advice and destination guides to cultural mishaps and travel mishaps.

The blog covers many destinations around the world, but mostly American and Colombian destinations. If you are looking for travel podcasts, you should definitely check Lia&Jeremy’s podcast.

Click to check Practical Wanderlust’s homepage.

The Broke Backpacker

The Broke Backpacker is a renowned travel blog for budget travelers that aims to spend 10 US Dollars per day when traveling.

With a focus on exploring the world on a limited budget, the blog provides a wealth of tips, tricks, and insider secrets to help travelers discover incredible destinations without breaking the bank.

Click to check The Broke Backpacker’s homepage.

The TravelTips.Org

One of my friends has been writing this blog since 1998. He is a true wanderer of this world, and likes to keep his personal details to himself.

In any case, this blog is a true gem focusing mostly on the Caribbean, Hawai and other tropical islands.

Click to check’s homepage.

Best Travel Blogs by Country

Here are the best travel blogs by country. Countries are listed in alphabetical order.


Nina – Out and About

For those looking to explore different regions and the diversity of Canada, Nina’s travel blog is a must-follow.

From Canada’s enchanting destinations and hidden gems to immersive cultural experiences, Nina’s blog provides a wealth of valuable information about Canada.

Nina covers topics beyond travel, including wellness, personal growth, and self-discovery, creating a holistic approach to living a fulfilling life.

Click to check Nina -Out and About’s homepage.


Italy Explained

Italy Explained dives deep into Italy’s unique culture, history, and landscape.

From tips on how to order coffee like a local to off-the-beaten-path destinations, Italy Explained aims to educate travelers on Italian culture so travelers can focus more on enjoying their trips and less on wondering whether they’re doing something wrong.

Click to check Italy Explained’s homepage.

Stricly Sardinia

Strictly Sardinia is a captivating travel blog dedicated to showcasing the beauty and wonders of the Italian island of Sardinia.

Claudia, who is the writer of the successful travel blog “My Adventures Across the World,” provides a wealth of information, tips, and recommendations for those planning to visit or curious to learn more about Sardinia.

The blog offers detailed guides on the best places to visit, insider tips on local cuisine and traditions, and practical advice on accommodations and transportation about Sardinia Island.

Click to check Strictly Sardinia’s homepage.


Travel Mexico Solo

Shelley, a former Miami travel magazine editor, chose to trade the confines of an office for a life of global exploration. Currently residing in Merida, Mexico, she shares her experiences about Mexico through her blogs.

With a focus on empowering and inspiring solo travelers, Shelley provides a wealth of information, tips, and insights for those planning to explore Mexico on their own.

From vibrant cities and archaeological sites to stunning beaches and natural wonders, Travel Mexico Solo guides readers through diverse and captivating destinations across the country.

Shelley also has three more blogs about specific regions of Mexico. These blogs are Travel to Merida, Tulum Travel Secrets, and Travel to Oaxaca.

Click to check Travel Mexico Solo’s homepage.



Portugalist is a comprehensive travel blog dedicated to all things Portugal.

With a deep love for the country, the blog was started by James Cave in 2016 after he became frustrated with the lack of good-quality information about Portugal.

The blog offers a wealth of information and insider tips for travelers planning to live, visit or explore Portugal.

With engaging articles, practical advice, and stunning photography, the blog captures the essence of Portugal’s beauty, history, and vibrant culture.

Click to check Portugalist’s homepage.


Visit Local Turkey

I am a Turkish lawyer who has a passion for traveling. In this blog, you will find guides and tips about Turkey only Turkish locals would know.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Istanbul, indulging in mouthwatering Turkish cuisine, or venturing into the lesser-known corners of the country, my blog offers a valuable resource for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the local way of life.

Click to check my blog’s homepage.

Turkey Travel Planner

Tom Brosnahan is who is the writer of the Turkey Travel Planner blog, is also a veteran guidebook author, travel writer and photographer, and consultant on travel information to companies and government agencies.

The website provides in-depth guides on popular destinations like Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and Pamukkale, along with lesser-known but equally captivating regions.

Click to check Turkey Travel Planner’s homepage.

All About Turkey

Prepared by experienced tourist guide Burak Sansal, All About Turkey is a comprehensive online guide that provides a wealth of information about the vibrant and culturally rich country of Turkey.

From ancient history and archaeological wonders to modern cities and natural beauty, the website covers every aspect of Turkey’s diverse attractions and destinations.

Click to check All About Turkey’s homepage.

Turkish Travel Blog

Since 2010, Natalie Sayin, a freelance travel writer who lives and works in Turkey, continues to share her experiences through her.

From vibrant cities like Istanbul and Ankara to historic sites like Ephesus and Cappadocia’s otherworldly landscapes, Turkish Travel Blog covers a wide range of attractions and activities across the country.

Click to check Turkish Travel Blog.

United Kingdom

A Lady in London

A Lady in London is an esteemed travel blog chronicling the adventures of a Californian lady living in London and her explorations around the world.

With a focus on luxury and offbeat destinations of London, the blog also provides information about unique travel experiences across the globe.

Click to check A Lady in London’s homepage.

United States of America

Discover the Burgh

Discover the Burgh is a dynamic travel blog dedicated to showcasing the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Written by a couple, Jeremy and Angie, the blog aims to provide information about everything in Pittsburgh and southwest Pennsylvania.

Discover the Burgh provides a comprehensive guide to the city’s attractions, dining, and local culture. From iconic landmarks and hidden gems to unique events and festivals, the blog covers all aspects of Pittsburgh’s diverse offerings.

Click to check Discover the Burgh’s homepage.

Orlando’s Best Vacation

After seeing Orlando’s Best Vacation is written by Michael, a blogging friend of mine. After checking his blog, Orlando became my next destination on my US trip.

I never knew Orlando had so much to offer that it can truly be overwhelming when deciding exactly what to do.

Orlando’s Best Vacation provides comprehensive guides to the city’s attractions, theme parks (Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World), and also everything you need to know about Orlando.

Click to check Orlando’s Best Vacation’s homepage.

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