A Local’s Guide to Kitesurfing in Turkey with Maps

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I prepared a comprehensive guide on kitesurfing in Turkey. This guide lists the 9 best spots in Turkey and 42 Kitesurf schools.

Most of the excellent kitesurfing spots are also excellent holiday destinations. The best place to windsurf in Turkey is Alacati Cesme.

The second best option is Akyaka. Some people believe Akyaka is the best option because it is mostly dedicated to kitesurf, and Alacati is a windsurfing paradise for most people.

Yes, Akyaka has an excellent location, but Cesme Peninsula, where Alacati is located, has more than one perfect place to kitesurf.

One of them is Pirlanta, located on the west end of the Cesme peninsula, which is an excellent spot for advanced kitesurfers.

On Pirlanta, the wind is stronger, and the waves are bigger. The area has no schools, but you can go there with your equipment or ask for assistance from the schools in Alacati.

Urla, the third option on the list, is also very close to Alacati. Urla is a half-hour drive from Alacati. You may also try kitesurfing in at least 10 other locations, with at most a 2-hour drive from Alacati and Urla.

Gokceada is another well-developed kitesurfing place with many spots.

Kitesurfing is also expanding in other regions of Turkey, but the other spots are still developing. Equipment and facilities in other spots may be lacking.

If you have your equipment, then Turkey is heaven for you. Countless kitesurfing spots are waiting to be discovered by you.

If you wish, you can also check my Windsurfing in Turkey guide.

Is Kitesurfing worth it in Turkey?

Before starting my detailed review of each spot, I want to encourage my readers who are thinking of learning kitesurfing during their holiday in Turkey.

Alacati, Izmir

If you are like me and love solitude, adrenaline, or simply being on the sea, you will fall in love with kitesurfing. It is the safest and the most perfect sport for adrenaline junkies.

Yet, windsurfing is a long-term sport.

Here are the answers to basic questions for those inspired to begin their Kitesurfing journey.

How to start kitesurfing? To start kitesurfing, you need to take a 6 to 8 hour long course. 1 hour of the course will be mandatory training on the land and the other hours of the training will be on the sea. 

The first days of kitesurfing will be tough. You may feel pain because you are developing new muscles. You should give some time to your body to adapt. It will get easier and easier as you learn.

Do not think this training will end the journey; you will learn everything. This is just the beginning, as you practice more you will be more capable.

The more capable you become, kitesurfing will present new challenges. There is always something new to learn and try in Kitesurfing.

Do you need to be strong to do kitesurfing? Kitesurfing is not about muscle power. Initially, you cover your mistakes with muscle power because you do not know the necessary techniques. For this reason, it may be very tiring. Yet, you will need less muscle power once your kitesurfing skills advance.

Map of 9 Best Kitesurfing Places in Turkey

Here is my review of the kitesurfing spots, I marked all the spots on the map.

9 Best Kitesurfing Places in Turkey

1. Alacati – Cesme Izmir

Alacati Kitesurfing Beach when the wind is blowing from the south

Alacati is the most internationally known spot in Turkey and is also the mecca of windsurfing in Turkey.

In Alacati, it is possible to kitesurf every month throughout the year and the spot offers 330 days a year that is suitable for kitesurfing.

Alacati is also one of the top holiday destinations in Turkey.

Wind Conditions and Season

Alacati has around 330 windy days a year, suitable for kitesurfing.

Another feature of Alacati is the wind usually starts at low speeds and gets stronger as the day progresses. For this reason, all levels of kitesurfers can find a wind that is suitable for them on the same day.

The best winds are between May and September when the weather is hot.

In the season, winds with a speed of 15 – 20 knots are common. You can experience winds reaching 40 knots on rare days. 

The Alacati Bay is located in a natural valley that funnels the wind. For this reason, the wind is steadier and stronger than in other nearby areas.

Cesme is one of the warm spots in Turkey. For this reason, you can enjoy kitesurfing even in the winter months with a little protection.

I used mostly Sarper’s photos when preparing this guide.

My friend’s name is Sarper Uncular, and he is a kitesurfer instructor at Alacati Cesme.

If you wish to learn kitesurfing or enhance your skills, you can reach Sarper through his private email. ([email protected]) or through Whatsapp (+90 532 2145789).

Sarper is a fluent English speaker, and most importantly, he is a person who is fun to spend time with.

He also provided his expert insights to this article. Without him, I would not be able to write such an in-depth article.

Water Conditions

The water is mostly flat. These conditions provide an extremely nice environment for speeding.

Alacati has a nice shallow sandy area which provides an excellent area to train for all levels of kitesurfers.

Other Features of the Spot

Alacati also hosts many international windsurfing and kitesurfing events. There are 8 kitesurf schools all around Alacati Bay.

The schools are marked on the map and in the list below between 18-25.

This is an area where I spend a lot of time. This is a very family-friendly place with lots of facilities and activities.

2. Akyaka

Gokova Turkey
Photo Source Kitemaximum School

Akyaka was a small seaside village just a decade ago and gained popularity thanks to kitesurfers.

Kitesurfing transformed this little town into a fun place for all.

Wind Conditions and Season

Akkaya is an excellent place for all levels of kitesurfers. The location is well developed with many kitesurf schools.

Akkaya has strong winds from May to November. The hottest months of June, July, and August are considered high seasons with stronger winds.

Akyaka is the best wind when the weather is hot because Akyaka depends on thermal winds, The thermal winds blow from the sea to the land.

The wind direction creates an ideal environment for beginners by eliminating their risk to the open sea. In the season, winds with speeds around 15-18 knots are common.

Water Conditions

Akkaya has a 3 km wide shallow sand area. This area creates an ideal environment for beginners. The sea bed is mostly sand.

Other Features of the Spot

There are 6 kitesurf schools in Akyaka. The schools are marked on the map and in the list below between 37-42.

Akkaya feels a lot different from Alacati.

Alacati is crowded with many tourists during the high season. Compared to Alacati, Akyaka feels more like a town reserved for kitesurfers.

3. Urla

Urla is the rising star among Kitesurfing spots.

Urla used to be a fishing town between İzmir and Cesme Alacati. Yet lately, it is rising in every star in quality vacation.

Besides being a kitesurfing spot, Urla has a tranquil atmosphere, wonderful beaches, wineries, talented artisans, gourmet restaurants, and much more.

If you wish to learn more about Urla, you can check out my travel guide about Urla. Now, let’s go back to the kitesurfing spot in Urla.

Wind Conditions and Season

The spot is located near Gulbahce village in Urla.

This spot receives side-shore wind and receives quality wind all months of the year. Yet, the best winds are between May and September when the weather is hot.

In the season, winds with a speed of 16 – 18 knots are common. This wind is steady and powerful. Local thermal winds further enhance these winds.

Urla is not suitable for winds from the South. The hills located behind the spot, block winds when the wind is coming from the south.

In those times, you can go to Alacati for kitesurfing, a 20-minute car drive away.  

Water Conditions

Photo Source Urla Surf House

The sea bed is mostly shallow. The area is large and provides many opportunities.

Yet, the bottom of the sea is not always sand. For this reason, you should wear something to protect your feet.

Other Features of the Spot

There are 5 kitesurf schools in Urla. The schools are marked on the map and in the list below between 26-30.

4. Ayvalık

Ayvalık is another Aegean town known as an excellent holiday destination. This kitesurf spot has very powerful winds.

Especially in July and August, the winds may be too powerful for beginners in the afternoon.

Wind Conditions and Season

In Ayvalık, the wind starts early in the early morning hours and continues to pick up the pace during the day. In the season, winds with speeds around 20 knots are common.

Water Conditions

Ayvalık has a very wide, shallow sand area. The seabed is made of sand with bigger stone particles. The sea is mostly flat with little waves.

The Ship Wreckage on the shallow seabed creates a unique sight.

Other Features of the Spot

As far as I know, there is one kitesurf school in Ayvalık. The school’s name is 81 Kiteclub.

There used to be more schools, but all of their contact information seems to be outdated. I will update my list if I can confirm more schools.

5. Gokceada – Canakkale

Gokceada Eselek Kitesurf Spot

Gökçeada is another well-known kitesurfing spot in Turkey.

Even though it is a remote island from the Turkish mainland, Gokceada has attracted many kitesurfers.

The island has many developed kitesurfing spots with kitesurfing schools.

Aydincik beach is the most popular kitesurfing spot that offers a sandy and nice environment for all levels of kitesurfers.

Our review will be mainly based on the Aydincik beach.

Wind Conditions and Season

Gokceada is an island and the best months are through March and November.

You may experience wind from every direction (also depending on your starting location). In the season, winds with speeds around 20 knots and more are common.

Water Conditions

Gokceada has many spots with different conditions. You can experience waves or flat water as you please.

Aydıncık beach offers sandy seabed with the usually on-shore wind, which is ideal for beginners.

Other Features of the Spot

There are 6 kitesurf schools in Gokceada.

The schools are marked on the map and in the list below between 5-11. Gokceada has traditional accommodation types as well as camping sites.

Gokceada offers many long sandy beaches in Gokceada filled with campsites. You can enjoy staying in a camper near the sea.

6. Bozcaada Canakkale

Bozcaada is the sister island of Gokceada and has nearly the same conditions as Gokceada.

These two islands are 30 km apart from each other. The main kitesurfing in Bozcaada is Cayir Beach. Also, Ayazma Beach is another good spot on this island.

Wind Conditions and Season

Bozcaada’s best months are between March and November. In the season, winds with speeds around 18-20 knots are common.

Water Conditions

You can experience mid-level to small waves in Bozcaada. The seabed is mostly sand.

Other Features of the Spot

Bozcada hosted the 2015 Turkey Kiteboard Championship, yet this spot is underdeveloped compared to other sites.

There is one kitesurf school in Bozcaada, Skytesurfing. Yet the website of this school is not working. I could not confirm the other schools as well.

You may need to check the kitesurf schools before coming here.

7. Adana

Even if the wind is less here, Adana Yumurtalık may surprise you in a good way.

This spot is further away from all other spots in Southeast Turkey.

The spot is in Haylazlı Beach. Adana is not the typical destination for tourists, yet it is one of the top holiday destinations for locals. 

Also, kitesurfing is growing slowly but steadily in this area. The municipality of Yumurtalik organizes the Kiteboard Festival every year.

Wind Conditions and Season

The kite spot is located near Yumurtalık Lagoon National Park. The spot’s best months are from May to October.

In the season, winds with speeds around 13-20 knots are common. 

Yet, the winds’ strength is lower than other spots on this list. It would be best if you use bigger kites in this spot.

I included Yumurtalik because of its geographical uniqueness.

Water Conditions

You can experience mid-level to small waves in Adana. The depth of the water varies from location to location. The seabed is sand with seaweed.

Other Features of the Spot

There is one kitesurf school in Adana, Cukurova KiteBoard Academy. Yet, this lovely spot offers a good site for all levels of kitesurfers.

If you wish to chill, you can explore the national park a few kilometers away. This park is one of the seasonal stops for birds, including flamingos.

8. – Bodrum Mugla

Bodrum, which was a fishing town decades ago, turned into a city.

Bodrum is a lively city now with an active local population throughout the year. Kitesurfing is also developing in Bodrum.

The best kitesurfing spot in Bodrum is Bodrum Celebi island. The transportation to the island is with boats operated by the kitesurfing school located on the island.

Wind Conditions and Season

The spot’s best months are from May to October. In the season winds with speeds around 13-18 knots are common.

Water Conditions

The water may be deep here, but there is a shallow spot for beginners. You can experience mid-level to small waves in Bodrum.

9. Kilyos Istanbul

Kilyos may not be the best spot for kitesurfing, and it may not be the most beginner-friendly spot. Yet, it is a perfect weekend escape from hectic Istanbul.

This spot is located in the north of Istanbul near the Black Sea Coast.

Wind Conditions and Season

The wind here can be unpredictable compared to other spots, you should always check the weather conditions before planning your trip to Kilyos.

The wind may be very strong or very low for you.

Water Conditions

You can experience mid-level waves in Kilyos. The depth of the water varies depending on the waves. The seabed is sand.

The sea currents are also active in this spot. You should need to learn sea conditions from local kitesurf schools before kitesurfing here.

Even if you did not get the wind you waited for, Kilyos might still be a surprisingly good weekend retreat.

Turkey Kitesurfing Season

The best winds start from April to September.

If you are okay with cold weather, it is possible to kitesurf all year in Turkey, even in the winter months.

April, May, and September, when seasons change, wind directions also may change. The winds during these months are not as steady as those from hot months.

During seasonal changes, the winds may also bring rain, and the wind strength is unpredictable.

Kitesurfing Shops

Usually, kitesurf schools sell their second-hand equipment at the end of the season. This way, you can buy cheaper gear.

Map of 42 Kitesurf/Kiteboard Schools in Turkey

Here is the list of places to find kitesurfing schools in Turkey where you can rent kitesurfing equipment and take courses to learn to kitesurf.

On the map, you can find all the Turkish kitesurf schools I found in my research. I also included 2 kitesurfing schools from Turkish Cyprus.

If your school is not added, please reach us, and we will include your school on our list.

List of 42 Kitesurf/Kiteboard Schools in Turkey

on the map
CityLocationName of the schoolWebsite of the school
1AdanaCukurova HaylazlıCukurova Kite Board AcademyWebsite
2AntalyaLara Belek SideAirwalkWebsite
3BalıkesirAyvalık81 Kite ClubWebsite
4CyprusGemikonagiHeaven Surf HouseWebsite
5CyprusGemikonagiHeaven Surf HouseWebsite
6CanakkaleGokceadaVolkite Kiteboarding SchoolWebsite
7CanakkaleGokceadaSurf Hotel GokceadaWebsite
8CanakkaleGokceadaGokceada Kite SurfWebsite
9CanakkaleGokceadaCagdas Windsurf SchoolWebsite
10CanakkaleGokceadaCrazy Island Windsurf and Kite CenterWebsite
11CanakkaleGokceadaRadikal Windsurf & KiteboardWebsite
12CanakkaleGelibolu BolayırPenguen Tepe Kite SchoolWebsite
13CanakkaleCanakkaleMakto Wind’n KitesurfWebsite
14CanakkaleCanakkaleIda Windsurf&KitesurfWebsite
15IstanbulKilyosİstanbul SurfWebsite
17IstanbulKilyosİstanbul Kiteboard AcademyWebsite
19IzmirCesme-AlacatiAlacati Surf Paradise ClubWebsite
20IzmirCesme-AlacatiMyga Surf CityWebsite
21IzmirCesme-AlacatiKite Club AlacatiWebsite
22IzmirCesme-AlacatiActive SurfWebsite
23IzmirCesme-AlacatiBubi Surf SchoolWebsite
24IzmirCesme-AlacatiAdvance KitingWebsite
26IzmirUrlaUrla Surf HouseWebsite
27IzmirUrlaUrla Surf AcademyWebsite
28IzmirUrlaUrla Kite CenterWebsite
29IzmirUrlaUrla Kite CampWebsite
30IzmirUrlaUrla FoilWebsite
31MersinYenisehirMersin YelkenWebsite
32MersinTasucuMersin KiteboardWebsite
33MuglaFethiye CalisFethiye Surf CenterWebsite
Celebi Island
Kiteboard Bodrum – Kite SchoolWebsite
Kiteboard GokovaWebsite
Kitebase GokovaWebsite
Kitemercedes by Bilge ÖztürkWebsite
Ford Kite AcademyWebsite
Kiteboard TurkeyWebsite
List of kitesurfing (kiteboarding) schools in Turkey

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