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Is Samsun Safe? 13 Things to Know

Not all Turkey experiences scorching summer heat. I love Samsun during the hot summer months. 

Black Sea coast is different from other parts of Turkey. Samsun has an Oceanic climate that reminds me of England, specifically Cornwall. 

Samsun is a pleasant coastal city in the northern part of Turkey. Tea gardens, rainy weather, mountains facing the sea are the typical features of the landscape in Samsun. 

The city lies on the coast of the Black Sea with a population of more than a half million people. The people of the Black Sea region are known for their friendliness.

Samsun is also quite renowned from a historical viewpoint. As in this city, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk commenced the Turkish Independence War (1919). 

This modern city hosts one million tourists annually. The destination has some amazing experiences to offer, like beachfront resorts. 

Samsun is a perfect place for adventure and activity enthusiasts. You can find great fun in winter by skiing and enjoy hiking all along the hills. 

Samsun has also been an important port in major trade routes between Asia and Europe since the Medieval Ages. This trading culture enriched Samsun culture.

Safety is the primary concern for travelers. Is Samsun a safe place for anyone to visit? 

Samsun is a tolerant place, and the city is fairly safe to visit for everyone. Samsun has a minimum crime rate, achieving high ranks in the safety index. The visitors rarely encounter any problems and hold good memories on their return.

Kizilirmak Bridge, Samsun, Bafra

How Safe is Samsun?

Samsun is one of the safest cities in Turkey. It’s a modern city with advanced infrastructure. In recent years, the quality of life in Samsun has evolved greatly into a metropolitan city, which has boosted its social life and tourist visitors.

Compared to other major cities, the level of safety is quite low. The streets of Samsun are relatively safe and quite easy to reach beaches. Samsun has an active nightlife for youngsters to hang around. 

My foreign friends visiting Samsun also confirm that the people of Samsun are very pleasant and quite helpful towards strangers.

In Samsun as a tourist, it is very unlikely to get into trouble. Hence, it is considered safe to travel to most parts of the city for foreigners. 

Also, Samsun has ranked higher in the safety index than any other city in Turkey. This shows that one can travel safely in Samson. You can generally get a feeling of security in the city and make many good memories.

Public transportation is also adequate and quite inexpensive. 

Is Samsun Safe at Night?

The city of Samsun is also active at night time. You can usually go out at night, have little walks at beach trails, and relish listening to music in many good cafes and clubs.

It is quite safe to travel at night, and the city has lively night activities. The city’s shopping centers are also open at night. After midnight the city is peaceful, and most locals retreat to their homes.

Is Samsun Safe to Travel for Solo Female Travelers?

Samsun is a kind place with a simple environment and lifestyle. Female travelers can safely travel alone in Samsun. Many female backpackers are visiting Samsun for adventure trails and fun.

Is Samsun Safe to Travel for Families?

Samsun is perfectly safe for families. They can have loads of fun activities and amusement in the city. You can enjoy the ultimate experiences of a beach city, such as water skiing and karting with your family and friends.

Is Food Safe in Samsun?

The food in the city is quite safe, and people come to Samsun to experience real Turkish cuisines. I usually enjoy having delicious pita known as “pide “, a well-known cuisine of Samsun.

It is theorized that Black Sea people have inspired Italians to make Pizza as they have similar dishes, and it is possible that Samsun’s recipes reached Italy in ancient times through trade routes connecting Anatolia and Italy.

The city has top-quality dining places. The Black Sea cuisine is famous for its use of hazelnut oil, anchovies and cornflour in its recipes.

Another of my favorites is to enjoy a bagel with local cheese. I love the crispy sesame bagel in my breakfast and enjoy locally produced tea. 

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Is Samsun Safe for Students?

Samsun is a safe and good destination for international students. During the winter months, the city is filled with students from all over Turkey. Because Samsun is small compared to other Turkish metropolitan cities, students are the backbone of social life in Samsun.

Samsun also has one of the most excellent standards of education. One of the best-known universities in Samsun is the Ondokuz Mayis University. 

How is Healthcare in Samsun?

Samson has 26 hospitals and 412 health clinics that offer advanced medical facilities to their patients.

You can find pharmacies “Eczane”  all across the city. The closing times are commonly earlier in the evening, but they have boards stating which pharmacy is open for the night shift.

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Is it Safe to Drive in Samsun?

The city has got clean and clear roads usually having moderate traffic conditions. The city traffic situation is far better than other cities of the country.

You will not see traffic jams on the roads like in other cities. Hence the driving is easy and routes are less complicated with an insight into scenic views of the coastline.

The local drivers are usually fast and a little hasty. Accordingly, you may require to be alert and watchful while driving. So, you need to be careful and a little used to the local driving. 

You may drive across high slope roads, which require keen attention all through driving. However, the road trip in Samsun is considered very safe, but driving cautiously is much better.

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Dangerous Parts of Samsun

Samsun is a peace-loving city and quite away from political conflicts. It’s characterized as the safest place for tourists to visit. 

Yet, like most populated cities, certain parts of Samsun may not be safe at a later night. Some ruined alleys and tunnels are the places that can be avoided mostly at night time alone. It is advised to spend your time mostly in popular city spots like shopping malls and around famous landmarks.

Security Risks (Terrorism) in Samsun

Samsun has no terrorism risk, and Samsun has no history of armed conflict. Currently, the city enjoys a high level of peace. 

Natural Risks in Samsun

Samsun has an Oceanic climate, and heavy rainfall is common. The city may have a slight risk of flash floods and heavy downpours. The city can also go through mudslides and storm warnings in the rainy season. 

It is better to visit in June until September as the weather remains pleasant with limited showers. 

Generally, you may not experience any harsh natural disasters. Yet, the sudden risk of heavy rain does exist in Samsun. You may be more comfortable using waterproof shoes and a rain jacket in the rainy season.

Is Samsun’s Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Generally, Samsun’s tap water is harmless to drink. But usually, the tap water supply has high minerals and chlorine, which tastes a little salty. There may also be the chances of the water supply getting contaminated by any means.  

So, it’s more advisable to drink bottled water, as many of us can be sensitive health-wise. For first-timers, it is best to stick to bottled water for their drinking. 

You may use the tap water for cooking, boiling water for tea, and other cleaning purposes. For me, a tap water bath has worked very well, as my hair has become quite smooth. I also use tap water for cooking purposes, and it has certainly not given any harm.

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How Much Taxis Cost in Samsun?

The starting fee of taxis in Samsun is 5,50 TL (0,66 USD), and you will pay an additional 5,80 TL (0,70 USD) per kilometer. The minimum fee applied is 15 TL (1,80 USD). 

Samsun has very professional taxi drivers, and they can revise an altered route to optimize travel time and avoid traffic in Samsun.

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Last Word About Travel Warnings about Turkey

You may also wish to check the United Kingdom, United States Government, Australian Government’s travel warnings. 

Remember, these warnings are not prepared city-specific, and they are written for Turkey as a whole.

I do not totally agree with them, especially for Samsun. Some of these warnings are appropriate for Samsun, but I believe they lack the most basic and likely possibilities when visiting Samsun. I think government warnings exaggerate rare chances.