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Ultimate Guide to Windsurfing in Turkey with Maps

Windsurfing is becoming a very popular sport in Turkey. As a windsurfer, I wished to prepare you with a comprehensive guide on windsurfing in Turkey.

I listed 10 spots and 61 windsurf schools in this guide. I will give general knowledge about spots first, then in the list at the end of this post, you can find details of 61 windsurf schools.

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Where to windsurf in Turkey?

The best place to windsurf in Turkey is Alacati. It can be crowded sometimes, but there are many options nearby. There are many windsurfing schools in this area. For this reason, Alacati is regarded as the capital of windsurfing in Turkey and a world-class windsurfing center.

Urla and Seferihisar are other choices that are very close to Alacati.

Bodrum and Gokceada are other developed windsurfing spots in Turkey. Windsurfing is also expanding in other regions of Turkey, but the other spots are still developing. If you are not a beginner, equipment in other spots may be lacking.

I also listed some good spots where there are no schools.

If you have your equipment, then Turkey is heaven for you. There are countless windsurfing spots that are waiting to be discovered.

This is me and my friend Anıl in 2010. We spent countless hours in Alacatı enjoying the wind and the sea.

Map of 10 Best Windsurfing Places in Turkey

Here is my review of the windsurfing spots, I marked all the spots on the map.

10 Best Windsurfing Places in Turkey

1. Alacati – Cesme Izmir

Alacati is one of the most internationally known in Turkey. This the mecca of windsurfing in Turkey. It is possible to windsurf in Alacati every month throughout the year. Alacati has around 330 windy days in a year that is suitable for windsurfing.

The bay is located in a natural valley that funnels the wind. For this reason, the wind is steadier and stronger than in other nearby areas.

The water is mostly flat with no waves. These conditions provide an extremely nice environment for speeding.

Alacati area has a protected and shallow area with a sandy bottom. This part of the spot is excellent for beginners.

In Alacati, the wind usually starts at low speeds early in the day and gets stronger as the day progresses. For this reason, all levels of kitesurfers find a wind speed that is suitable for them on the same day. This feature is also true for Ilıca and Pırlanta, but these beaches are not that beginner friendly.

The starting locations from west of the bay are all sandy and shallow. The Alacati area offers perfect opportunities for all levels.


In Cesme, the best winds are between May and September when the weather is hot. In the windsurfing season, winds with a speed of 15 – 20 knots are common. You can also experience winds reaching 40 knots on rare days. 

There are 12 schools all around Alacati bay. The schools are marked on the map below between 28-39.

This is an area where I spend a lot of time. Alacati windsurfing area is a very family-friendly place with lots of facilities and activities.

2. Ilıca Cesme

Though Ilıca spot is not a beginner-friendly area, this is the place where I learned windsurfing. Arkas is the only windsurf school here.

Arkas’s starting area is on deep water, and the sea waves have moderate level waves, which may be hard for beginners. The wind conditions are similar to Alacati.

There is also a shallow beach area but the beach is full of people enjoying the sea.  As a beginner, if you can not control your windsurf, you may harm other people. Luckily, it didn’t happen.

Overall Ilica has a little more waves and a little less wind compared to Alacati. Yet, this place is one of my favorites. The beach offers excellent conditions if you are not a beginner.

There are thermal springs in the sea for this reason seawater is warmer than any other beaches in the area. Ilıca’s name also means “warmer” in Turkish.

3. Pırlanta Cesme

Pırlanta beach is for high-level windsurfers. It has strong winds and strong waves. Pırlanta beach can be tiring even for experienced windsurfers.

There are no schools on the beach because it is located in the environmental protection area. Yet, some windsurf schools organize trips to Pirlanta beach, if you do not have your equipment with you, you may ask assistance from the windsurfing schools in Alacati.

This is me in Teos Seferihisar

4. Akkum Teos – Seferihisar Izmir

Akkum, Teos is also one of my favorites. My sister also learned windsurfing here. Teos has a very nice sandy and shallow beginner area. It is perfect for learning windsurfing.

Once you pass the beginning level, you may try an open sea adventure. It has moderate small waves and excellent wind. In the picture above you can see the wave level in the sea.

Akkum is not as good for speeding as Alacati, yet the area is much larger. You can go for miles without changing your course. Waves in Seferihisar also add an extra challenge.

In Alacati, the bay area is limited, so even if you speed quickly, you need to maneuver very often to change your direction.

There are two windsurfing schools in the area. I always go to Atlantis Windsurf Club.

Bitez Bodrum
Photo Source: Boges Surf School

5. Bitez – Bodrum Mugla

Bitez is the best windsurf spot in Bodrum. This spot has three well-equipped windsurf schools. These are Boges, Bitez and Rush windsurf schools. (52-53-54 on the map below.) It has a good training location for beginners and a sandy shallow beach.

It is also an excellent location for advanced windsurfers.

6. Akyarlar – Bodrum Mugla

Akyarlar has moderate waves which make this place harder for beginners.

Yet, once you reach an intermediate level, these waves will add challenge and fun to your windsurfing.

The only school I know in Akyarlar is Fener Windsurf Center. It is 57 on the map below.

7. Datca – Mugla

This windsurf spot has very powerful winds. Especially in July and August, the winds may be too powerful for beginners in the afternoon.

There are two windsurf schools in Datca. Flow Surf & Beach Club and Surf Holiday Village. Surf Holiday village is a full concept dedicated to surf and water sports.

8. Saros – Canakkale

The Guneyli Village is the only windsurf center in Saros. The windsurfing season starts in June and ends in September. The place is a regular stop for windsurfers from Istanbul, but I have not been able to find a windsurf school here.

You need to come to this Saros prepared with your equipment otherwise you may not find suitable equipment here.

There are many windsurfing schools in Gokceada. Surf Hotel Gokceada is hotel dedicated to surfing and water sports.
Photo source Surf Hotel Gokceada

9. Gokceada – Canakkale

Gökçeada is one of the best windsurfing spots in Turkey. Even though it is a remote island from the Turkish mainland, Gokceada has attracted many windsurfers. It is a very developed windsurfing spot with many schools.

Aydincik beach offers a sandy and nice environment for all levels of windsurfers.

Surfing is a fantastic way to escape the chaos and the heat of Istanbul in the summer.
Photo Source Beylikduzu Windsurf

10. Buyukcekmece -Istanbul

Buyukcekmece is the most popular spot for windsurfing in Istanbul.  The best winds are between July and October.

There are two windsurf schools, Buyukcekmece Yelken and Beylikduzu Windsurf. They are 23 and 24 on my map below.

Is Windsurfing worth it?

If you like solitude, adrenaline or simply being on the sea, you will fall in love with Windsurfing. Yet, windsurfing is a long-term sport.  You need at least 3-4 consecutive days of training just to start.

The good thing about windsurfing is that there is always something new to learn and try.

The first days of windsurfing courses will be tough. You may feel pain because you are developing new surf muscles. You should give some time to your body to adapt. It will get easier and easier as you learn.

In fact, windsurfing is not about muscle power. In the beginning, because you do not know the necessary techniques, you cover your mistakes with muscle power. For this reason, it may be very tiring.

I have seen 8 years olds doing amazing things while windsurfing. Yet, I have also seen men with big muscles not even being able to stand on a windsurf board.

Turkey Windsurfing Season

There are always winds on the Aegean Coast, yet in the warm winds are stronger. Months starting from April to September are the best months for windsurfing in Turkey.

If you are okay with cold weather, it is also possible to windsurf in the winter months.

Especially, in the season-changing months in April, May, September wind directions may change. During seasonal changes wind strength is unpredictable.

Windsurf Shops

Usually, windsurf schools sell their second-hand equipment at the end of the season. This way, you can buy the cheapest and best equipment.

There are several shops like Myga Surf Shop in the Alacati area.

Map of 61 Windsurf Schools in Turkey

Here is the list of places where you can find a windsurfing school in Turkey. In these places, you can rent windsurfing equipment as well as take courses to learn windsurfing.

On the map, you can find all Turkish windsurf schools pinned down. I also included 2 windsurfing schools from Turkish Cyprus.

If your school is not added, please contact me and I will include your school on our list.

List of 61 Windsurf Schools in Turkey

on the map
CityLocationName of the schoolWebsite of the school
1AdanaSeyhan Dam LakeAdana YelkenWebsite
2AntalyaLara Belek SideAirwalkWebsite
3AntalyaAlanya SideAlanya Surf TeamWebsite
4AntalyaKemerFantastic Water SportsWebsite
5AydınDidimYat ve Yelken ClubWebsite
6BalıkesirAyvalıkCapri Surf SchoolWebsite
7BalıkesirAyvalıkKite Surf AyvalikWebsite
9BalıkesirAyvalıkCunda Surf ClubWebsite
10CyprusGemikonagiHeaven Surf HouseWebsite
11CyprusGazimagusaGucver Sports ClubWebsite
11CanakkaleCanakkaleIda WindsurfWebsite
13CanakkaleGokceadaVolkite Kiteboarding SchoolWebsite
14CanakkaleGokceadaSurf Hotel GokceadaWebsite
15CanakkaleGokceadaCelik Surf School
16CanakkaleGokceadaCagdas Windsurf SchoolWebsite
17CanakkaleGokceadaCrazy Island Windsurf and Kite CenterWebsite
18CanakkaleGokceadaRadikal Windsurf & KiteboardWebsite
19IstanbulSarıyerİstanbul SurfWebsite
20IstanbulBeykozRiva Surf HouseWebsite
21IstanbulTuzlaTuzla Mercan SportsWebsite
22IstanbulKadıköyİstanbul Windsurf CenterWebsite
23IstanbulBuyukcekmeceBuyukcekmece YelkenWebsite
24IstanbulBuyukcekmeceBeylikduzu WindsurfWebsite
25IstanbulSilivriWindsurf TRWebsite
26IzmirSeferihisarAtlantis Windsurf ClubWebsite
27IzmirSeferihisarAkarca Windsurf CenterWebsite
29IzmirCesme-AlacatiCagla Kubat Windsurf AcademyWebsite
30IzmirCesme-AlacatiORSA Windsurf SchoolWebsite
31IzmirCesme-AlacatiION CLUB Windsurf BeachWebsite
32IzmirCesme-AlacatiAlacati Surf Paradise ClubWebsite
33IzmirCesme-AlacatiMyga Surf CityWebsite
34IzmirCesme-AlacatiKite Club AlacatiWebsite
35IzmirCesme-AlacatiBora Kozanoglu Surf SchoolWebsite
36IzmirCesme-AlacatiActive SurfWebsite
37IzmirCesme-AlacatiRedline WindsurfingWebsite
38IzmirCesme-AlacatiBubi Surf SchoolWebsite
39IzmirCesme-AlacatiNorthpoint Surf Center
40IzmirCesme-IlıcaArkas Website
41IzmirUrlaUrla Surf HouseWebsite
42IzmirUrlaUrla Surf AcademyWebsite
43IzmirUrlaGoztepe Yacht ClubWebsite
44IzmirUrlaCesmealtı Windsurf and Yacht ClubWebsite
45IzmirFocaFoca Windsurf and Yacht ClubWebsite
46IzmirFocaYenifoca Windsurf Sailing ClubWebsite
47IzmirCandarlıCandarli Windsurf CenterWebsite
49KocaeliKandiraDanube Surf House & AcademyWebsite
50MersinMersin Yacht ClubWebsite
51MuglaBodrumBodrum Windsurf and Sailing SchoolWebsite
52MuglaBodrum BitezBitez WindsurfWebsite
53MuglaBodrum BitezRush WindsurfWebsite
54MuglaBodrum BitezBOGES BitezWebsite
55MuglaBodrum OrtakentLena Erdil Windsurf SchoolWebsite
56MuglaBodrum AkyarlarAkyarlar WindsurfWebsite
57MuglaBodrum AkyarlarFener WindsurfWebsite
58MuglaBodrum YalıkavakWindsurf Academy SchoolWebsite
59MuglaDatcaFlow Datca Surf & Beach ClubWebsite
60MuglaDatcaSurf Holiday VillageWebsite
61MuglaFethiye CalisFethiye Surf CenterWebsite
62MuglaMarmarisMarmaris Windsurf ClubWebsite
63ZonguldakEregliEregli Yacht ClubWebsite
List of windsurf schools in Turkey
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I am thinking of coming to Turkey with my family for July and August. We are a family of 4. I would like to ask, if you do not mind, if you can recommend a good company I can use to find a home to rent for my family that is near the windsurf action!

I have found some on airbnb of course, but perhaps you may know of other companies that are not super expensive?

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Airbnb, and lately Vbro are the best options, in my opinion to rent a private holiday home. I use these in my travels for holiday home rentals.