Is Oludeniz Safe? 15 Things to Know (Answered by a Local)

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Oludeniz is a great town on the outskirts of Fethiye in Turkey. Oludeniz is known for excellent sandy beaches, hidden camping sites, Patara ancient city, and paragliding.

The sea here is called Oludeniz (“Death Sea”) in Turkish, not because it is dangerous, but because it is very calm, as if it is dead. 

In my youth, Oludeniz was not this popular, and it was a tranquil place, but lately, the town has been visited by millions of local and international tourists each year. Nearly all of them leave with good memories.

In this guide, as a Turkish local, I aim to make you one of them, and I will give you a few tips on how to safely visit this magical destination with maximum fun and zero hassle.

Is Oludeniz Safe?

Oludeniz is one of the safest destinations in Turkey and the world. The crime rate is very low, and the only form you would encounter here is theft and pickpocketing. The most prominent danger in Oludeniz is summer heat and sun. 

Locals are friendly and vigilant to protect this destination as tourism is the main source of their income. In any event, do not hesitate to ask for help from locals.

It was a destination not that well commercialized before, and you would freely use the beach as you would like. Yet, lately, Oludeniz is more regulated. Now, it is more clean, secure, and more populated.

  • Always carry Turkish pocket money with you. The location has many paid services, and it would be cheaper to use the local currency.
  • Always wear a sun protection hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion is a must.

Is Paragliding safe in Oludeniz?

Thousands of people try Paragliding in Oludeniz, and it is considered very safe. While sad instances are happening from time to time, It is still on my to-do list. I will try it soon.

Yet, if my daughter asked permission for paragliding, my answer would be a huge NO.

This is the most common hypocrisy of parents. Safe for ourselves but not safe for our children.

Is Oludeniz Safe at Night

Oludeniz is perfectly safe at night and has a very vibrant nightlife. I have spent many nights sleeping on the beaches of Oludeniz in my youth. 

Yet, one thing to warn you about is that I would not wander much into nature at night. Drinking, darkness, and venturing into the wilderness is a perfect combo for stupid mistakes. This is my experience speaking.

Is Oludeniz Safe to Travel for Solo Female Travelers?

For solo female travelers, Oludeniz is a perfect destination. Whether you plan to finish that book or enjoy crazy night-outs, you would encounter no problem in Oludeniz as a solo female traveler.

Yet, as always, use your common sense. If in doubt, use taxis or public transport. 

Is Oludeniz Safe to Travel for Families?

Oludeniz is safe for families but not as child-friendly as Fethiye. The sun, heat, daily crowd, and level of children activities would make me recommend Fethiye town center for families with children.  

Is it Safe to Drive around Oludeniz?

Driving around Oludeniz is very pleasurable, and the scenery is amazing. Yet, parking in Oludeniz is a problem, and there are only paid parking spaces available.

If you wish to learn, check my articles on 

How is Healthcare in Oludeniz?

There are several clinics around the town, and for serious instances, Fethiye town center has a very sophisticated hospital and many clinics. Additionally, English-speaking healthcare professionals are common in these areas.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Tap water is good for brushing your teeth, cleaning, taking a shower, and cooking. Yet, in some areas, it is heavily mineralized and tastes awful.

You can check the article on the safety of Turkish tap water to learn more.

Natural Risks

In the hot season of summer months, there is always the risk of forest fires. While these forest fires may ruin your vacation, there is no risk for your well-being. Follow the local authorities’ advice in such situations.

Most beaches are sandy and pose no threat. Yet, in boat tours, you may encounter sea urchins on rocky surfaces. As a precaution, bring some rubber sea shoes on boat tours or stay away from rocky shores.

Security Risks ( Terrorism) in Oludeniz

Oludeniz is totally safe and away from the conflict and conflict zones in the world. Do not let these rare possibilities make you miss one of the best holiday destinations in the world. 

Is Food Safe in Oludeniz?

Food in Oludeniz is safe but can be expensive. You would find fast food, meat, vegetables, and seafood dishes in Oludeniz. 

Check my other guide if you wish to learn more about Turkish Food and What to expect in Turkish Cuisine. 

Are Taxis Safe in Oludeniz?

Taxis are generally safe in Oludeniz. The only problem can be greedy taxi drivers that you can encounter in rare instances.

You can rely on taximeters instead of bargaining. You can request taxi drivers to open the taximeter, and they are by law obligated to use their taximeters.

Check my other guide if you wish to learn more about Taxis in Turkey and the cost of taxis in Turkish cities, common taxi scams, and more tips.

How Much Taxis Cost in Fethiye and Oludeniz

The starting fee of taxis in Oludeniz is 5,22 TL (0,62 USD) and you will pay an additional 5,75 TL (0,70 USD) per kilometer. The minimum fee applied is 15 TL (1,80 USD).  Source

The Turkish Lira value will change due to inflation, but you can always calculate a rough estimate of your taxi travel.

You can check the distance with Google maps and use the USD numbers above to calculate your rough taxi fare.

Example cost taxi calculation.

A 5 km taxi ride in Fethiye will cost you around 4,12 USD. 0,62 (starting fee) plus 3,5 USD (5 km x 0,70) for 20 km.

Taxi fees do not change day or night or for any other reason. Tariffs only vary depending on the location. 

Last Word About Travel Warnings about Turkey

You may also wish to check the United Kingdom, United States Government, Australian Government’s travel warnings. 

Remember, these warnings are not prepared city-specific, and they are written for Turkey as a whole.

I can’t entirely agree with them, especially for Oludeniz, because I believe these warnings lack the basic advice and exaggerate rare possibilities.

I tried to give you a local’s perspective on safety in Oludeniz. I hope you liked it.

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