Magic of Dried Turkish Apricots: Why Are They So Popular?

In this post, I will explain all commonly asked questions about dried Turkish apricots and their differences. I will also explain how to dry and store your dried apricots. Turkey has 16% percent of all apricot production in the world. Yet, 70% of the world’s dried apricot production comes from Turkey. As apricots are native … Read more

Choosing the Right Towel: Turkish vs Egyptian Towels

Turkish towels and Egyptian Towels are often misjudged as the same type because they are both regarded as the finest quality towels. Yet, Turkish and Egyptian towels are very different. Turkish towels are lightweight, easy to maintain, durable, and multipurpose towels, whereas Egyptian towels are comfortable, thick, very absorbent, soft, less durable, and easily shed. … Read more

Languages Similar to Turkish – Explained by a Native Speaker

In this post, I will review languages similar to Turkish and the degree of mutual intelligibility and grammatical similarity. As a native Turkish speaker, I feel that the Turkish language’s relations and similarity to other languages are not known. Most people think that Turkish is similar to the languages of Turkey’s neighboring countries or that … Read more