Is Trabzon Safe? (A Guide Prepared by Locals)

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I am a Turkish local who visits this city frequently. Additionally, I got help from Riha Heran when writing this article. She is an expat living in Trabzon.

In this guide, we will try to provide you with valuable travel tips so that you can enjoy this coastal city to the fullest.

Trabzon, the city of rainfalls, lies at the coast of the Black Sea in north-eastern Turkey. Trabzon has a unique gloomy blue and grey sea, and the oceanic climate of Trabzon creates a lush and captivating nature.

The city is an attractive tourist destination for its nature and Trabzon’s high-altitude valley villages.

Trabzon welcomes 500,000 visitors throughout the year and sometimes even more. Many people from the Middle East, Europe, and America buy properties here to retire someday in Trabzon.

The city provides a perfect spot for sea lovers and a great attraction for swimmers. You can enjoy stunning ferry rides and a fun kayaking experience in the city. Just get ready to dig your toes into the sand and relieve all your stress on the seashore! 

Yet if you are worried about safety, you do not need to.

Trabzon is considered the safest and most secure city in Turkey. Life here is quite simpler and basic than in other cities. The city has a serene lifestyle, and life is not in a rush. 

If you compare it with other cities, Trabzon is an amazingly safe place on earth. Even if you are a first-time visitor, you should not have any burdens concerning your safety, as the overall crime rates are extremely low.

Trabzon has breathtaking nature.

Is Trabzon Safe? How Safe is Trabzon?

Trabzon is very safe while walking during any time of day and night. It is an amazing place for a trip. You should have no fear of pickpocketing or robbery. 

Additionally, despite being conservative, the city is very tolerant.

Trabzon’s population is relatively small – less than a million. Some of them are migrants, so people here can understand multiple languages. 

The cost of living is quite low. Trabzon and its people are hard workers and believe in honest work. Trabzon has always been an important trade port throughout history.  Its commercial culture and the city’s polite population is the main contributor towards its peace. 

Also, the city has got two of the best universities in Turkey. Students from other cultures also made a great impact, enriching the city’s multicultural life.

Despite being an expat, my co-writer, Hira, believes that this city offers a feeling of the homeland. She states that the local people are very hospitable, and if you ever get lost, they approach and further guide you to your destination.

Apart from this, the city is usually adored by retirees. They love the city’s simple lifestyle and seek to live in a peaceful place in their retirement age. 

It is impressive to see a place that is also conservative plus culturally friendly. As a local or tourist, you can feel very safe walking freely in the central market without fear.

Is Trabzon Safe at Night

Trabzon offers its visitors a very cozy environment. It is also safe at night as you can dine out and have fun in an outdoor café.

The areas of the city are easy to navigate, and you can find transport very easily even at late night time.

Even at night, you can walk at the beach as there are walking pathways all along, and they are considered very safe and sound. It’s not a crowded place, and usually, streets at night in Trabzon are quiet.

Yet, you can enjoy most of the fun inside the hotel clubs or bars. The central market, Meydan, is the most popular place for social events and has the best shopping spots.

In general, exploring the city at night is interesting, and you can enjoy having Turkish coffee at any nearby café. 

Is Trabzon Safe to Travel for Families?

Trabzon is certainly the safest place for families. Many expats’ families from western and Arab countries have settled in Trabzon for its simple and quiet lifestyle. 

It’s getting well-known for its serene way of living, and families are buying property just to live a fulfilling life.

There are many fun-loving activities for children in Trabzon. There are parks, playlands, and play areas in the malls for children. Outdoor dining in the city is relatively safer to enjoy.

Trabzonspor, the football team of the city, is one of the symbols of Trabzon.

Is Trabzon Safe to Travel for Solo Female Travelers?

It’s perfectly safe. You would not face any difficulties as a solo female traveler. 

The local people are friendly and won’t give you the feeling of strangers as they are familiar with tourists. 

They are ready to guide you and help. Like Hira, my co-writer, many expat solo female travelers love the experience of traveling in the city. They adore the traditional food and roam without any worry on the streets of central markets.

There are a lot of tourists coming here each year to spend their vacations. Foreigners love its moderate temperatures and the beach’s cool breeze. The tourist spots here are safe to visit, while quality facilities offer visitors high comfort.

Is Trabzon Safe for Students?

Trabzon has one of the top technical universities, and many international students come to Trabzon to study. The city is ranked high in serving the most capable universities and has a good reputation concerning safety.

I know many international students studying at Karadeniz Technical University, and they are satisfied with the safety standards of the university. 

There are 2 main universities in the city that attract students from all over the world as the education system is efficient.

Hira lives in the university neighborhood and finds the area very safe, secure, and full of facilities.

Is it Safe to Drive in Trabzon?

Driving in Trabzon is relatively safe, and you can find driving quite convenient. Mostly all the roads in Trabzon are uphill and downhill. Additionally, most days are rainy. For these reasons, drivers are very cautious while driving. 

Though the local drivers are usually aggressive in driving as they are too familiar with directions, the best thing is to drive defensively.

If you follow the speed limits, you will not encounter any problems. Some days, traffic jams require a little patience, but all is good most of the time.

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How is Healthcare in Trabzon?

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Trabzon is a top spot for medical tourism in Turkey. Trabzon has 13 state hospitals as well as 1 university hospital and also 3 private hospitals.

If you count all the hospitals, including in remote districts, there are 21 hospitals and 268 health clinics in Trabzon.[Source]

Moreover, numerous pharmacies are located in each area of Trabzon.

Many expats come for their treatments as the quality and professionalism of healthcare in Trabzon are quite worthy. 

Also, patients from neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Cyprus frequently come to Trabzon due to its highly advanced medical services. 

Dangerous Parts of Trabzon

Trabzon is a much safer place, and there are no specific spots that can be highlighted for being dangerous. However, it’s important to avoid dark alleys and long tunnel pathways at night. 

It will be good to get some advice about the neighborhood from locals before staying at some new place in Trabzon. 

The central market area is Meydan, I always go shopping and wander here on the weekends, and I have never met anyone feeling unsafe in Trabzon.

Is Trabzon Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Trabzon water is quite safe for common purposes such as boiling tea and other casual purposes like cleaning. 

It has no harmful chemicals, but it’s good if you stick to distilled water for drinking habits.

However, tap water is also drinkable, but usually advisable not to drink it, as it contains plenty of minerals that can be hard for the stomach.

If you wish to know more about tap water in Turkey, you can read my guide, Is Turkish Tap Water Safe to Drink?

It’s recommended to buy bottled water as one 250 ml bottle is only around 0.20 USD.  

The best-bottled water brands are Erikli, Danone’s Hayat, Sırma, and Pınar Su. Click to read my article for a detailed review of Turkish water brands.

Security Risks (Terrorism) in Trabzon

Trabzon is a touristic city, yet it is very much away from politics and other conflicts. It’s a perfect place to relax, and one should not think of such possibilities.

Natural Disaster Risks in Trabzon

Trabzon often suffers from heavy downpours. Constant rainy weather makes the area prone to flooding risks. Heavy downpours occur mostly in March, October, May.

It’s necessary to take some precautions, and it’s better if you take some idea of the weather before going out. Believe it or not, Trabzon has an Oceanic climate, and it can really rain too much here.

You should wear good shoes to avoid falling as the streets are very slippery on rainy days.

Some central areas of Trabzon are on hills like Boztepe, so you must have the right stamina to climb up if you’re walking.

There are also some major risks for landslides due to heavy rainfalls. Yet, this risk is very low in the city center and higher in rural areas.

Is Food Safe in Trabzon?

Food is quite safe in Trabzon. The Turkish cuisine in Trabzon is somewhat unique. You may need some time getting used to it, but most tourists have no problem with the food in Trabzon.

There are a lot of restaurants and outdoor café which are full of traditional food.

There are many seafood dishes that you could not find elsewhere in Turkey. 

Akcaabat kofte is the most famous food in Trabzon that you can find everywhere. I really like eating it when we visit Trabzon Meydan.

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Are Taxis Safe in Trabzon?

Taxis in Trabzon are used very often by tourists. Yet, local people use the taxis less as city buses and minibusses are the main transportation sources. Public transport tickets are very cheap, and they cost between 0.10 to 0.40 USD per ticket.  

It’s easy to find a taxi in crowded areas and during the day. Yet, you may have a hard time finding a taxi late at night.

In Trabzon, it’s quite safe to travel by taxi. I prefer a cab for longer routes and find it very easy going. The taxi drivers are friendly to expats and are ready to expect tourists frequently.

It’s better to rely on a taximeter rather than bargaining for the fare. But for very shorter routes, mostly the drivers charge without a taximeter.

Check my other guide if you wish to learn more about Taxis in Turkey and the cost of taxis in Turkish cities, common taxi scams, and more tips.

How Much Taxis Cost in Trabzon?

The basic fee of your taxi ride will start at ŧ3.00, and then you may be charged by kilometer price that is ŧ3.00. E.g., for a ride of 10 KM, you will be charged ŧ3.00 basic and ŧ30.00 for your distance. You will have to pay ŧ33.00 in total. Moreover, it usually charges ŧ45.00 per hour for parked or waiting time.

Taxi fees do not change day or night or for any other reason.

Last Word About Travel Warnings about Turkey

You may also wish to check the United Kingdom, United States Government, Australian Government’s travel warnings. 

Remember, these warnings are not prepared city-specific, and they are written for Turkey as a whole.

I do not totally agree with them, especially for Trabzon. Some of these warnings are appropriate for Trabzon, but I believe they lack the most basic and likely possibilities when visiting Trabzon. I think government warnings exaggerate rare chances.

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