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Where to Stay in Sirince? A Local Answers

Sirince is one of the top Aegean villages to visit. Since my childhood, my parents and I have visited this village regularly. Now, I also take my family to this lovely town.

Especially at night, this tranquil village turns into one of the best romantic spots. The village is located between hills and in the summertime Sirince welcomes you with a cooling breeze and a night sky full of stars.

And in the winter you can light your fireplace, enjoy local wines, and clean pine forest air. 

The rooms of the pension have traditional designs and most of them have fireplaces. For this reason, I love to stay in Sirince on winter days. 

Şirince is best known for its homemade wines. You can taste wines made with fresh fruits and you will be amazed by the diversity. My favorite fruit wine is blueberry wine. It is not too sugary and has a very smooth taste.

Also, Sirince offers a unique shopping experience, local artisans create many unique handcrafted art pieces and souvenirs.

Here are my top picks for Luxury, Mid-Range, and Budget Accommodation in Sirince.

In each suggestion, I provide links to, Expedia, and direct links to the hotel’s homepage. So you can compare the prices to get the best deals.

Luxury Accommodation in Sirince (Around 100 USD per night)

Nisanyan Houses is the best luxury accommodation in Sirince. Yet, in the season Nisanyan can be completely reserved and the second best is the Ephesus Terrace Houses.

Both these hotels offer excellent services.

Nisanyan Houses – Best Hotel For Families and Couples

Nisanyan Hotel is considered one of Turkey’s finest hotels.

The Hotel is designed as a medium-sized boutique hotel and the hotel itself is considered a landmark to visit. Many tourists visit Nisanyan Tower (Hodri Meydan Tower) to enjoy its magnificent view.

We love to dine at Nisanyan’s gourmet restaurant. The food is simply excellent.

Mujde, one of the hotel’s co-founders, also organizes cooking workshops teaching Turkish cuisine to its guests.

Nisanyan Hotels can be a little expensive compared to other options but it is the best option in Sirince. Each detail in the hotel is designed elegantly.

Nisanyan Hotels has a swimming pool and a Turkish bath where you can enjoy forgetting all your earthly worries.


Sirince Terrace Houses – More Private Experience for Couples

Fig, Olive Clockmakers and Grapevine are the names of the cottages and houses of Sirince Terrace Houses.

This accommodation is perfect for a romantic getaway. Each house is renovated by a fusion of English and Turkish designs and took years to complete.

Sirince Terrace Houses are recommended by many including Lonely Planet and The Sunday Times.

Before I got married, I used to stay at Doktor’s House, but it is constantly reserved nowadays and very hard to reserve.

Mid-Range Accommodation in Sirince (Around 50 USD per night)

Sihirbazın Evi – Wizard’s House – Pet Friendly Pension

One best place when compared with its prices. The place has beautiful ethnically decorated rooms, excellent services, and food. Especially its breakfast, which is locally grown food, is very delicious.

The pension does not have a Turkish bath, pool, or extras that luxury accommodation options provide. Yet, it provides a clean and tastefully designed environment for families and single travelers.

Wizard’s House is the best option for pet owners in Sirince.


Budget Accommodation in Sirince (Less than 30 USD per night)

Sirincem Pension

Sirincem Pension is the best budget accommodation in Sirince. The pension is operated by a very warm local family.

This pension also is famous for its restaurant where you enjoy Turkish Mediterranean cuisine and dishes made with olive oil and local vegetables.

In terms of price and quality, the pension offers an excellent value. The pension has only four rooms. If you find one of them available, be sure to reserve them.


Best Time to Visit Sirince

The top season for Sirince is between June and September. During these months, day-tours all from Izmir, Kusadası, and other tourist centers come to Sirince. Yet, the nights are relatively quiet in Sirince.

My favorite time for visiting Sirince is spring and autumn. Especially in September and October, the weather is nice. Even if it is cold, most of the pension rooms have a fireplace. It is a lovely place to take a walk with your family and rekindle your love.

Sirince is may feel crowded on the weekends, especially in summer. A visit during the weekdays may present a more pleasant atmosphere and cheaper accommodation prices.

Sirince is a fine example of the Mediterranean climate. In the summer, it is hot and there is no rain. Yet, the village area is more comfortable even on the hottest days of the summer.

Snow in Sirince is a rare instance, yet wine near a fireplace would erase all your worries about life.

Because the village is located in the hills, there will be thermal winds during the day further refreshing you in the summer days.

In Sirince, the average temperature for the winter days will be around 10-15 °C (41-59 °F). In the winter months, it will rarely snow, but rainy days will be frequent.

You can also check my guide on “Things to know before coming to Sirince” to have a smoother experience getting to Sirince and staying in Sirince.

I believe the main thing that separates Sirince from other Aegean towns is its aura. This small village is visited by more than a million international and Turkish tourists every year.

Sirince also became popular during the Mayan Apocalypse Prophecy of 2012. According to many Sirince was one of few sanctuaries that will even provide safe haven during doomsday.

Many international media outlets like the Washington Post featured this little town and Sirince gained international recognition making it one of the top tourist spots in Turkey.

For more please read: Is Sirince Safe? Why is Sirince called Doomsday Proof Town?

Things to Do & See in Sirince

Besides wine, unique architecture, and wonderful nature, Sirince has a lot more to offer.

The village is filled with many artisan shops where you can shop many handcrafted unique art pieces, from colorful soaps to jewelry with Zultanite gems.

There are many old buildings, churches to discover. Food is excellent in the region and the main ingredients are olive oil, herbs. Also, there are delicious dishes made with local fresh fish and lamb meat.

Additionally, many ancient sites to discover. Virgin Mary House, Ephesus are the places one must visit in their lifetime.

Lastly, you should try the zipline, or if you are more courageous you can skydive over the Ephesus.

You can read Things to do in and around Sirince for more details.

Hope you like our guide as well as we enjoyed preparing it.

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