A Local’s Top 13 Spots for Kusadasi Nights

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Kusadasi has a vibrant nightlife that continues until dawn. Kusadasi offers many beach clubs, taverns, live music, cafes, and many other things to do at night.

In the summer months, these places host hundreds of thousands of visitors each night. Even in the winter months, Kusadasi is alive with its sizable local population.

Yet, not all entertainment styles are suitable for all visitors. The main problem for most first-timers is that they do not know where to go. 

Some Kusadasi visitors even leave Kusadasi unsatisfied with the nightlife because they went to the wrong places for the wrong type of entertainment. In this guide, I will help you find your rightful place in Kusadasi Nightlife.

To be honest, I may not be the most up-to-date source of Kusadasi nightlife. After my little daughter came,  my nightlife was limited to my wife and beloved daughter Lidya.

Yet, I have been enjoying the Kusadasi nightlife since I was born. Yep, my parents were awesome, too!! Just follow me; I will reveal all my tips on Kusadasi nightlife.

I will not only reveal nightclubs and bars, but I will also tell you about the places that you can enjoy with your family or your loved ones.

Where to go at night in Kusadasi? 

There are many options in Kusadasi, but the main categories of places you can go at night in Kusadasi.

  1. Bar Street 
  2. Bar Street (Inside the Castle)
  3. Beach Clubs and similar venues
  4. Dine Out – Best Restaurants
  5. My Top Spots – Best For Family and Romantic Dining

Bars in the town center are concentrated in two areas. One of them is the bar street, and the other is the Bar Street inside the Castle. 

Kusadasi is a lovely place at night, Let’s explore it together 🙂

1. The Bar Street (Main Street)

The main Bar Street is literally a street of regular bars.

The street is filled with Karaoke, Irish, and other style pubs that you can easily find in the US, Ireland, or the UK.  The bars in this location are mostly pub and disco hybrid.

If you want a place where you can have fun and drink, this is the place you are looking for in Kusadasi. Bar street provides a relaxed environment for all. 

No entrance fee is required for most bars. The well-known bars in this street are Jimmy’s Irish, Dubliners Karaoke, Kusadasi Orange, and Paddy’s Irish Bar.

Kusadasi Bar Street – Photo Source Jimmy’s Irish

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1.1 Jimmy’s Irish

This pub is a classic of this Bar Street in Kusadasi. Many pubs opened and closed in this street, yet Jimmy’s Irish stood against the test of time. It is on the corner at the entrance of Bar Street. 

Irish may feel at home here, and early in the evenings, you can come here to watch Irish and UK soccer matches here. 

Cocktails with strange names, lively crowd, latest, and lower pieces, what more can you want?  

Instagram of Jimmy’s Irish

1.2 Kuşadası Paddy’s Irish Bar

This place is a restaurant and bar and offers much better quality than Bar Street bars. 

1.3 Kusadasi Orange Home

Kusadasi Orange Bar is a top choice for tourists from the Netherlands.

1.4 Dubliners Karaoke

This pub has a small area but provides a family-friendly atmosphere (most of the time). The bar offers the most relaxed atmosphere and friendly bar in Kusadasi.  

And if Karaoke is not enough and you are in the mood for pole dancing, nobody can stop you! There is a red pole in the middle of the pub.

Facebook of Dubliners Karaoke

2. Kusadasi Bar Street (inside the Castle) 

This area is also called Bar Street, but it is an area with old streets of Kusadasi. Bar Streets in Kusadasi Castle could be a better definition.

This area is visited mainly by local tourists, and you will encounter clubs, live music shows, and taverns. 

This place is a little bit classier than a regular bar street, but it can be crowded on the weekend.

Mascara and Ex-Club are the most popular places in this district.

2.1 Mascara Club

This club may not be appealing to internationals, yet it is one of the top choices for Turkish tourists. 

The club has been active since 2015 and hosts performances by well-known Turkish stars. 

Instagram of Mascara Club

2.2 Ex-Club

This club appeals to both local and international tourists. Especially on the weekends, you will need a reservation to enjoy this club. Yet, you can easily make a reservation through their website.

As its name suggests, it is a club, and you will find music performed by Turkish and foreign DJs.

The place has high-quality service and is one of the best clubs in Kusadasi.

In the summer season, the club has a transportation service. They pick you up and leave you back at the end of the night.  I think it is a very well thought service.

Click here to check the website of Ex Club and its Facebook page.

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3. Beach Clubs in Kusadasi

Beach Clubs are luxurious. They have high service quality.  I like them better because you are not confined in a closed space; I love partying near the sea with a more relaxed atmosphere. 

You can sit and watch the sea with the music on in the background, dance wildly on the stage, jump into the darkness of the sea or make love in secret dark places. It is all up to you.

Beach Clubs usually charge an entrance fee between 10 to 30 USD depending on the night. Sometimes the beach clubs may be reserved for special events.

The two well-known beach clubs that you can enjoy nights in Kusadasi are Miracle and Jade.

TRAVEL TIP: Kusadasi hosts many live performances of international and local celebrities during the summer season. You can check these events through Biletix. Biletix is one of the most used websites in Turkey and is a subsidiary of Ticketmaster.

Miracle Beach Club has many indoor and outdoor areas.

3.1 Miracle Beach Club

This place is one of the best beach clubs in Turkey and one of my personal favorites. This beach club has live performances throughout the night. 

Miracle Beach has both indoor and outdoor areas. It has a terrace area with a fantastic view. High-quality service, decoration, and live music make this beach club enjoyable until the first lights of the day.

Miracle Beach Club has a capacity of 1000 people. It is open from 9 am to 4 am.

Click here to check the website of Miracle Beach and its Facebook page.

3.2 Jade Beach Club

This beach turns into something new and unique at night. Jade Beach Club is a colorful and diverse place with 20 acres of land. 

This place hosts world-famous DJs and performance artists. Jade Beach Club also offers live dance and performance shows and excellent service until dawn.

It is open from 9 am to 5 am.

Click here to check the website of Jade Club

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4. My Best Restaurants

I believe Blue Beach is the best place to dine out in Kusadasi

4.1 Blue Beach Club – Long Beach – My Top Spot 1

This is a lovely spot to dine and enjoy a few drinks. The Atlantique Holiday Club has an excellent beach restaurant with affordable prices. 

Even if you are not a hotel visitor, you can still enjoy this excellent restaurant. 

This part of the beach is silent yet not abandoned. This area is more orderly than the crowded town center of Kusadasi. Turkish locals mostly visit the area, and many Turkish people like me have their vacation homes in the Long beach section.

The Blue Beach turns into a fantastic place at night.

Eat your meal near the sea, take a glass of wine and walk on the pier. If you are coming with your children, your children may play freely on the sand beach. There is even a public playground very close.

There are also many other cafes and restaurants around here and a 15 km long sandy beach to wander around. Here is the Instagram of Blue Beach Club.

Douwe Egberts is a Belgian restaurant operated by a friendly family.

4.2. Mare Bistro – Long Beach

This restaurant is a family business. We love their fish soup and onion soup. Also, they make quite good fish dishes as well as meat dishes.

The restaurant is famous for its traditional Dutch and Belgian dishes.

Mare Bistro restaurant is also good with local vegetables and Turkish mezes (tapas).

Our daughter Lidya is picky with the taste but loves to come here. If you are not used to Turkish food, yet or want to try traditional Belgian or Dutch dishes, you should try this small and beautifully decorated restaurant.

We love this place.

Facebook of Mare Bistro Restaurant.

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4.3 Mezgit Restaurant – Kusadasi Town

If you want to try an Aegean classic, nothing is better than fish, raki, and mezes (tapas). 

This restaurant just across Kusadasi is an excellent place to taste fresh fish and mezes made with local vegetables. 

If Raki (Turkish Lion Milk) is too strong for you, try Turkish local beer Efes.

Click here for the website of the restaurant.

4.4 Çınar Balık Restaurant – Kusadasi Town

This restaurant with excellent fish dishes and tapas is one of the oldest restaurants in Kusadası. 

Cınar Balık is located in a prime location near the cruise ship harbor.

Facebook of Cınar Balık Restaurant

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4.5 Degirmen Restaurant – Davutlar

This restaurant is a fantastic place. There is a la carte restaurant, a lakeside breakfast place, another traditional cuisine restaurant, a grocery store, a horse riding park, and Olive Oil Museum.

The complex as a whole is called Degirmen (which means “Windmill” in Turkish).

The complex is vast and very family-friendly. I have been there at least once a year with my family because it is 5 minutes driving distance from our summer house.

Click here to check the official website of Degirmen.


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