Kusadasi: All You Need to Know Before Coming

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In this article, as a local, I will answer the most common questions about Kusadasi, that you need to know before coming to Kusadasi.

Where is Kusadasi? 

Kusadasi is a large seaside district located within the Aydın Province. Kusadasi is located in the west of Turkey on the Aegean Coast. Kusadasi is 95 km (59 mi) south of İzmir, and 70 km (43 mi) west of Aydin city center.

Kusadasi is located 17 km (10 mi) south of Ephesus and Selcuk district of Izmir.

The region in which Kusadasi is located is often called Asia Minor as well as the Aegean Region of Turkey.

Where is Kusadasi Located on a Map?

You can see Kusadasi’s location on the below map.

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Kusadasi’s Location on the map

Kusadasi is located Western part of Turkey which is also called the Aegean Region. The Agean Region includes the cities of Mugla, Denizli, Aydın, Izmir, Manisa, and Balikesir.

Facts about Kusadasi

RegionAegean (also known as Asia Minor)
(population increases over a million during the summer months.)
ClimateTypical Mediterranean Climate
(Dry and Hot summer, Rainy and temperate winters)
Time ZoneGMT+03:00 in summer – GMT+02:00 in winter
Facts about Kusadasi

Is Kusadasi worth visiting?

Kusadasi is one of the fantastic destinations not only in Turkey but in the Mediterranean. Kusadasi is a very developed city known for its lovely climate, excellent nature, and many historical wonders.

Millions of tourists visit Kusadasi each year and more return each year. Kusadasi has something for all budgets. Yet, the town is also a top destination for high-income tourists.

High-income tourists arrive in Kusadasi with their own yachts or with luxury cruise ships.  In 2019, 221.549 tourists arrived at Kusadasi via the sea route.

Kusadasi has a beautiful nature.

What is the best time to visit Kusadasi?

The best time to visit Kusadasi is after the 15th of September until mid-October. Most of the local tourists depart Kusadasi after the schools open. 

Additionally, during this time, the scorching summer heat will not be frequent. For this reason, you can enjoy Kusadasi with fewer crowds and higher service quality.

The high seasons in Kusadasi are June, July, and August. Yet, unlike most coastal destinations where locals close their shops after the tourist season, Kusadasi is a city that has a vibrant social life year-round.

Nearest Airport to Kusadasi and How to Get to Kusadasi

The closest airport to Kusadasi is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB). The alternative is Milas Bodrum Airport (BJV).

The nearest airports to Kusadasi are

  • Izmir Adnan Menderes ( 82 km – 50 mi) – Izmir Airport has easier access to Kusadasi
  • Milas Bodrum Airport (127 km – 77 mi)

There are shuttles services from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Kusadasi Bus Terminal. In any case, if you need a direct transfer to your hotel in a more comfortable way and you can use private airport transfers to Kusadasi, here is the site I use for airport transfers.

There are many domestic and international airlines with flights to Izmir Adnan Menderes. For this reason, it is better to compare different airline companies’ prices. You can click here to find plane tickets and compare their prices.

Where to Stay in Kusadasi and Accommodation Fees

Best Areas to stay in Kusadasi

In Kusadasi, you can find accommodation for all budget types. I prepared a detailed guide for all types of travelers. 

If you wish to know more about the areas suitable for you, check my guide on Where to Stay in Kusadasi to learn more about Kusadasi’s Districts and Kusadasi Hotels.

Is Kusadasi Safe? 

Kusadasi is a safe destination for all travelers, whether you are a solo family or traveling with your family.  Yet, you may need some travel tips.

Please check my post “Is Kusadasi safe?” if you want to know more about travel safety in Kusadasi.

What is Kusadasi Famous For?

Kusadasi is famous for its sandy beaches, temperate Mediterranean climate, its natural beauty and historical sites.

The most famous historical sites in Kusadasi are Kusadasi Castle, Temple of Artemis, House of Virgin Mary and Ephesus.

The House of Virgin is the house of Jesus’s mother and still operates as a holy site today. This small church is visited by many Popes.

Ephesus was a city that was equivalent to today’s New York or London. Ephesus was the second populous city in the world around 100 AD.

Temple of Artemis, is one of the seven wonders of the world and is believed to be the most beautiful building in ancient times.

There are also countless ancient sites in Kusadasi, some of these ancient sites are hidden in plain only locals know. You can check my guide to learn more ancient sites in Kusadasi.

Kusadasi is one of the top destinations in Turkey. It has something to enjoy for everyone.

Things To Do in Kusadasi

You can do lots of activities in Kusadasi. Besides its beaches and immersive history, Kusadasi town has a vibrant nightlife, countless safari routes, lovely villages to explore, aqua parks, and more.

There is something appealing for everyone in Kusadasi. 

Ephesus, Sirince, and the Temple of Artemis are some of the places that you can visit around Kusadasi.

For more details, check my post, 29 Amazing Things to Do in Kusadasi and Kusadasi Nightlife Guide to learn more options that you can enjoy in Kusadasi.

Transportation in Kusadasi

Within Kusadasi, public transportation relies on a network of mini bus routes. Additionally, some shopping malls and aquaparks have free shuttle services for their prospective customers.

Intercity transportation is handled by the Kuşadası Garaj “Kusadasi Bus Terminal”. You can buy bus tickets to any Turkish city from this terminal.

Also, you can go to Selcuk, 20 km (13 Miles) by mini buses. There you can hop on the Izmir Subway Network to directly go to any destination in Izmir.

Do you need a rental car in Kusadasi?

You may wonder if renting a car in Kusadasi would help you or if renting a car will be a burden. If you want to explore, renting a car may make your trip to Kusadasi more enjoyable. 

There are many sights to explore and using mini buses may limit your time and some destinations can not be reachable by public transport.

Also, when the weather is scorching hot, I do not like to be in mini buses, even though the air conditioning is working.

Check out my guide on Kusadasi Historical Places to Visit and Kusadasi Shopping Guide to learn more places to visit in Kusadasi.

Distances Between Kusadasi and Other Places

Kusadasi to Izmir9861
Kusadasi to Selcuk2013
Kusadasi to Pergamon200124
Kusadasi to Didim7748
Kusadasi to Aydin5836
Kusadasi to Istanbul555345
Kusadasi to Ankara667414
Kusadasi to Bodrum15395
Kusadasi to Antalya403250
Kusadasi to Sirince2716
Distances Between Kusadasi and other places


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