Where to Stay in Kusadasi? A Local Answers

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Kusadasi may make you speechless with the color of the sea, those sandy beaches, and amazing landscapes.

There is no doubt that Kusadasi is one of the most beautiful destinations for a summer holiday. As my summer house is located in Kusadasi, I have the best memories of my life in Kusadasi.

In this post, I will tell you about Kusadasi Hotels and where to stay in Kusadasi with tips that only locals would know.

Get ready to take epic Instagram photos, enjoy Kusadasi nights and swim in the turquoise waters of Kusadasi! 

Apart from having the best beaches and excellent nature, Kusadasi offers impressive historic, and archeological sites, hiking trails, and a delicious food scene with mouthwatering cuisine which is a fusion of the Mediterranean and Turkish Food.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Kusadasi that can keep you busy for weeks. If you wish to prepare your bucket list for Kusadasi, check my list of things to do in Kusadasi.

If you are ready, let’s get started exploring one of the best holiday destinations in Europe!

In this article, I will talk about the 7 best areas in Kusadasi and will give you a feel of their vibes as well as the best hotels from luxury to budget that I handpicked for you. 

Especially during the summer months, hotels in Kusadasi are selling too fast and I don’t want you to miss the chance to stay in the best places. That’s why you have to be quick and make a reservation in advance in order not to miss them. Many of the hotels have free cancellations, so don’t worry if you change your mind. 

Now, let’s find an answer to where to stay on the island of Kusadasi!

Hope you enjoy Kusadasi as we do! Let’s start…
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IF YOU’RE IN A HURRY, here is your short answer.

The best area to stay in Kusadasi for first-time visitors is Long Beach. The area is literally the center of the city and the town center is equally distanced to the center of all areas of Kusadasi. Here are the best choices in the town center.

  • Best luxury hotel: Doubletree By Hilton Kusadasi – Special Class (Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com)
  • Best middle-priced hotel: Ilayda Avantgarde Hotel (Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com)
  • Best budget hotel: Villa Konak Hotel (Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com)

To help you easily visualize the best areas to stay in Kusadasi that I will be talking about in this post, here is a map of Kusadasi:

Kusadasi Best Areas to Stay

Now let’s go over these areas.

Best Areas to Stay in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a city and it’s divided into several different districts and areas. Deciding which one is the best for you is not an easy task, but below you can find my personalized recommendations for all types of travelers:

  • Best Kusadasi neighborhood for for the first time and nightlife in Kusadasi is Old Town
  • Best for family holiday and beaches: Long Beach
  • Best luxury hotels and hotels with aqua parks are located in: Pamucak
  • Best area for holiday villages travelers: Pygela
  • Best area to stay in Kusadasi for nature lovers: Guzelcamli
  • Best for beach clubs and budget travelers: Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Denizi)

Additionally, I will talk about Kusadasi Golf and Spa Hotel which is located near Soke.

Now that you understand a bit better about the way this city is organized and which area might suit you, let’s find out more details about the 7 Best areas to stay in Kusadasi.

1. Old Town – For the first time and nightlife

Kusadasi town center is a lively place with an old history of being a trade harbor.

In the summer season, you will witness people cheering and enjoying summer all around the town. There are countless cafes, bars, and taverns.

Because of Kusadasi’s local population, the town presents an enjoyable stay year around.

In the winter months, the old town is the best place to stay in Kusadasi.

The town has a huge bazaar, two shopping centers, and many historical sights like Kusadasi Castle, and all are located within the town. You can easily walk between them.

Kusadasi town has some beaches to enjoy the sea, yet the best beaches Long Beach, Ladies’ Beach are accessible with 10-minute public transport.

1.1 Best Luxury Hotels in Old Town (125 USD and up)

Doubletree By Hilton Kusadasi – Special Class

If you’re looking for a luxury and a central hotel in Kusadasi, the Old Town area is the place to be! Doubletree Hilton is specially designed to be a glamorous hotel.

Apart from its excellent location on the beach and in the town center, the hotel has 2 swimming pools, a spa, and a trendy bar which occasionally hosts famous singers.

Best hotel in Kusadasi if you want to be close to everything.

Click to check Doubletree By Hilton Kusadasi – Special Class on Expedia or Booking.com

Charisma De Luxe Hotel

Charisma De Luxe Hotel

Here’s another great luxury hotel located at the heart of old town, and a stone’s throw away Kusadasi Marina.

The area is surrounded by tons of awesome restaurants, and bar options, so you’ll never get bored in this area! Marina also has a shopping mall with select fashion brands.

The hotel has excellent sea access and a private area for its customers.

Click to check Charisma De Luxe Hotel on Expedia or Booking.com

1.2 Best middle-priced Hotel (Between 75-125 USD)

Ilayda Avantgarde Hotel

Ilayda Hotel is right at the Kusadasi’s historic center. It is a modern hotel with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and Kusadasi Harbor. Additionally, the hotel has a rooftop swimming pool with a nice bar where you can relax and enjoy sunbathing.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

1.3 Best Budget Hotel in Old Town (Below 75 USD)

Villa Konak Hotel

The hotel is a traditional Turkish Villa (Konak) converted into a hotel. The architectural design of the hotel is worth seeing. Villa Konak Hotel is a great budget hotel with a swimming pool, bar, and a restaurant.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

Things to do Kusadasi Old Town

  • Visit Kusadasi Pigeon Island Castle 
  • Enjoy local taverns and bars in Kusadasi
  • Shop at medieval bazaar in Kusadasi filled with carpet and jewelery sellers or shop at modern seaside Marina Mall.
  • This area is literally the center of Kusadasi and all activities Kusadasi has to offer is at most 15 minutes driving distance.

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2. Long Beach – For Families and Beach Lovers

Long Beach is a sandy beach that is 15 kilometers ( 10 miles) long because the beach stretches for miles, and locals gave different names to sections of Long Beach.

There are countless restaurants and beach facilities. The biggest shopping mall in Kusadasi is also located in this area. Long Beach is cheaper than Kusadasi Old Town, and the most chosen place by Turkish locals.

My summer house is located in this area and according to my view, this is the best area in Kusadasi for the summer holidays.

There are also minibusses connecting Long Beach to the Kusadasi Town Center and Guzelcamli.

2.1 Best Luxury Hotels in Long Beach (US$100 and up)

Flora Garden Ephesus Hotel Kuşadası – All Inclusive

In case you didn’t make your choice on the perfect luxury hotel in Kusadasi for your stay, Flora Garden is another amazing choice! Perfect all-inclusive for all members of your family.

While you are sunbathing, your children enjoy the endless activities and the aquapark in the hotel. By the way, the hotel rooms are simply gorgeous.

Click to check on Expedia.

Atlantique Holiday Club – All Inclusive

I love the area around the hotel and my summer house is just next to this amazing hotel. The beach is excellent, although the hotel is all-inclusive you may wish to try the restaurant’s hotel near the seaside.

The restaurant in front of the hotel is a luxury restaurant very popular among Turkish Locals.

Lastly, hotel rooms are not that stylish but the comfort of the hotel is excellent. There is a children theme aquapark just next to the hotel.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

Things to do Kusadasi Old Town

  • Enjoy long walks in the sandy beaches of Long Beach. The area is filled with many restaurants and cafes among its long coastline.
  • Kusadasi is Shopping Mall, and Bazaars in this area offer a great shopping experience.

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This golden sand Pamucak Beach stretches for miles. The beach has no infrastructure and it is a natural reserve.

3. Pamucak – Best luxury hotels and hotels with aqua parks

Pamucak is a 7 km long beach. A minor portion of the beach is reserved for all-inclusive luxury hotels. Also, the biggest aquaparks in Kusadasi are located in this area.

Adaland is the biggest one of the aqua parks in Turkey as well as Europe.

The majority of the beach lies in the protected natural reserve. Other than luxury all-inclusive luxury hotels, the beach is untouched. I love going on beach safaris with jeeps, ATVs, and horses in Pamucak Beach.

Pamucak Beach is made of tiny golden sand. There are only luxury hotels on this spot, and no budget or mid-range hotels.

4.1 Luxury Hotels in Pamucak (Above 125 USD)

Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel & Spa – All Inclusive

This hotel has the best aquapark for families in Kusadasi. Adaland Aquapark which is 2 miles away is the biggest aquapark in Kusadasi and one of the biggest ones in Europe.

Yet, the children’s area of Aqua Fantasy is bigger than the children’s area of Adaland and provides better entertainment for children. We still enjoy going to this aquapark frequently.

The hotel also has an excellent water sports center, excellent sandy beach, lively environment, and relaxing spa.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

Korumar Ephesus Beach & Spa Resort, All Inclusive

Korumar is another excellent choice in the Pamucak area. The hotel has its own aquapark which is smaller but reserved for only hotel guests. If you want an all-inclusive family holiday, Korumar is an excellent hotel to stay in Kusadasi.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

5. Pygela: Best area for holiday villages travelers

Pygela (Pigale) beach is about 5 km north of Kusadasi town center. The beach is around 1 km long and it is a sandy beach.

The beach can be crowded with daily tourists, yet the hotels I recommend here have their own private beaches. I would not recommend mid-range and budget hotels in this area because I would choose Long Beach or Old Town for budget hotels.

Water skiing, parasailing, and other water sports are very popular around this area.

Sehirici minibusses from the Kusadasi town center stop at this beach and you can reach Kusadasi center in around 10 minutes.

5.1 Luxury Hotels in Pygela (Above 125 USD)

Pine Bay Holiday Resort

The hotel complex sits at the southern end of Pygela beach. The hotel has a small bay and a private beach. The hotel is designed beautifully with outdoors and many entertainment areas.

This is a hotel where you can easily forget everything and start spoiling yourself with excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

Kustur Club Holiday Village

This is one of the most popular and oldest family hotels in Kusadasi. The area is historically believed to have healing properties. Kustur is also one of the cheapest luxury hotels in the area, yet provides excellent service.

The hotel has many trees, and you will feel as if you have a private house near the sea and the forest.

Even the squirrels are enjoying the hotel, probably Kustur has the highest number of free squirrels population among Kusadasi Hotels.

Click to check on Expedia.

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Ladies’ Beach in Kusadasi

6. Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Denizi) – Best for beach clubs and budget travelers:

Ladies Beach is the most famous beach in Kusadasi. It is a lovely sandy and safe beach. Beach starts shallow and continues to be shallow for at least 20-30 meters. 

Beach has many services like showers, toilets, nice restaurants, and bars nearby. The nights here are lively. Miracle and other beach clubs offer constant day and night entertainment.

You can easily reach Old with shuttle buses that pass every 10 minutes.

6.1 Best Luxury Hotel in Ladies Beach (Above 125 USD)

Le Bleu Hotel & Resort

Le Bleu Hotel & Resort has a private beach, pools, and turquoise blue sea. The hotel is located at the heart of the Ladies Beach area. The area is popular among local and international tourists.

The best beach clubs in Kusadasi are within walking distance. There are many pubs that you enjoy. Yet, the service quality of the hotel is very high and provides all-inclusive services. For these reasons, you may not want to visit other places.

Most rooms in the hotel have a breathtaking view.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

6.2 Best Mid Range Hotel in Ladies Beach (Between 75-125 USD)

Ladies Beach Residence Family Suites

Excellent place for a mid-range hotel The hotels that have private access to the sea are usually luxury hotels in Kusadasi.This hotel provides excellent value for money. The common areas may not be luxurious, but their rooms are designed on par with luxury hotels.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

6.3 Best Budget Hotel in Ladies Beach (Below 75 USD)

Tuntas Family Suites Kusadasi

The hotel has a pool and provides an excellent place for families. The hotel provides constant entertainment for its visitors. The only drawback of this hotel is not being located near the sea. It is located 200 hundred meters away from the coastline.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

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Guzelcamli and Kusadasi National Park at the back.

7. Guzelcamli – Best area to stay in Kusadasi for nature lovers and Budget

This is an excellent spot to eat out and enjoy the sea. My parents used to come here often. Guzelcamli is what Kusadasi used to be 30 years ago before the tourist boom in Kusadasi.

Most of the Guzelcamli area is preserved as a national park and archeological area. Once upon a time, Guzelcamli was the Brussels of the Greek Cities’ Union (Paninon).

Many wild animals live in the park, yet even wild boars are not harmful. You may sometimes see them begging for food. The only dangerous animal was the Anatolian tiger, and it was last seen in the 1950s.

Guzelcamli is also generally cheaper than Kusadasi.

7.1 Best Luxury Hotel in Guzelcamli (Above 125 USD)

Maia Luxury Beach Hotel & Spa

The hotel has a private beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and turquoise blue sea. The hotel is located at the heart of the Guzelcamli, yet at the same time, it is a very secluded and silent area.

Most rooms in the hotel have a breathtaking view.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

7.2 Best Mid Range Hotel in Guzelcamli (Between 75-125 USD)

Emel Pension

The hotel is a boutique pension designed with excellent taste. Its garden is breathtaking and the hotel is on the border of Kusadasi National Reserve. The service quality and the cleanness of this pension are excellent.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

7.3 Best Budget Hotel in Guzelcamli (Below 75 USD)

Selina Hotel

Here’s an excellent hotel located very close to Guzelcamli beaches and other popular attractions in this neighborhood! Some of the cool things about this place are its outdoor pool and open-air restaurant inside with fruit trees.

Click to check on Expedia.

BONUS – Golf and Spa Resort Kusadasi

The resort is not designed as a hotel. You rent the apartments furnished with utilities including a washing machine and dishwasher. The resort also has 2 restaurants, 11 outdoor pools, and a golf course. Golf and Spa Resort Kusadasi is the only option for golfers in Kusadasi.

The resort is located outside of Kusadasi, so be sure to rent a car to visit other places of interest.

Click to check on Expedia or Booking.com

I tried to give you a local’s perspective on safety in Kusadasi, where I visit frequently, and mom lives. If you liked this guide, you can check out all my articles on Kusadasi by clicking here.

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