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Turkey in September: all you need to know to plan a perfect trip in 2023

Visiting Turkey in September: all you need to know to plan a trip! The best places to visit in September in Turkey, when and where to book, what to expect from the weather.

As a Turkish local, September is my favorite month by far.

September is a magical month in Turkey. It’s the time when the scorching summer heat begins to wane, replaced by warm, balmy days and cooler nights.

In Turkey, September is officially autumn, but in reality, it is summer without the excessive heat.

September is also a perfect time for a family picnic. Here is how I enjoy Turkish September with my family.

I believe September is the most underrated month in Turkey. All the summer attractions are still open but with Friday happy hour discounts and fewer crowds.

Also, around the second week of September, schools are opened, and most locals are gone back to cities.

Turkey in September is still a very popular month for tourists – especially if you are visiting Turkey during the first two weekends in September; book all you can in advance, especially your accommodation.

This is our guide to help you plan your trip to Turkey in September.

Before we start: this is a seasonal travel guide about Turkey in September, meant to help you decide the best time of the year for your visit. For official information that may affect your trip, please refer to your Government travel advisory. Links to official info for the USCanadaUKIrelandAustralia, and New Zealand.

1. Is September a good time to visit Turkey?

September is definitely one of the best times if you want to enjoy Turkey.

At this time, Turkey offers all the beauty of the summer without the oppressive heat, and I love that you can visit pretty much everywhere at this time without having to worry too much about the weather.

You can swim in September in Turkey because the sea cools later than the air, and the seawater is warmer than in summer.

Additionally, the sun is not too hot as in the summer months. This is the best time for beaches.

I adore September in Turkey and many things to do and enjoy. It is definitely the best time to enjoy Turkish nature, festivals, and the sea. September is also a magnificent month for outdoor activities.

September can be the smartest choice to visit Turkey in terms of service quality and price.

However, please bear in mind that it is still high season for Istanbul, Kusadasi, Cappadocia, and other holiday destinations. Only locals are returning to their winter homes.

You can also check my October and November guides.

2. Weather in September – Is it still hot in Turkey in September?

Turkish weather in September can be classified as great in Turkey.

The temperature begins to drop all over the country, creating warm and enjoyable weather. Most of the time, you no longer need to hide in shades.

It can rain, but it is rare. If it does, I would not miss the opportunity to swim in the rain. Also, the seawater temperature is the hottest this month.

As you can see in the below map, the hottest places in September are the southern coast of Turkey, whereas the north coast is cooler and have frequent rain showers.

In September, the coldest average temperature is recorded in mountainous East Turkey, which is 11°C (52°F), while the coastline gets an average temperature as high as 28°C (83°F) degrees.

You should expect temperatures above 35°C (95°F) degrees with sunny weather beaches in the south. There can occasionally be rainy weather in late September, yet summer still dominates most parts of Turkey.

In case it is not easy to read the above heat map of Turkey, I prepared the below table for you.

These are average temperatures. Always check the current extended forecast before you are coming to Turkey. So you can find out in advance if it’s unseasonably cold or warm.

Average Temperature in September in Turkey

RegionTemperature in °CTemperature in °F
West Turkey (Aegean Coast including Izmir, Kusadasi, Didim)16°C – 20°C61°F – 68°F
East Turkey (including Kars, Erzincan, and Van)21°C – 27°C70°F – 81°F
Mediterranean Coast (Mediterranean coast including Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris, and Dalaman)22°C – 28°C72°F – 83°F
Central Turkey (Anatolia including Cappadocia, Ankara, Konya, and Eskisehir)11°C – 18°C57°F – 65°F
East Turkey (including Kars, Erzincan, Van)10°C – 16°C50°F – 61°F
Southeast Turkey (including Gaziantep, Urfa)24°C – 28°C75°F – 82°F
Average Temperatures in September for Regions of Turkey (1970-2019)
Source: Turkish State Meteorological Service

4. Turkish Cities in September

This is the month of music in Istanbul.

Istanbul in September

In summer, Istanbul can be a little less crowded.

Some of the locals were away from the city, enjoying the beaches in south Turkey, but in September, as school opens, everybody starts to go back to Istanbul again.

September is the high season for Istanbul. Istanbul International Music Festival, Istanbul Jazz Festival, and Istanbul Bienal of Fine Arts are just three of the well-known festivals in Istanbul.

In September, there will be lots of events and festivals, and it is one of the best times to explore Istanbul.

Want to do something outdoors, but not sure of what to do. You can Grand Bazaar, walk to Sultanahmet, try local food, or just in a park near one of the benches near Hagia Sophia and read your book while watching other people.

When I was a student and did not have much money, I would randomly jump on a ferry line heading anywhere and let Istanbul surprise me at my next stop.

I would definitely recommend this activity; wondering what to do next in Istanbul.

Izmir is also beautiful at night. Famous Izmir Clock Tower.

Izmir in September

September in Izmir will be something to see. There will be grape harvest festivals nearly in all cities and towns in the Aegean Region. The city will be full of life. Although crowds will lessen a little, all the summer destinations will be lively.

There will be a huge celebration on 9th September. This is the date Izmir Liberation Day is celebrated at Izmir International Fair. In the picture, Izmir Mayor is holding the Turkish flag during celebrations.

Izmir International Fair

Since 1923, the Izmir International Fair has taken place in the first weeks of September. This is the biggest, oldest, and most well-known commerce-related fair in Turkey. The city is packed with businessmen and regular people who just want to enjoy the fair’s attractions.

Izmir Fair takes place in the city center. The area solely designated for the fair is 337.000 square meters. In other words, the fair takes place in an area of 50 football stadiums.

On the 9th of September, there will also be celebration ceremonies to commemorate the liberation of Izmir at the end of the Turkish War of Independence.

Lots of local Harvest Festivals take in September in Turkey.

In the Aegean region, September is the month grape harvesting begins, and many local communities celebrate the harvest with local festivals.

A traditional Aegean dance show in Grape Harvest Festival in Buca Izmir. Photo source Buca Municipality.

Mediterranean Coast, Antalya, Bodrum, and Marmaris in September

Locals may have gone back, especially after the schools open in the second half of September, but September is summer in the south.

With the lowered temperatures, in fact, it is better to enjoy beaches and all other attractions. Prices will be a little lower, and the weather is definitely nicer. This is also a good time for trekking and exploration of the Mediterranean coast.

Bodrum and Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, Alanya, or Kusadasi, and many more fantastic places to enjoy.

Cappadocia in September

While the beaches are slightly less crowded, Cappadocia is full of joy. September is the high season for Cappodocia. There are at least three festivals in Cappadocia.

The most festive event is the Grape Harvest Festival. The region is famous for its grapes and wines since ancient times. There will be lots of folk dances, grape beauty contests, wine, and much more.

Also, there will be events about ancient Turkish food and forgotten tastes of the Cappadocia region. These events will last all around the month, independent of the Grape Harvest Festival.

Salcano Erciyes Cappadocia Bicycle Festival also takes place around 13 and 17 September of every year. Professional and amateur cyclists all over the world meet to take part in this event.

It is not finished yet; every year, the International Avanos Handcraft Festival takes place in September. Here, you can witness all the best samples of Turkish handicrafts, learn more about Turkish culture, or try to learn some of the ancient techniques.

In September, Cappadocia is somewhere to see. Do not forget to do the usual hot air ballooning, exploring underground cities, and enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage Site while attending these festivals.


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