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Turkey in October: Weather, Special Events, Cities, Tips & More

All things considered, October is one of the best months of the year to come to Turkey. Temperatures are just in the right place, which can please everyone.

It is time to explore Turkey and Turkish culture without many crowds. Nature is welcoming without the scorching heat of the summer. Without the flocks of tourists as seen in the summer, prices are lower, and service quality is higher.

If you missed the summer, you could make arrangements for a late-summer vacation in the south. It is still summer on the Turkish Mediterranean Coast. Especially in the first half of the month, summer tones are more dominant. As the month progresses, rainy and windy weather will be more common.

Is October a good time to visit Turkey? In October, a visit to Turkey means you’ll enjoy the cities and nature without the discomforting elements of summer and winter. You can explore the streets of Istanbul or go swimming or camping on the Mediterranean coast.

Autumn can be very rewarding in Turkey.
Photo source unsplash

Here’s what you need to know about traveling in Turkey in October, including Turkish weather, holidays and festivals, cities and sites to visit in October, and some tips.

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Weather in Turkey in October

October is autumn in Turkey. The month begins with lovely weather. However, the autumn rains may begin sometime in late October. As the cold weather and warm weather clashes, there can be thunderstorms and winds.

How hot is Turkey in October? Is it Cold in Turkey in October? Can you swim in Turkey in October?

Most Turkish regions are warm in October, but East Turkey is definitely cold. Even though beaches are empty, seawater generally cools later than the weather. If you are not hesitant from a little cold, you may still enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean and Aegean sea.

What should you wear in Turkey in October?

In November, you are definitely fine with a t-shirt and a jacket in the warmer coastal areas. In Istanbul and Cappadocia, you should dress more warm clothes like sweaters. There will be rain all over, and water-resistant shoes will be a good choice for this season.

As you can see from the graph Turkey’s southern coastline regions are always warmer than their northern Turkey.

In October, the hottest part of Turkey is definitely the southern coast (Alanya, Side, Marmaris, Dalyan, Antalya). Adana is even hotter because Toros Mountain protects it from the cold winds from the north.

In any case, it may not be easy to read the above heat map of Turkey, and I prepared the below table for you. These are average temperatures in October. Always check the current extended forecast before coming to Turkey and find out in advance if it’s unseasonably cold or warm.

Average Temperature in October in Turkey

RegionTemperature in °CTemperature in °F
North Coastline (Thrace and Black Sea including Istanbul)13°C – 17°C55°F – 63°F
West Turkey (Aegean Coast on including Izmir)17°C – 19°C63°F – 66°F
Mediterranean Coast (Mediterranean coast including Bodrum, Antalya Marmaris, and Dalaman)17°C – 23°C63°F – 73°F
Central Turkey (Anatolia including Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir)11°C -13 °C52°F – 56°F
East Turkey (including Kars, Erzincan, Van)6°C – 9°C43°F – 48°F
Southeast Turkey (including Gaziantep, Urfa)17°C – 21°C63°F – 70°F
Average Temperatures in October for Regions of Turkey (1970-2019)
Source: Turkish State Meteorological Service
Republic Day Celebrations on the Bosphorus Channel Istanbul Photo source Wikipedia

Special Events in Turkey in October

Republic Day (29 October)

Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is a public holiday in Turkey, commemorating the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. There will be celebrations, parades, and events all day long.

There will be many parades during Republic Day. In this parade, men and children are wearing Seymen uniforms. Seymens were a part of the ancient Turkic army. Photo source Wikipedia

Turkish Cities in October

Hot air balloons complement the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cappadocia in October

Cappadocia is slowly getting colder. Yet, it is still high season for Cappadocia. Cappadocia is the most visited place in the countryside of Turkey, and there are many good reasons why so many people visit it.

In Cappadocia, you can enjoy the underground cities, natural wonders, and hot air balloons of Cappadocia. If you are thinking of taking your lover somewhere, looking out of this world and very romantic at the same time, this is the place. This is the most romantic of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia also has its own unique local wines, which rely on more than two-thousand-year-old traditions and grape selection. If you are into handcrafted, you can join one of the ceramics workshops and create souvenirs yourself. They would be perfect gifts as well as a nice decoration for your house.

If you are in the mood of being lazy, don’t want to do much. No problem. Enjoy Turkish breakfasts or, better, your local wine near a fireplace, and watch colorful hot air balloons dance in the distance.

Istanbul in October

Istanbul has lots of events in October. Jazz festival, Bosphorus Film Festival, and Bienal Design Art are just a few.

Agva and Sapanca are the two destinations if you are looking for a weekend retreat from Istanbul.

Agva is located on the Black Sea shore of Istanbul. There are two rivers and beaches on the Black Sea shores. You will be surprised to find such untouched nature just a stone’s throw away from Istanbul. In October the weather will be perfect in Agva. You can wander on the beaches of Agva, go for a trekking route or go canoeing in the clean waters of its rivers.

Another alternative to Agva is Sapanca Lake. Sapanca is also a destination for nature and a family holiday. Feed the ducks, enjoy walking on the shores of Sapanca Lake, breathe the fresh forest air.

Izmir in October

Izmir in October is mostly calmer than usual. Taking a walk through Kordon, renting a bike from the Metropolitan city system Bikim will be an excellent day activity.

Locals tend to steam off in the evenings in countless bars, restaurants, and taverns. If you want a spring retreat in the evergreen pine forest of Izmir, Sirince or Urla will be excellent choices. If you want to learn, you can also read my guides on Urla and Sirince.

Urla This lovely fishing town is 10 minutes away from the Izmir city center. Urla has much to offer in the off-season. It is a lovely town with wineries, museums, excellent gastronomy stops, historical sites, festivals, and much more.

If you wish to get in a wetsuit and endure a little cold water, you can still enjoy diving, kitesurfing, or windsurfing in Urla.

Sirince is smaller than Urla, but it is a major tourist attraction that hosts over a million tourists every year. Yet, October, Sirince is off-season.

This presents the opportunity to enjoy this lovely village without crowds. In the daytime, you can wander around the village, discover local artisan shops, go trekking, visit Ephesus or the House of Virgin Mary.

At night, you can enjoy local taverns, a beautiful clear sky with stars, homemade wine, and fresh pine forest oxygen. Pensions in Sirince are converted from old houses. The rooms of pension are usually designed traditionally, and most of them have fireplaces.

Mediterranean Coast, Antalya, Bodrum in October

This is the time of trekking and exploration of the Mediterranean coast without the heat of the summer. Everywhere will be clean, and locals will be more welcoming than the busy summer days. October is simply happy hour on the southern coast.