Delightful Town of Sirince: All You Need to Know Before Coming

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IIn this article, as a local, I will answer the most common questions about Sirince Town in Selcuk, Turkey that you need to know before coming to Sirince.

Sirince is a village that I visit to spend quality time with my family. I used to come here with my parents and then I continue coming here with my family.

Sirince is a small place, but the town has an aura that pleases every age group. For this reason, it is one of the most visited towns in Turkey.

Where is Sirince? 

Sirince is a town located on the hills of Selcuk district located within the Aydın Province of Turkey. 

Sirince is located in the west of Turkey on the Aegean Coast, but the town is located on the hills around 28 km (17 mi) distance from Kusadasi and its beaches. 

Sirince is 7 km (5 mi) away from Selcuk district center and Ephesus ancient city. 

You can reach the metropolitan city of Izmir from the Selcuk district center. Selcuk is tied to the Izmir city transportation network with the subway. Sirince Town is 94 km (58 mi) south of Izmir city.

The region in which Sirince is located is often called Asia Minor as well as the Aegean Region of Turkey.

Where is Sirince Located on a Map?

You can see Sirince’s location on the map below.

Sirince’s Location on the map

You can do lots of activities in Sirince. There is something appealing for everyone in Sirince. Below you can see my map of Sirince.

You can also check my guide Sirince Things to do Guide. In this guide, I explain all the location and travel hacks, which would increase your Sirince visit.

Facts about Sirince

RegionAegean (also known as Asia Minor)
ClimateTypical Mediterranean Climate(Dry and Hot summer, Rainy and temperate winters)
Time ZoneGMT+03:00 in summer – GMT+02:00 in winter
Facts about Sirince

Is Sirince worth visiting?

Sirince is definitely worth visiting. This lovely traditional village is famous for many things, wine, traditional houses, and wonderful people are just a few to list.

You can visit this town all year. It is a lovely town with many tourist attractions, historical sites, festivals, and much more.

If you are here to discover Ephesus, the best choice would be Sirince. It is also known that wealthy families of Ephesus also used Sirince as their off-city residence.

This small yet beautiful town is 2500 years old.

Overview of Sirince

Climate of Sirince

Sirince is a fine example of the Mediterranean climate. In the summer, it is hot and there is no rain. Yet, the village area is more comfortable even on the hottest days of the summer.

Snow in Sirince is a rare instance, yet wine near a fireplace would erase all your worries about life.

Because the village is located in the hills, there will be thermal winds during the day further refreshing you in the summer days.

In Sirince, the average temperature for the winter days will be around 10-15 °C (41-59 °F). In the winter months, it will rarely snow, but rainy days will be frequent.

What is Sirince Famous For?

Sirince is famous for fruit wines, history, Aegean style old houses, hand craft items. This amazing town has excellent food and places to chill.

My wife loves to wander around the town and enjoy shopping for local products, but if you are in for an adrenaline treat, you should try the zipline.

Also, you can enjoy a trekking adventure around the town and spoil yourself with fresh fruits hanging from the trees or simply chill in the town watching the scenery and sipping your Turkish coffee.

Check out my guide “All You Need to Know Before Coming to Sirince” when planning your trip when visiting this town.

A small Anecdote About Sirince’s History

This village was named “Çirkince” until recently. Çirkince means “something ugly”. It is thought that villagers named their village ugly to deter outsiders from visiting their town. 

In 1924, Izmir mayor was deeply amazed by the beauty of the town, he renamed the town as Sirince which means “something nice”. 

This village was a local secret. In my childhood, only locals would visit this village. Even though it was close to many major tourist centers, only local tourists would know this lovely village.

Wine Cellar in Sirince’s Priest House.

Best Time to Visit Sirince

The top season for Sirince is between June and September. During these months, day-tours all from Izmir, Kusadası, and other tourist centers come to Sirince. Yet, the nights are relatively quiet in Sirince.

I love the nights of Sirince. It is quiet and romantic. You can see lots of stars.

My favorite time for Sirince is either spring or autumn. Especially in September and October, the weather is nice. Even if it is cold, most of the pension rooms have a fireplace. It is a lovely place to take a walk with your family and rekindle your love.

Sirince has a magnificent and welcoming native population of 500 people, but the town attracts 1,5 million visitors every year.

Sirince is more crowded on the weekend, a visit during the weekdays will grant a more pleasant atmosphere and cheaper accommodation prices.

Huffington Post and Sirince

Is Sirince Safe? 

Kusadasi is a safe destination for all travelers, whether you are a solo family or traveling with your family. 

Just be careful about cobblestone roads, it will be harder to walk with open sandals or high heels, a pair of sneakers would be ideal.

Nearest Airport to Sirince and How to Get to Sirince

The closest airport to Sirince is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB).

The distance between the airport to Sirince is 67 km (42 miles). You can use the Izmir City metro to arrive at the town of Selcuk. The metro connects Selcuk with Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport or anywhere in Izmir.

From Selcuk, you can use mini buses to Sirince. The distance between Sirince and Selcuk is 6 km (4 miles).

In any case, if you need a direct transfer to your hotel in a more comfortable way and you can use private airport transfers to Sirince, here is the site I use for airport transfers.

There are many domestic and international airlines with flights to Izmir Adnan Menderes. For this reason, it is better to compare different airline companies’ prices. You can click search Expedia to find plane tickets and compare their prices.

Sirince minibuses frequently travel between Selcuk and Sirince.

How can you travel to Sirince?

Sirince is exactly 86 km away from Izmir city center. From Izmir Central Bus Station (Otogar) you can take buses to Selcuk. 

Also, you buy bus tickets from any major city to Selcuk. Nearly all the buses traveling to Kusadası or Bodrum pass through Selcuk. For this reason, it is not hard to find a bus ticket to Selcuk.

If you want a more scenic route from Izmir, you can come to Selcuk by train from Izmir Basmane Train Station. You can check railway tickets from here.

If you are coming to Sirince from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB), you can use airport service buses (Havas). Havas buses to Kusadası, also stop at Selcuk. You can check the timetable from here.

From Selcuk, Sirince is 7 km away. It is a mountainous route with slopes, you may not walk. 

You can hop on minibuses available in Selcuk. In the high season, there are buses every 20 minutes but in winter months minibuses are less frequent. These mini buses are cheap and usually cost between 2-3 USD depending on the Turkish Lira’s currency rate. 

Minibusses end at 8 PM. After this time, the only transportation available to and from Sirince is taxis. They can be expensive and bartering is always an option. 

With a car coming to Sirince is easier. And if you do not have a car, you may not enjoy it as much as I do. Renting a car is an important option to consider.

If you are driving to Sirince;

  • Ankara to Sirince is 656 km and the travel time will be around 7 hours.
  • Istanbul to Sirince is 546 km and the travel time will be around 5,5 hours.
  • Mugla to Sirince is 165 km and the travel time will be around 1,5 hours.
  • Balıkesir to Sirince is 271 km and the travel time will be around 2,5 hours.
  • Manisa to Sirince is 112 km and the travel time will be around 1 hour.

Where to Stay in Sirince?

There are no big hotels in Sirince. Most of the hotels and pensions are family businesses. If you want a quick answer, I would suggest Nisanyan Hotels.

This traditional village can be crowded in the day but at night, Sirince offers a wonderful place to forget the rest of the world. Photo Source Nisanyan Hotels

Nisanyan Hotel is considered one of Turkey’s finest hotels. It is a medium-sized boutique hotel and the hotel itself is considered a landmark to visit. Nisanyan Hotels can be a little expensive compared to other options but it is the best option in Sirince.

Click here to check Nisanyan Hotels (on Expedia or in You can also read my detailed guide on Where to Stay in Sirince.

Do you need to rent a car in Sirince?

The best possible way to enjoy Sirince is to come here in your private car. There are many historical sites, museums, beaches, and tourist attractions, and activities like the zipline are not within walking distance of Sirince.

You can access these places easily if you are here in your car. If you are not coming to Sirince in your private car, I recommend you to rent a car.

To get the best price for car rentals, you should compare the prices of different car rentals. Here is the website that I use for car rentals.

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